Monthly Movie Preview: July 2015

July, I’m gonna let you finish in a minute, but June had one of the best movie months of ALL TIME! As summer temperatures rise, there is still room for a few more blockbusters, and some dark horse indy movies.

July 1 – Magic Mike XXL

Starring: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Rick Flair (yes, the wrestlers), Donald Glover, tWitch, Amber Heard, Gabriel Iglesias, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Straham,

I mean, it’s all about the plot, right? Kidding! No one cares about the plot, especially since the first Magic Mike was too much about the plot. Which as it turned out, was kind of dark. Things look a little bit lighter this time around. With the addition of Jada Pinkett-Smith, Donald Glover, and So You Think You Can Dance‘s tWitch, this looks like it could be a funny male stripper movie; everything the first one was not. Oh, and for clarification, this movie is absolutely about the Man Meat. #ComeAgain. – Adrian

July 1 – Terminator Genisys

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Jai Courtney, Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor), Lee Byung-hun (Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe), J.K. Simmons, Sandrine Holt (Fear the Walking Dead)

This may be the Terminator movie no one asked for, and that’s saying something in comparison to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Genisys is sort of a retelling of the original movie, except not at all. John Conner sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother from a Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead of being a remake of the original movie, which would be a bad idea, it was decreed that this would be a brand new story where everything goes horribly wrong. Kyle Reese goes back in time where Sarah Conner is waiting for him with her very own giant Austrian terminator, known as Guardian. Terminator Genisys is sort of a weird amalgamation of the first three Terminator movies. T-800 shaped like Arnold Schwarzenegger, check. T-1000 that takes the shape of a cop that actually looks a lot like Robert Patrick, check. A strange combination of both models, check. I don’t know about this one. – Scott

July 3 (worldwide July 10) – Amy

Starring: Amy Winehouse, bunch of other people

It’s an Amy Winehouse documentary, so it is wrapped up in controversy. Originally approved by her estate, Asif Kapadia set out to make a movie about the singer that captured her true essence. Now her estate is saying the movie has told many lies about Amy’s life, including her relationship with her father. Winehouse’s death was hard for me; she was my absolute favorite singer. Her public and personal life were both in shambles during her career, but that did not take away from the fact that she had the most amazing voice. I will be bringing my tissues to his one. – Adrian

July 10 – Minions

Starring: Pierre Coffin (voice of the Minions), Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Geoffrey Rush, Jennifer Saunders

A prequel to the hit animation Despicable Me, Minions tells the story of everyone’s favorite, yellow little mess makers. Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob set out on a journey to find an evil mastermind for their clan to serve under and find themselves in 1960’s New York City. This movie could go one of two ways. It could either majorly stink as an obvious marketing ploy to sell more yellow plushies or it could be a really funny, cute movie that ties into an already great franchise. Maybe wait a few days to see what the reviews are before shelling out the cash for a movie ticket. – Charlotte

July 10 – Self/Less

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, Matthew Goode, Michelle Dockery, Natalie Martinez, Victor Garber

Holy crap, where has Ryan Reynolds been these past few years – besides Deadpooling? I’m still waiting on the Celebrity Deathmatch between he and Gosling… Anyway, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a Ryan Reynolds movie that looked entertaining, and this one looks impressive. It sort of feeds of the (albeit terrible) Justin Timberlake movie In Time, where the world’s wealthiest get a chance to continue living past their natural lives, in this case by transferring bodies. It also has a Dollhouse vibe, where the “shells” that the wealthy person’s consciousness is transferred to is never quite clean. And, of course, it’s wrapped up nicely with Ben Kingsley playing the rich old guy. I’d give this a chance. – Sherif

July 10 – Strangerland

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving

Strangerland: I have no idea what this movie is about. All I know is that it is about two teenagers who disappear into the outback and how that affects their families and brings their darkness to light. Honestly, that’s not much to go on and the trailer only makes that premise seem more confusing. I do have to say though, that the movie looks good. I don’t know what to expect, but it seems like this one will leave audiences speechless after taking them on a dramatic thrill ride. Strangerland is lead by a strong cast, and has so far done quite well on the festival circuit so chances are if you want to give it a try you won’t come out of it disappointed. – Keriann

July 10 – The Gallows

Starring: Cassidy Gifford, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos

