E3 2015: Fallout 4 Details and Release Date

After the teaser trailer was released a couple weeks ago, gamers have been chomping at the bits for the Bethesda panel at this year’s E3 conference. After last night’s panel, we were blown away with details about the upcoming game – including a November 10th release date. If you have some time to kill and would like to watch Besethda’s entire E3 spiel (which includes news about Fallout 4, a new DOOM game, and more), click here. Otherwise, let us walk you through the specifics:

Character Creation:

  • After Funko! revealed to be releasing a line of Fallout Funko Pop! toys (out next month!), pictures showed a male and female Lone Wanderer. This got gears working in fans that maybe there would be a choice to choose the gender of your protagonist. This is confirmed.
  • You will be able to choose not only the gender of your hero, but completely customize the way they both looks (features, ethnicity, etc); even the protagonists’ offspring will share its parents’ traits.

Fallout 4 character creation

Story background

  • We already knew Fallout 4 would take place in a time leading up to the Nuclear Winter, but now we know that the Lone Wanderer’s journey starts 200 years after the fallout. That’s, uh… quite a bit of time. Somehow, Vault 111 has preserved the family for two centuries. This should make for some heavily evolved creatures and colonies.
  • The player is no longer stuck in long, stupid conversations. Dynamic conversation means you can walk away, interrupt or shoot the other NPCs in the face.

fallout 4 fatman

Gameplay Performance/Visuals

  • The game will be run on the all-new Creation Engine, their “most dynamic engine ever.” Hopefully that means no more crashes. It features “full physical-based rendering and dynamic volumetric lighting.”
  • Your pet dog companion will now be fully-immersed in your adventure. You can point to various things on the map and have him interact with them, from fetching Nuka Colas out of the fridge (I made that up, but it sounds plausible) to picking out enemies for him to engage.
  • It looks like you can now throw flares to alert a ship that will take you around the city, acting as fast travel (that might special to that mission, but fast travel is almost necessary in these enormously-built worlds.
  • Jetpacks… Yes, heavy duty armor with jetpacks. You can choose from a variety of outfit, meaning you won’t be the dweeb running around in a Vault-Tec jumpsuit.
  • One of the signature weapons will be a Laser Musket. Steampunk fans, eat your hearts out. It cranks, then fires a devastating laser shot.

Fallout: Shelter

  • This touch-screen game has been in the works since Fallout 3 came out. It will be available for iOS and Android. You get to create your own vault, and be the Overseer of that Vault.
  • Your Vault dwellers will go out into the Wasteland, and bring back detailed reports of what they did. The Vault can be attacked by Raiders, or Rad-roaches can infest an area. As Overseer, you have to contain the issues, and train the dwellers to raise certain attributes, just like you would the Lone Wanderer in the console games.
  • The game draws inspirations of games like: XCOM, The SimsProgress Quest. It’s free, with no necessary internet connection, or timed releases (lookin at you, Simpsons Tapped Out). Oh… and it’s available NOW on iOS. Talk about instant gratification.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.15.25 PM

The Little Things

  • The Pip-Boy comes with mini-games. The couple I noticed were: Red Menace (kinda like Donkey Kong) and Atomic Command (Missile Command-inspired)
  • V.A.T.S. is back, duh, and it looks better than ever. However, the monsters seem to have special animations to kill you with, too – like the Deathclaws and Bloodbug have in the video below.
  • Gamers will now be able to build their own homestead with scraps they find out on their adventure. After enough upgrades, people will begin settling, offering new trade items and allowing users to build infrastructure. This will make for better defense to keep out Raiders.
  • Building goes a step further when players find blueprints to build certain weapons and add-ons, much like Dead Rising but more detailed. Now, all those miscellaneous items you find throughout your campaign finally will have purpose. Besethda promises over 50 base weapons, and over 700 modifications for those weapons; the same process goes for power armor.
  • Lucky us, console players! Besethda has released that both XBO and PS4 owners will have the ability to “mod” the game, which has been a huge source of enjoyment for both Fallout 3 and GTA V players on the PC.

fallout 4 weapon mod

Release Date Info

  • The game will be released on 11/10/15 for PS4, X-Box One, and PC.
  • The Collector’s Edition, bear with me now, will have… A MOTHER F*CKIN PIP-BOY. That’s right, you can hook your iPhone or Android into this baby, and BAM!, working Pip-Boy. This edition cames out Day 1 and is only $120. It also comes with a steelbook, poster, manual for said Pip-Boy, and I’m sure some kind of bullshit DLC. Chances are that shit is gonna sell out faster than a Deathclaw can rip off your face, so Pre-Order it, like… meowannnnd it’s sold out.
  • Even if you don’t have a Pipy-Boy, Besethda has designed an app to supplement your experience in the game, likely showing you stats and progress on your smartphone. I can’t wait to see how many grown men will be in their basement, playing Fallout 4 with their Pip-Boy models.

fallout 4 a furreal pip-boy


Fallout 4 Trailer Debuts

Let’s face it – the video game world has been kind of boring. With nothing to look forward to other than Arkham Knight this month, I was feeling kind of bleh about the upcoming E3, but thanks to Besthesda, Fallout4.com treated us with a countdown to the new trailer for the much anticipated succession to the post-apocalyptic franchise would leak today. One sleepless night thinking about Deathclaws, Radroaches and Pipboys, and here it is.

The Fallout series has redefined the open-world FPS genre with each installation, and was the reason behind many late nights of murder, mayhem, and debauchery. Guiding the nuclear wasteland, your character is faced with not only the challenge of survival against scavengers, mutated people and irradiated animals, but whose progression depended on the style of play. In-game characters remember decisions that the player makes throughout the campaign, and will react accordingly. Are you a negotiator or do you take what you want by force? Do you help those in need or take advantage of their misfortunes? And where do your loyalties lie in the campaign?

The latest iteration of the series, Fallout: New Vegas, debuted five years ago and was much more of a Wild West kind of theme than the series is used to. The game itself was a HUGE campaign with multiple endings/paths to take and countless side missions to complete. That is, however, if you could play the game long enough to keep from over-loading and crashing, or glitching to the point of not being able to play it. Still, by and large, the Fallout series is one of the most fun to play and immersive game franchises on the market; hopefully, with the power of current gen systems, Fallout 4 won’t be a broken game.

Fallout 4 takes place in what seems to be a time period much closer to the nuclear winter that creates the franchises’ time period in the first place. We get a bunch of back and forth between the current wasteland and what is was like all the way up until the blast. Hopefully we’ll get to see some significant building of how to end times came to be. As far as continuity, it seems to be a direct succession/precession to Fallout 3, with more of an evolved civilization than the last game (electrical towers!). We also know that it will follow a completely new set of survivors from Vault 111 (first time this Vault was mentioned in the franchise). Geographically, Fallout 4 takes place in Boston (you can actually see the Paul Revere statue and Bunker Hill monument in the trailer), so guesses are that it will reflect at least the spirit of Fallout 3 closely.

Fallout 4 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but you can expect to find out more about it at this year’s E3 conference.