Life-Size Boba Fett!

This month we went back to Bigtop Collectibles to see their big surprise they told us about last month. I was shocked when I saw this life-size figure of Boba Fett standing with the imposing look of a bounty hunter. We also wanted to see what else was new at Bigtop and maybe more in our price range.


Boba Fett Life-Size Figure by Sideshow Collectibles & Star Wars Black series actions figures.

What it is:

6-1/2′ tall Boba Fett designed by Sideshow Toys crafts people and Lucasfilm artists.


Newly released Star Wars Black series 6″ tall figures with amazing detail.


How Much it Costs:

Life-size Boba Fett retails for $8000. From what Carlos told me, all of the production models are spoken for so that means on eBay, you are looking at closer to $10,000.

If you want the 6″ version in the new Star Wars Black series, that’ll only set you back about $20.

More Star Wars Black Series.

IMG_3835 IMG_3836

Is It Worth It?:

You bet! Well, if you have the pocket book for the life-size version. I image the most fanatical of Star Wars Collectors would buy up all the life-size versions of Star Wars characters if they could. This would make an awesome piece in a home theater or display in your amazing toy collector room.

The 6″ version is really awesome in it’s own right. They are great to play with, have great detail, and display very well. On top of that you could buy 100 of these and still be way under the purchase price of the 6′ versions.

Boba Fett and Jango Fett, for that matter, are one of my top 5 favorite Star Wars characters. As much as I would love the life size one, I’l be buying myself the 6″ version for $20.

Bottom Line:

If you want the life size one, good luck! They are all spoken for and those willing to sell will probably want a lot for it. As for the more affordable 6″ figures, Bigtop has plenty in stock of all your favorite characters.

Shut Up and Take My Money: Hot Toys Hulk Action Figure

I recently attended the Toy and Doll Collectors Supershow locally in Thornton, Colorado.\. There were many treasures to be found, but one item really caught my eye.


Hot Toys Hulk 1/6th figure

What it is:

It is an amazingly detailed action figurine of The Hulk. As a character, The Hulk generally needs no introduction as he has made a huge “impact” in the Marvel Universe spanning many decades. The Hulk likes to be a loner, but he’s also a member of The Avengers. This particular action figure was created to scale along side the other Avengers in this line. Each of these Hot Toys figures was created with an incredible amount of detail and attention to match the movie versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


A company named Hot Toys out of Hong Kong creates these figures. They are well known for creating very detailed and collectible action figures. I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandon, working the booth for BigTop Collectibles. He was able to give me some great information about this Hulk and the history of The Hulk in general. Brandon has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to collectibles, comics and general geeks subjects all around. It was a bit noisy at the convention so please forgive the background sounds but in this video you get some info from Brandon and a demonstration of how this Hulk moves.


How Much it Costs:

As you heard in the video, these action figures are made in a limited run. They are not serial numbered but Hot Toys does as much as they can to ensure price protection. Brandon even told me that BigTop received some damaged Hulks. Hot Toys asked that they destroy those Hulks and show proof of the destruction. They were sent replacements right away. Hot Toys does not want any poor quality products reaching the secondary market. The manufacturer generally does an announcement when they are going to do a run and you can pre-order these. The initial price for this Hulk was somewhere around $200-300. Now that the production run is over the price has gone up quite a bit. I have seen them being offered from $399-$499 around the net.

Is It Worth It?:

For any Avengers, or Hulk collector for that matter, this would be could be the prize of your collection. It’s an exceptional piece, very well made, and created exclusively to reflect the recent Avengers movie.

IMG_2947IMG_2946 IMG_2948 IMG_2949 IMG_2945

I want to thank Brandon and BigTop Collectibles for the interview and time they spent with me to create this review. If you are interested in seeing this Hulk or any number of other collectibles like this, you can visit BigTop Collectibles in Arvada Colorado 12650 W. 64th Ave, Unit E or online at .

*Hush Comics is not affiliated with nor receives any compensation from BigTop Collectibles. This article is intended for informational purposes only and not as an endorsement of any one company or business.