I spent my entire life as a theater geek, acting in plays and working behind the scenes and of all the programs I was involved in and all the schools I went to there was one constant through all of them: every theater has a ghost. The Gallows is the first movie I’ve seen that focuses on that very premise when a group of people break into a theater where a kid supposedly died on stage during a production of the play, The Gallows. Obviously he is not a very peaceful spirit and the rest basically unfolds from there. Here’s what works about this movie: the story it tells will ring bells and give goosebumps to audiences because it’s about an urban legend we’ve all heard at one point. Whether it was the ghost of the theater, the summer camp or  the dormitory – we’ve all heard the tales and we’ve all listened in the quiet to see if a spirit really is there. Here’s what doesn’t work about this movie: it’s ANOTHER found footage film and I am so god damn tired of those. I probably wouldn’t spend my money to see this one in the theaters, chances are that will go to seeing Jurassic World or Mad Max again but when it hits Netflix I’ll be excited to give it a watch. – Keriann

July 17 – Ant-Man

Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, T.I., Wood Harris, Judy Greer,

Ant-Man might be the funniest Marvel movie to date. Since Paul Rudd not only stars, but co-wrote the screenplay, I do have high hopes. Add in other co-writers Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), and Adam McKay (Step-Brothers, Anchorman), and you have a winner. The current comic keeps me in stitches, and while I think the only similarity will be Scott Lang, I’m still expecting the same type of humor. By the way, this is going to be superhero movie. But I have a feeling that might be an after thought in the movie, too. – Adrian

July 17 – Irrational Man

Starring: Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, Jamie Blackley, Parker Posey

When I saw that Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix we going to be in a movie together, I was curious and a bit excited to see what it would be about. But then I found out Irrational Man is a Woody Allen film. I’ve never been a fan of his films, and I do not expect to be seeing this one either. Joaquin Phoenix plays a philosophy professor who’s tormented and doesn’t seem to feel much or get any pleasure out of life. Emma Stone is his student. Half way through the preview something changes and the professor seems to suddenly come out of his malaise while Stone seems irritated and annoyed. It is almost as if the two characters traded places. For me the preview, was boring and uninteresting. With Allen’s name attached to it, it doesn’t give me much hope that it’ll be a good film, either. – Jené

July 17 – Mr. Holmes

Starring: Ian McKellen, Colin Starkey, Patrick Kennedy, Hattie Morahan, Laura Linney

In this mystery drama, it turns out Sherlock Holmes is actually a real person and has been retired for years. Grappling with an unreliable memory, he must attempt to solve a case from his past now haunting him. I’m incredibly excited for this film. As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, a movie about him being a real person is really fun to think about. I’m a total sucker for fiction weaving with reality, making this an exciting concept. I’m expecting lots of inside jokes and references. It looks to be a lovingly crafted story which will appeal to fans of the original text and novices alike. Ian McKellen is the perfect choice for Sherlock, and I couldn’t stop grinning watching the trailer. – Charlotte

July 17 – Trainwreck

Starring: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, LeBron James, John Cena, Ezra Miller, Barkhad Abdi (the guy from Captain Phillips), Dave Atell, Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat), Marisa Tomei, Daniel Radcliffe

Why do I want to see Trainwreck? Amy Schumer, of course. There is no denying this woman has made you laugh at least once in the last two months. The plot isn’t one I’d normally be drawn to; a woman in New York has a tough time getting a decent guy, and then BAM… Bill Hader comes along. However, Schumer’s sense of humor, Judd Apatow taking the director’s chair, Bill Hader playing a love interest, and LeBron James’ new career are enough to make me very interested in this movie. – Adrian

July 24 – American Heist

Starring: Hayden Christiansen, Adrien Brody, Akon, Jordana Brewster

If I had to make a list of the crappiest movies out this summer, American Heist would be on it. That being said, if I also had to make a list of the movies I would see out of said crappy list, American Heist would also be on that. Hayden Christiansen plays James, “a man with nothing to lose” (don’t you just love those clichés?) who is trying to turn his life around after his brother Frankie (another classic thug name), played by Brody, takes the rap for him and goes to jail in his stead. Of course, things go wrong. Frankie owes people money, somebody let Akon act, and it’s a story you’ve heard 25,000,000 times before. WACK. – Sherif

