Supernatural Review – “Inside Man” S10E17

At long last we FINALLY got the Supernatural episode we’ve been waiting for! We got the see the return of Castiel, Metatron, Crowley’s metaphorical balls and BOBBY! This is the one we’ve been waiting for, it’s the episode we deserve and the episode we need.


Castiel! And Sam: I have missed Castiel. Even when he’s been around, I missed who he used to be. I don’t know about you, but for me, him traveling around with the angel equivalent of a baked potato (Hannah) was kind of soul-sucking. It was so nice to have the awesome Cas back this week. And the team-up between him and Sam was pretty freaking badass. They were kind of ruthless against Metatron (that dick); it was refreshing and kind of sexy. In a badass way, of course.

Supernatural - "Inside Man"

Bobby: Oh, Bobby. I still think the biggest mistake Supernatural made was killing him off. They did it well, and of course I cried, but Bobby brought something to the show that no one else can. He was the heart of the show in many ways, and it’s felt a little lost without him. Or maybe it’s just me. Either way, it was so wonderful to have him back this week. Every moment he had on screen was bittersweet because while he was a sight for sore eyes, his current existence is heartbreaking. It was humorous to see him in heaven, sipping whiskey, reading and listening to “The Gambler,” but he was alone and more notably, he was lonely. He misses his boys and they miss him too, and it kind of ripped my soul out. I really hope to see more of him this season, and I am terrified to find out what his punishment for escaping and opening the Gate to Earth was.

Dean and Crowley, just having a drink: I don’t understand their relationship anymore. Are they friends or enemies? There is a bond there, and while it’s a little weird there was something heartwarming about Dean’s family speech to Crowley. It was very genuine of him to care enough to encourage Crowley to stand up for himself. The whole conversation started out like they were embittered ex-lovers, but once the bite wore off, it was a very powerful scene. Oh, and Crowley was drinking a piña colada, HA!

Crowley vs. Rowena vs. Rowena vs. Crowley: It’s no secret that I think Rowena is amazing, albeit kind of completely bat-shit power-crazy. But I never grow tired of her antics; I root against her, but she is a tip-top villain for this season. Crowley has been quite the sad sack for a while now and a pretty piss poor King of Hell, Rowena has been the real bad mofo. Crowley finally putting her in her place was long overdue. Maybe he has a soft spot for her because she’s his mommy, but it was foolish how quickly he gave into her bullshit and manipulation. I’m glad Crowley got his groove back, and it was kind of sad and satisfying watching poor lost Rowena, all alone walking down the street with her cloak and bags and no place to go.

Supernatural - "Inside Man"


Metatron: Okay, I first have to acknowledge that Metatron is freaking hilarious and he brings a lot to the show. He’s such an asshole, but he’s so clever and surly to our heroes that it’s kind of impossible not to enjoy his onscreen time. That being said, my only reason he is a con is WHY do Sam and Castiel keep going back to him thinking he’ll help them? He’s a dick. He was just screwing with them to kill time, he even admitted it tonight! Seriously, at what point to you just try to find a god damn plan B? I’m glad it’s finally out in the open that Metatron does not know how to help with the Mark of Cain so that whole thing can go away, and I am glad that he will stick around as he leads Castiel to what’s left of his grace.


Rowena will be the secret to removing the Mark of Cain: Called it! I knew Rowena knew something. She may not know how to remove it yet, but she’s obviously familiar with it since she knows it’s just a curse. I’m not sure what she will barter or bargain once she finds out how to remove it, but she knows if she can get that mark off of Dean he will be easily killed. Hell, maybe she’ll do it just to break Crowley’s heart.

Rowena vs. Crowley vs. Crowley vs. Rowena – The Sequel: I think we’re in for quite the battle between mother and son from here on out, now that he’s kicked her out hell. Rowena is heartbroken, alone, and enraged. Crowley has minions, and he thinks he’s tough but I don’t think he has any idea what he’s up against. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Crowley is the King of Hell. I have no idea what that equation breaks down to but it will most likely be a lot of fun to watch.

And the Rest…:

A voice on the angel walkie talkie says “The Bobbies are fighting back. The Bobbies are surly” as an alert to the other guards. While that is hilarious, why do angels have walkie talkies?

The Gate to Earth from heaven is door #42. 42, get it? The answer to everything. Awesome.

Best Line of the Week:

Castiel: I’m an angel.
Oliver Pryce: No. You can’t be!
Castiel: Why not?
Oliver Pryce: Because I’m an atheist!

Supernatural - "Inside Man"

Hush Comics gives “Paint it Black” an A because it really moves the story along and brings the excitement. Also, because every character rocked every scene..

