Arrow Review – “Suicidal Tendencies” S3E17

Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"


Diggle Wedding: Everyone loves a wedding and when you need him Ray Parker is there in a jiff.

ATOM turns against the Arrow publicly: Ray came out to publicly denounce the Arrow, believing he’s back to his old killing ways.  This of course causes a little bit of turmoil in the Arrow lair.  We knew this was going to happen eventually though, no real surprises here.

Ray is much smarter than everyone gave him credit for: Ray puts it all together – it’s about time Ray.  Using his super suit, and some software developed by our very own Felicity Yawn, Ray figures out who the Arrow is and who his pals are.  And he’s none too happy with Felicity.

Diggle being badass is so much fun: I always enjoy a good scene of Diggle kicking some serious butt.  I just wish he could have stayed with Oliver to do it.  I like the idea of the Suicide Squad; it just doesn’t really grab me yet.

Deadshot backstory, suicide squad: I love it when shows, or comics for that matter, give me a reason to like a villain.  At first I was hesitant about the inclusion of Deadshot’s background story of being a solider with PTSD that went off the handle.  But as it unfolded, combined with what was going on in the current time, it actually fit well.  I enjoyed seeing Deadshot being approached for the first time to take down Diggle’s brother – it came full circle. This is appropriate with how it ended.

Death of a Mayor: The whole A.T.O.M vs The Arrow thing lasted about 10 minutes.  Now everyone is back on board with Oliver, except Quentin Lance.  He just can’t get over that “everyone lied to me about my daughter being dead” thing.  Laurel, Ray and Felicity meet with the Mayor to try and save Arrow’s good name. And then, of course, an arrow flies through her chest.  The interesting part is the arrow came from Maseo, and now there is one pointed at Felicity.

Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"


Return of Deadshot and Cupid: I feel like the one-shot villains, though fun, aren’t big driving points for the show.  I was surprised to see Deadshot and Cupid again, but I didn’t find myself really caring, at least not at first.  I like Deadshot.  He has a strong tie to Diggle and the rest of the crew, but I don’t think I ever needed to see Cupid again.  She’s still nuts by the way, but now she’s nuts for Deadshot.

Freudian Slips: Felicity lets it slip that she still has feeling for Oliver.  SHOCK!  Not really.

Strange evil senator story: I want a side story to at least intrigue or affect the larger story in some small way.  The evil senator whom just want to be president was kind of meh.  Poor Diggle just wants to go on his honeymoon.

Ray vs Oliver: I waited all season for a fight between Oliver and Ray, and it went nowhere really fast.  Two things about this so called “fight” that happened.  First off, Oliver can seemingly find the weakness in anything, even a super suit he doesn’t know the specs of.  Secondly, it turns out Ray Parker is just like Iron Man, take the suit away and he’s basically useless.  Also if you’re entire suit is armored why is there an easily punctured weak spot easily visible?

 Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"

Easter Eggs & Predictions:

H.I.V.E.: We see in another Deadshot flashback that he mentions the group H.I.V.E.  Season 4 Villains maybe?

Brand Routh and X-ray Vision: The writers wanted to remind everyone of Routh’s connection to x-ray vision.  He uses x-rays in this episode to uncover Arrow’s identity.  We can all recall Routh has played a hero with a similar special ability.

Deadshot…dead?: If I’ve come to learn anything from TV and movies is that if you don’t actually see them die, there is a chance they aren’t actually dead.  Deadshot clearly isn’t happy with his current set up so why not make everyone think he died in that explosion?

Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"



Hush comics gives Suicidal Tendencies a B+.  It looks like the Arrow crew has a new member in the A.T.O.M.  Diggle still can’t be convinced to leave the group, which is best for the show.  A suicidal mission for the Suicide Squad was a nice inclusion, and sometimes it is nice to see old characters.  The happenings in Starling City are really starting to unfold.


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