July 24 – The Look of Silence

Starring: Documentary

The Look of Silence is an Oppenheimer documentary that follows a family who has survived genocide. It’s a companion piece to his earlier work The Act of Killing. When I heard that Werner Herzog was one of the producers on the film, I was instantly curious. He’s one of my favorite documentarians and he has a tendency to back up a lot of really good work. The preview itself chokes you with emotion as a man talks to his mother about being surrounded by her son’s killers. Though, as the preview continues we get praise for the documentary instead of presenting the actual story the documentary is portraying.  While I know I will eventually watch the documentary it’s hard to tell what to expect from just watching the preview alone. I wish documentaries would rely on the story more than what critics of to say about the piece. – Jené

July 24 – Dark Was the Night

Starring: Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas, Bianca Kajlich, Sabina Gadecki (The League)

I am a sucker for a good monster movie, and this one really gets my hopes up. It’s so hard to do a good monster movie these days because frankly people are so much scarier, but there is still something so primal and scary about being preyed upon by something inhuman from nature. Dark was the Night is about a small town sheriff who begrudgingly realizes that the stories he was told as a child about a monster in the woods were more than just make believe. I am very excited about this movie after watching the trailer. It does not look over the top by any means, instead it feels like a subtle true to life tale of how this would impact people in reality and not fantasy. Spoiler alert: that shit would be terrifying. I would recommend a trip to the theater for this one, and maybe potentially sleeping with the lights on afterward. – Keriann

July 24 – Paper Towns

Starring: Nat Wolff (Fault in Our Stars), Cara Develingne, Austin Ambers (The Kings of Summer),

After a wild night of revenge and mischief, Quentin embarks on a wild journey to find Margo, the girl he’s been pining over for most of his life. Based on the novel by the award winning author and internet guru John Green, this long anticipated film promises to ignite the curiosity inside you. ANOTHER JOHN GREEN MOVIE! I’ve been waiting for this film ever since I first read Paper Towns in 2010. After the success of The Fault in Our Stars, I can’t wait to see what this film has in store. TFIOS was such a brilliant adaptation, I have no doubts that this one will be just as faithful. Another giant gift for Nerdfighteria is just around the corner! Until then, DFTBA! – Charlotte

July 24 – Pixels

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Bean (for Winterfell!), Ashley Benson, Jane Krakowski

Right away, the first problem with Pixels is that it opens up with images of things that bring you joy, make you happy, and aren’t made with the kind of cynical joyless sticky cash-grabiness that drips from the oily pores Adam Sandler. Seriously. This movie is dumb, Adam Sandler’s dumb, and he hasn’t been funny since Billy Madison. If you want to simulate what watching this movie will be like, just repeat the trailer for two terrible hours, add in some good ol’ fashion racism, and beat your face against the wall. Still better than having to sit through a full frontal lobe lobotomy. Er, I mean Adam Sandler. Same difference. And I don’t know if you care, Kevin (there’s only one person who cares, his name is Kevin, and I don’t know if he’s reading this), but there’s a single frame at 1:38 telling you to unlock Lady Lisa at To which I summon level 12 Lucille Bluth. Better yet, just go rewatch Arrested Development. That’s what I’m going to do. – Montgomery

July 24 – Southpaw

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, Forest Whitaker, Victor Ortiz, 50 Cent, Tyrese Gibson, Rita Ora

This film is nearly five years in the making, with Jake Gyllenhaal replacing Eminem as the lead actor (that makes TWO big name movies that Eminem could have starred in) in this boxing film. Lefty boxer Billy Hope is finally getting ready to retire from the sport to spend time with his family. Unfortunately, he does some knucklehead stuff and his wife dies, leaving him to be a crappy father to his child. Maybe it’s the feeling that this movie is too close to 8 Mile conceptually, but I’m not completely sold on the premise of the film. I love Gyllenhaal as an actor, but it’ll take something more than a training montage and an Eminem theme song to get me to the theaters. – Sherif

July 24 – The Vatican Tapes

Starring: Kathleen Robertson, Michael Peña, Djimon Hounsou

I’m not entirely sure what the plot of this movie is. I can’t tell if it’s a movie about a movie and that’s why it’s called The Vatican Tapes, if it’s the first in a series and that’s why it’s called The Vatican Tapes, or if it’s supposed to be a found footage movie and that’s why it’s called The Vatican Tapes. But, it looks like another one of those missed-the-point trying-to-out-do-The-Exorcist movies about an exorcism gone awry. On paper, this sort of stuff speaks my Changuage, but more often than not, it’s a series of jump scares and diet water level Catholicism. It might be worth seeing if you think jump scares are streets ahead. – Montgomery

