SDCC 2015 – New ‘Batman v. Superman’ Trailer

You didn’t think you could make the whole SDCC weekend without some new Dawn of Justice material, did you? The new 3-1/2 minute trailer debuted today, and it’s chock-full of goodies.

Here are some of the things we noticed in the new trailer:

Bruce Wayne’s involvement/intervention/hatred for Superman comes from a personal tragedy suffered from what looks like a 9-11 style attack on downtown Gotham where Wayne Enterprises is located. It could actually be the aftermath of Man of Steel. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire; it’s not unlikely to assume he has business in Metropolis, too.

Wayne receives some manic messages from who we can only assume to be The Joker. Jared Leto might be making an appearance in BvS, if just to tease Batman’s involvement in Suicide Squad. One of the messages is painted on what looks to be a Robin outfit (2:02). Could this allude to a post-Jason Todd era Batman? Todd was murdered by Joker in Death in the Family.

However, Batman looks new to the game. Or at least new to people knowing he’s in the game. He has Batarangs, and he brands the bad guys he corrals with the Bat-symbol – a bit more S&M than we’re used to.

Clark Kent, in whatever weird scale of morality he has, thinks that Batman is a menace and ought to be stopped. This is interesting since Superman, albeit creator of soooo much collateral damage, has stepped into the light and into the court of law to be judged.

We really get a sense of the “False God” perception that was painted on Superman’s statue. People worship him, and he is prophetic in nature. It’s a nice touch. Martha Kent still serves as a lightning rod for Clark’s morality, which will be great as he deals with infamy.

Finally, a look at Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor! He’s a bit neurotic, more befitting to his own personality than the Lex we grew up with. Kryptonite also makes it’s debut here. It’s beautiful. Sexy Lexy thinks so, anyway.

Oh, and there’s Zod’s dead body. Has it just not decomposed yet, have his remains been frozen, or is this movie taking place that soon after the events of Man of Steel?

Wonder Woman is looking FIERCE in this trailer. All the Gal Gadot haters must be so embarrassed. We get an early sneak at Diana Prince (2:03)

Batman lights up his own Bat-symbol. This isn’t standard Bat-protocol, as Jim Gordon and MCU (Major Crimes Unit) get that honor. He’s also doing it in his armored suit, which still can’t look any cooler.

Here’s where it gets weird – there is a major fight scene between Batman and some Superman soldiers? If this doesn’t scream Injustice, I don’t know what does. All I know is that Bats looks silly in a pilot jacket and cargo pants.

Above all, there are going to be some terrific action scenes between Batman, Superman, and even Wonder Woman.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 25, 2016.

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… April 17th, 2015

Yet another big name trailer dropped yesterday. This time, it was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was leaked a couple days ago, so WB released the HD version was released early. I’m really happy with Battfleck taking the mantle, and of course the DKR armored Batsuit. The jury’s still out, though. Let us know what you think. Source: YouTube

Seth Rogan has announced that Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) will be getting the lead role, Jesse Custer, in the upcoming Preacher series on AMC. It’s about damn time AMC got a series worth watching; we still haven’t gotten over Low Winter Sun. Source: Twitter

Archie Comics may be hitting rock bottom here pretty soon. In a struggle to stay relevant, Archie books have crossed over with first Predator, and now…. Sharknado? The book debuts 7/22, the same day as Sharknado 3 – so you can successfully avoid both in one fell swoop. The Fiona Staples’ reboot can’t come soon enough. Source: Deadline

In less disappointing comic book news, Bruce Timm’s upcoming DC Animated film Gods and Monsters will be getting a comic book prequel. You can expect this book out in July, too. It’ll be drawn by Thony Silas, who is currently working on DC’s Batman Beyond 2.0 book. Source: DC Comics

Meanwhile, in the land of Should Woulda Coulda, Josh Harnett is regretting his decision to turn down the role of Batman in Nolan’s trilogy… as he should. Could you imagine this Penny Dreadful star as the Dark Knight? Source: Playboy (SFW)

The upcoming Carmageddon: Reincarnation game, which is a reboot of the popular 90’s series, has been delayed a month – coming out on May 21st, 2015. Chances are, if you’ve waited over 15 years to mow down pedestrians in suped-up vehicles, another month isn’t going to hurt. You’re probably a sociopath, either way, though. Source: Carmageddon

Attack on Titan had another trailer drop in anticipation for the August release in Japan. I don’t understand Japanese, but I don’t need to in order to know how dope this looks. If they can avoid the typical anime to movie cheese, then this could be a good movie. Source: YouTube

You didn’t think Star Wars news was over, did you? LEGO has announced that they will be adding to their line of build-able action figures, which included Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Joining them will be Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Jango Fett and CC-2224. I’m all about the Grievous model. Source: WSJ