This Weekend in the Nerd Verse – Mar 7-8, 2015

If you watch Bat in the Sun‘s Super Power Beat Down, then you know about the totally badass Batman vs. Darth Vader fight… except for the fact that they got the ending wrong and Batman died. Here’s an alternate ending for ya.

Batman: Arkham Knight is making quite the impression on the ESRB. The rating board has elected to give the franchise finale an M for Mature (games like Grand Theft AutoGod of War and Fallout all have M ratings). Could this be Rocksteady finally fully spreading their wings, or the ESRB cracking down on its ratings? Source: Arkhamverse

If you were lucky enough to catch TMNT this weekend, then you saw the debut of fan favorite tag team, Bebop and Rocksteady. Check out the full episode on Nickelodeon’s website. Source: Nick

Thor? How about Bror? Okay, that was bad. In any way, this weekend on Saturday Night Live, Chris Hemsworth led a skit about a post-Avengers news report. Source: Hulu

Hip Hop is in for quite a treat this month, as Kendrick Lamar has set a March 23rd release date for the ominously Untitled album, with the lead single “The Blacker the Berry.” Source: iTunes

Wow, we haven’t even finished a season of Flash and we’re already getting reports of what kind of characters could be included in the spinoff’s spinoff. Judging by the descriptions, I’m throwing Outsiders out there. Let the amazing speculation begin! Source: TV Line

Alright, let’s have a moment of silence for Vince Vaughn’s career, you guys. I personally think the guy is awesome, and I even enjoyed The Break Up, but this weekend’s Unfinished Business, which was basically the rape child of Dodgeball if it were sadomized by The Internship, was the worst opening of his career. Yeah, so cheer up, Vince – we still have Swingers. Source: Toronto Sun

Ready your fight sticks! Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V (or 5, whatever) will be releeeeeeased…. sometime next Spring. Yup. Any day now. Source: Digital Spy

HBO has some damn good news for you! An adaptation of Bryan Cranston’s Broadway LBJ act has been picked up. I guess a handful of Emmys and Tonys will do that. Source: The Wrap

HBO Now, the stand-alone streaming service, will be available in early April – just around the same time a certain FUCKING GAME OF THRONES show returns for its fifth season. Word is that House HBO and House Apple will join forces to ensure the subscription is only available via Apple TV.