July 24 – A LEGO Brickumentary

Starring: Jason Bateman (narrator)

If you’re like me and billions of other kids who grew up on LEGOs, then this documentary will give you a chronic case of the feels. These little building blocks might seem like they’ve sold out with the collector’s sets and the over-branding, but they are still an international sensation. LEGOs reach across poverty lines and geographic lines and teach kids how to BUILD. Well, I could go on about how LEGOs have changed my life, but you should just watch Jason Bateman do it himself in LEGO form. Whether it be a handful of blocks, or a grand scale like the Star Wars tie-fighter, LEGOs inspire. – Sherif

July 29 – Vacation

Starring: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, Chris Hemsworth, Chevy Chase, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Nick Kroll,

From the writer of Horrible Bosses, John Francis Dailey (HOW COOL IS THAT!) comes the next installment of the wonderful National Lampoon’s Vacation series. Now Rusty is all grown up with a a family all his own. What else is he to do but recreate the family trip to Wally World; the first time around went pretty well. Adult Rusty, played by Ed Helms, and Christina Applegate pack their kids into a new horrible family vehicle and hit the road, and, of course, shenanigans ensue. With cameo’s from Chevy Chase and Beverley D’Angelo, and a supporting cast too funny to mention here, this movie is going to be too excellent to pass up. – Scott

July 31 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, America Olivo, Alec Baldwin

I may be in the minority of not hating Tom Cruise, but I think most people are looking forward to the latest Mission Impossible installment. Here are some reasons to be excited: Simon Pegg, kick-ass woman spy lady, explosions, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, action, Simon Pegg, humor, maybe a good plot, and Simon Pegg. If you like spy movies, and if you are American and have eyes, you do, then this will be the best bet for your July theater going. I for one, am pretty darn excited. – Adrian

July 31 – The End of the Tour

Starring: Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg, Ron Livingston, Anna Chlumsky

Whether you like it or not, Jesse Eisenberg is coming back in a big way. The End of the Tour is a departure from his other upcoming work like American Ultra and Batman vs. Superman; it’s another under-the-radar indy film that has the potential to be quite poignant and reflective. Eisenberg plays Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky, who goes on a road trip to interview David Foster Wallace (played by Segel). Wallace has practically Salinger’ed himself after Infinite Jest, and Lipsky is looking to bring him out of his funk. It’s basically Get Him to the Greek for intellectuals… or, at least, that’s how I’m going to hope it turns out. – Sherif

Monthly Movie Preview: May 2014

May 2 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Sally Field, Dane Dehaan, Paul Giamatti, and Stan Fudgin’ Lee

Ok, I won’t even lie to you; Hush Comics got to see this movie a week in advance (check out our spoiler-free review here), so my job here is difficult. How do I write a preview for a movie I’ve already seen, without spoilers? Hang on web-heads, here we go! Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Peter Parker, alongside real life girlfriend Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy). While uncovering the true nature of his parents demise he discovers a dark truth about Oscorp, now run by his child-hood friend Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan). Add an Eminem Stan-like social outcast with newly acquired powers over all things electrical in Electro (Jamie Foxx) and you have 142 minutes of web-slinging action.  Spidey swings through New York City GoPro style in this amazing sequel. Directed by Mark Webb (500 Days of Summer). Produced by Ari Arad (Iron Man) and Matt Tolmach. Easter Egg: Wait for those post credits and Shazam the Alicia Keys/Kendrick Lamar mash-up, “It’s On Again,” to access the bonus clip. Details here – John

May 2 – The Protector 2

Starring: Tony freaking Jaa, The RZA

The martial artist legend, Tony Jaa, returns for a sequel to the 2005 The Protector. There’s really never much in terms of storyline with his film, but he busts out some of the most ridiculous stunt work I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, The RZA is in the movie. I know that he loves martial arts flicks, and that he’s kind of earned his striped in that department, but him as the main antagonist is a joke – an Iron Fist sized joke. The movie technically came out last October internationally, but for some reason has had a fair amount of trouble making a US release date (initially Protector 2 was given a March update. If you’re looking for great martial arts and can put up with sub-par acting, then you should give this a go – or at least go rent Ong Bak and The Protector. – Sherif


