Community’s Most Memorable Musical Numbers

Community returned this week with its long awaited sixth season. To commemorate something we never thought would happen, we are honoring the best meta-comedy on TV (and now Yahoo!) by sharing some of our favorite moments. Here is Hush Comics’ favorite musical numbers!

1. The Spanish 101 Rap

You know that “La Biblioteca” gets stuck in your head. But you didn’t know how well “Lard” would fit until you heard Troy and Abed’s epic rap in season 1.

2. Pierce’s Ode to Greendale

Annie employed Pierce to write Greendale’s school song, and this is what he came up with:

3. Britta’s Really Awkward Christmas Song

Britta joins the group with her really off-key Christmas song. Everyone hates on Britta for Brittaing all the time, but we thought this was endearing.

4. Ass Crack Bandit

We aren’t sure if the best line is spelling out “Ass Crack” or if it’s “It was a quarter to ass.” Either way, this song is brilliant.

5. Dean Pelton’s Pay Day Rap

We also don’t know what that was, but when he runs out of the room in his peanut costume we lose it.

6. Annie’s Christmas Song

Boopy doopy doop boop SEX. That is all.

7. The Christmas Rap

They have to save Christmas! And their friends! And regionals!

8. Kiss from A Rose

The karaoke of Seal’s AMAZING song also led to this revelation: Jesus might love marijuana.

9. Anthropology Rap

Bonus! Betty White sings to Africa.

10. Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

It’s the best Christmas since the Original. Duh.

11. Somewhere Out There

You know when you are singing the song from An American Tail and your best friend joins in and also knows all the lyrics, and then there is a montage? No? Well watch the clip below.

12. Gettin’ Rid of Britta

This song is ridiculously catchy. One time, one of our friends caught herself belting “But when someone’s a bitch and liar/there ain’t nothin’ left to woo” while showering. And she was embarrassed.

13. We’re Gonna Finally be Fine

It seemed only normal to start season three with a musical number. Plus we got to see Annie’s butt.

14. Baby Boomer Santa

This is by far the most creative song in the bunch, with a trip through history via Troy and Abed. Our favorite line is the one that says Doris Day got Polio from the Commies. Because it was the 50’s you know.