May 2 – Walk of Shame

Starring: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs

Effie Trinket takes a break from leading children to the  slaughter to murder brain cells with this incredibly shallow attempt at comedy. Banks plays Meghan, a workaholic reporter who is pressured to go out with her friends – one of which is Gillian Jacobs AKA Britta from Community. When news arrives that she has an opportunity to be a news anchor, she slips out and misfortune ensures. Poor helpless white girl gets lost on the wrong side of town and must find her way back to her dream job opportunity. It’s like a cross between The Hangover and Homeward Bound, except it will most definitely suck ass. Can we expect anything more from the guy who directed Movie 43? – Sherif


May 2 – Belle

Starring: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Penelope Wilton, Matthew Goode, and Emily Watson

I saw the preview for Belle waiting for The Grand Budapest Hotel. If the movie is anything like the preview, I expect myself to be a puddle of tears by the end of the movie. The music alone had me wishing I’d brought tissue to the theater, though I’m a sucker for period movies that question the landscapes of society.  Belle is about Dido, an illegitimate biracial daughter of a naval officer. As a child, Dido is brought back England and raised by her uncle and her white cousin.  The movie seems to be awash with the intersections of race, gender, and class during a time when England was questioning their participation in Slavery. Grab your tissue; this movie looks like it’s going to be a tearjerker.  – Jené

May 9 – Neighbors

Starring: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Bryne, Dave Franco (21 Jump StreetScrubs), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin), Lisa Kudrow,

Are you prepared for a war of the neighbors like never before? What will surely be the best comedy of the year so far pits Mac and Kelly Radner (Rogan and Bryne) against Teddy (Efron) and his army of frat brothers. Things are civil until Mac snitches, starting an all-out war between a full-grown adult and a group of college kids with literally nothing to do. The prank wars and satirical one-liners in the trailer were enough to get me excited about it. Historically, it marks the only time I can say I’m interested in a Zack Efron movie. Especially when I’m getting to the age where I side with the grown-ups, it should be fun to see if viewers are as polarized when choosing sides as I am. – Sherif


May 9 – Chef

Starring: Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale (Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire), Amy Sedaris

Want to know what it’s like to watch a “feel-good” movie all about “feel-good” food?  If you answered no to that I think you need to calm down and try again…  I’m just trying to tell you about Jon Favreau’s newest movie titled Chef coming out this month.  Starring himself and cast of other comedians, this movie is all about food, family and passion.  Favreau portrays a chef with ambition and bristling culinary creativity.  After being stifled by his boss (Hoffman), he decides to take matters into his own hands and purchase his very own food truck.  Toss all that into a pan, add in some strong morals and family values, and top off with Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara and throw it in the oven for 115 minutes.  Oh, I forgot the final step… Enjoy. – Taylor


May 9 – Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Starring: Lea Michele, Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Belushi, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart

Dorothy has returned to the land of Oz! It’s a fun concept that is justifiably revisited to explore upon the vast and imaginative world. This animated film is surely for the kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from enjoying it, too. It looks adorable, and it’s one of the few movies out anymore that’s genuinely for young children, so parents, this might be a rare opportunity to see a movie without having to lie to your kids about what certain things mean. The cast is full of old Hollywood stars. I’m sure it can’t touch Frozen, but for parents who think their children will find Maleficent too frightening, this is your movie of the month. – Sherif


May 16 – Godzilla

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen

There isn’t a lot to say about Godzilla. IT’S FREAKING GODZILLA! Also, Bryan Cranston – so that’s pretty sweet. At first look, this reboot appears to be a true homage to the delightfully campy Japanese originals, but without all of the cheese from the Matthew Broderick reboot. The trailers brought me pure excitement and when they revealed Godzilla in all of it’s glory, I felt my eyes get wider.  Having Gareth Edwards (Monsters) directing this reboot bodes well for its reception; Edwards proved that he can combine giant monsters with good storytelling quite successfully. I have a little trepidation when it comes to the writing because Godzilla is literally the second screenplay that writer Max Borstein has ever done. Trusting such a monsterous (no pun intended) property with a virtually untested writer comes as a bit of surprise. Rounding of the already large (pun intended) cast is a strong line up of actors and actresses that I have no doubt will hold the story together. Bryan Cranston is always fantastic and appears to bring some serious intensity to the movie. Ken Wantanabe is usually a strong part of any cast. With Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, Juliette Binoche and Sally Hawkins evening everything else out I have no doubt that this will be the reboot Godzilla deserved.  Now go see it! – Scott


May 16 – Million Dollar Arm

Starring: Don Draper Jon Hamm, Madhur Mittal (Slumdog Millionaire), Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi), Lake Bell, Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show)

I figure if you’re going to begin Jon Hamm’s futile effort to try to avoid being typecast as the star of Mad Men, you might as well go half-way around the world to do it. Based off a real-life Indian reality TV show, Million Dollar Arm follows struggling agents who travel to India to recruit cricket players capable of throwing fast enough to be competitive features. What Bernstein (Hamm) learns along the way is that these recruits are people, not cash cows (or cows at all, seeing as they are sacred in India). Everybody bonds, players become professionals, Disney credits roll, it all makes sense. It’s an interesting story – one that you can buy the book for if interested – but I just don’t see it having the appeal that a sports movie of that magnitude should have. – Sherif

May 16 – The Immigrant

Starring: Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner, Angela Sarafyan

Not to star this off biased but it is hard for me to see an ad for a Joaquin Phoenix film and think, “Awesome, I am definitely seeing that!” After he sort of lost his mind for the sake of the fake documentary, I’m Still Here, he has lost the amazing appeal he had before for me at least. Besides him though this films stars the great Marion Cotillard whom you may know as Miranda/Talia Al Ghul from The Dark Knight Rises, and Jeremy Renner whom we all know as Hawkeye from the Marvel Comics cinematic universe. The story follows Ewa (Cotillard) as a newly arrived immigrant in Manhattan. Ewa was traveling with her sister Magda (Angela Sarafyan) who when they get to New York is quarantined because of a lung disease and can only be helped with money which neither woman has. Ewa is then taken in by Bruno (Phoenix) who although seems friendly at first forces her into prostitution to earn the money to help get her sister out of quarantine. Bruno’s cousin Emilaka Orlando the Magician (Renner) tries to save Ewa from having to be a prostitute and things go crazy in the process. This film seem kind like one that will be loved for being a great drama but the plot is not original as I have seen female immigrants being helped by sleazy American’s who make them be prostitute’s a lot in my film and story experience. This obviously is going to be aimed at the 25- 60 year old range of people as kids and most elderly people would find the material a bit too much to handle. Overall, the film looks like it could be good but most likely will be forgotten in the realm of the huge blockbusters this month has to offer. – Jacob

May 23 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Paquin, Peter Dinklage

So this movie has basically everyone in it. With the cast that has credits in: The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lord of The Rings, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, what more could you possibly want? The original X-Men cast join our First Class mutants in a fight to save humanity. The movie, adapted from The Uncanny X-Men story arc #141-142, follows Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as he travels in time to prevent an event that leads to push mutant kind to the brink of extinction. Produced and directed by Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects, soon to be National Sex Offender Registry member). Runtime 130. Fun Fact: According to IMDB, the legal issues between Marvel Studios and Fox films have reached mutant proportions!  Due to a court order, “No reference to Quicksilver’s (Evan Peters) membership in the Avengers can be made in an “X-Men” film, and no allusion to his relations to the X-Men or Magneto (the character’s father) can be made in an “Avengers” film; the rights agreement between Fox and Marvel even goes so far as to stipulate the character cannot be referred to as a “mutant” in any Marvel film.” – John

May 23 – The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Starring: Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, James Earl Jones, Melissa Leo

Robin Williams’ career has fallen off more steeply than the slalom of cocaine he used to balance it with. Since completely abandoning his family-friendly persona, Williams has failed to connect with the masses on the big or small screen. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is the tale of Henry (Williams), a patient who pisses his nurse (Kunis) off, so she messes with him and tells him that he has 90…minutes left to live. It’s a cruel joke, but one I’m sure every nurse wishes they could tell a belligerent patient and get away with it. As Henry frantically tries to right his wrongs, he realizes how much he actually appreciates what he has. It’s a tired story (actually a remake of a 1997 Israeli film), and I’d honestly rather see the new Adam Sandler movie than this; that’s how bad this looks. – Sherif


May 23 – Tracks

Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver

Tracks, based on Robyn Davison’s memoir by the same name, was originally released in 2013 in Australia. The movie was directed by John Curran, director of The Painted Veil. In 1970, Robyn travels 1700 miles across the deserts of west Australia. Her only companions are four camels and her dog.  There have been two previous attempts to adapt this book into a movie; however, all of them failed. Julia Roberts at one time was going to play the lead in the movie. Just watching the preview the landscape is breathtaking and the desert a force to be reckoned with. The aerial shots of the desert reminded me of the Egypt’s desert, which is both beautiful and harsh – a seemingly perfect backdrop of Robyn’s journey of the soul.  Looking forward to May’s lineup of movies. – Jené

May 23 – Blended

Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Shaquille O’Neal, Terry Crews, Joel McHale

Another Adam Sandler movie?…  Instant reaction: severe rolling of eyeballs (I swear I saw my brain).  By the end of the preview: giggles and a quick re-checking of the release date.  Nobody does “hit-or-miss” to greater extremes than Sandler.  I mean, Jack & JillThat’s My Boy…  come on.  But then you remember Click, Spanglish, and The Wedding Singer and you feel a little forgiving.  Now, if you carefully think about Sandler’s resume you’ll notice a theme.  His best movies include one particular co-cast member that makes HALF of every movie they appear in.  If you weren’t thinking of Drew Barrymore, YOU LOSE!  She headlines Blended with Sandler this May.  The two of them play single parents struggling to find a new love connection.  After some initial and disheartening first dates (all 50 First Dates, to be specific), they both seem content to continue focusing on their kids.  That is until the two families collide on a coincidental exotic, safari vacation.  While I’m still trying to dislodge one of my eyes from the back of my skull, I can’t help but feel excited at the prospect of seeing Sandler and Barrymore on screen together again.  I wonder if it’ll top The Waterboy (yeah, right). – Taylor


May 30 – Maleficent

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville

Villains are always best when they think they are the hero. Stripped of her beautiful wings, her homeland ravaged and, on top of it all, not invited to Princess Aurora’s christening? Maleficent has gotten the raw deal. Played by the ageless beauty, Angelina Jolie, Maleficent must protect the realm from the ignorance and belligerence of man. The film was originally set to release in March, but was adjusted around to the end of May. The tone is dark, but still beautiful, as embodied in the theme “Once Upon A Dream,” covered by Lana Del Ray – who was hand-picked by Jolie to sing it. It may have a Disney label, but I expect this to be more dark fantasy than the 50’s princess tale it’s inspired by. The film is being directed by Robert Stromberg, who is new to directing, but has made major design contributions to Disney’s two most recent live-action releases: Oz the Great and Powerful and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Anybody who still holds Disney in their hearts need to find their way to the theaters and check this out. – Sherif


May 30 – A Million Ways to Die in the West

Starring: Seth McFarlane, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman

I can’t even remember the last time I looked forward to one, let alone two, comedies in a month. The tail end of May gives us another Seth McFarlane film about surviving in the wild West. Boasting an all-star cast that’s guaranteed to coax laughter, McFarlane should be able to recreate the same laughs from the same crowd he received in Ted. When Albert (McFarlane) falls in love with Anna (Theron), her husband Clinch (Neeson) makes Albert duel for her. A Million Ways is becoming a comedian’s orgy the more I hear about it with word of Bill Maher, Christopher Lloyd, Gilbert Gottfried (yuck, maybe orgy was a poor choice of words) joining the cast. I’m expecting cheap thrills and non-stop jokes, just as anybody who follows his body of work would. – Sherif


May 30 – Filth

Starring: James McAvoy, Imogen Poots, Jamie Bell

Filth, released in Scotland last year and soon to be released in the U.S., James McAvoy plays Bruce Robertson, a detective. Now, Bruce is a pretty well-rounded a-hole. McAvoy portrays the king of degenerates, abusive, alcoholic, drug using, manipulative and a real dick to everyone he works with. And the guy just wants a promotion to Detective Inspector.  Now that sounds like fun, and watching the trailers will confirm that it looks like fun. Filth is directed by Irvine Welch, creator of Trainspotting. McAvoy appears to very much in the same vain of Ewan McGregor’s character, Renton, from Trainspotting. He’s not someone you’d ever want to associate with but you still feel for him in the end.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 78% fresh rating so that helps out too. If you like dark British (Scottish) comedies like Trainspotting, Snatch, and In Bruges, I’m sure Filth will not disappoint. – Scott