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Supernatural Review- “Paint it Black” S10E16

Supernatural - "Paint it Black"



Rowena: Maybe I’m crazy, but I love Rowena. She is so deliciously evil and manipulative. She’s a true high caliber bad guy which to me is such a welcomed change of pace from angels, angels, angels… I was a little disappointed that there was no big showdown between Rowena and the Grand Coven, but I’m really excited to see what she continues to offer the rest of the season.

Dean: Dean is carrying the show this season. Sam is great, but he basically just ricochets between sad, stern and bitchy. He’s just not bringing much to the table, which is not a slight on him in any way because he has carried the show on more than one occasion. Now that Sam has stepped aside Dean is really shining. He has so many layers and there is at least one, “aww poor Dean moment” per episode in which my heart goes out to him because he’s sad, scared, or just super vulnerable. He still has his cheeky charm, but all the new layers are a welcome change.

The storyline finally picked back up. Kind of: It wasn’t much, but at least we got a little progression towards what this season will ultimately boil down to. Rowena is on a course to take down The Men of Letters aka The Winchesters and become the most powerful witch EVER! And Sam refuses to stop trying to cure the mark, and Dean is worried enough that he’s going along without a fight. It’s not much, but it’s something. At least it’s not god damn worms, right?

Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


The Ballad of the Sad Nuns: Not only did this paint nuns in a bad light, but it kind of painted all women in a bad light. Painted, you see what I did there? I think I’m so funny. Anyhow, it’s really shitty to imply that the main reason women devote themselves to the church is because some dude broke their heart. That is so archaic. Women become nuns for themselves, because of their beliefs, not because of bad break ups. And the idea that a women could be so shaken to the core that she kind of gives up on living her own life because a man left her is such bullshit. Oh boo hoo hoo, a dude broke up with me so now I just give up on my own independence, because I’m nothing without a man blah blah bullshit. I understand how it worked for the ghost nun, but I was pretty annoyed with the living nun who kept alluding to her commitment being due to a “rough love life.” Women are a hell of a lot stronger than that.

The Ghost Nun: She was the worst. And not just because she was killing people.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


Rowena will try (and fail) to take down Sam and Dean: I’m thinking she might stick around through next season, but I think she’ll at least make one big play at Sam and Dean before the finale. But chances are she’ll fail because Crowley (or Fergus, as I will refer to him from now on) will stop her. Hell, he might even die doing it. What a sweet ending to his love affair with Dean it would be if he gave his life to save him.

Rowena Knows Something: I just have a feeling that she will somehow be a key to the hidden knowledge of the Mark of Cain. She’s been around for a long time and is extremely powerful and knowledgeable. Whether they like it or not, she’ll need Winchester’s to find her hidden magic items, and they’ll need her help with the Mark.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

The flashbacks to Isabella’s life in Italy are a lot like a bad romance novel. And that guy she was in love with was kind of gross.

I wonder where Piero the painter guy found his mistress because I don’t think there were a whole lot of bleach blonde haired blue eyed girls running around Florence, Italy in 1520.

Awww look at the little hamster wearing a necklace! Too cute to be evil.

I miss Castiel.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

This week I have a cheesiest character of the week, and the honor goes to the ghost nun, Isabella. Everything she said sounded like it was written by a pre-menopausal romance writer who never got a book deal. Her descriptions of her love affair with Piero were like nails on a chalkboard, and it was just so pathetic and gross.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


Hush Comics gives “Paint it Black” a B because the Winchesters were great and the story was a nice change of pace, but the interpretation of nuns may have set back the women’s movement a few years.

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Supernatural Review – “The Things They Carried” S10E15


Hmmm…: Give me a second, I’ll come up with something. I just have to really think about it. Well, Dean and Sam were both in this episode. I like them.

Supernatural - "The Things They Carried"
Dean is disappointed in this episode.


Ummm…: I don’t want to be a hater, especially on Supernatural, but at 9:20 I looked at my clock and was pretty bummed that I still had forty minutes left to get through. This episode was kind of a dud. Sam and Dean didn’t pop at all, the dialogue was bland and kind of bad, and after all the excitement of the death of Cain and then a month off the best they could do was worms? Really?


Worms: Really? Worms? They weren’t even really sentient. They were just stupid parasites that made people thirsty, and when water couldn’t quench the thirst they turned to drinking blood. And that doesn’t even make sense! Granted, human blood is approximately 92% water, but that is still 8% less water than actual water.

The Worm Special Effects: Seriously? THAT was the best they could do? The worms that came out of Kit’s mouth looked stupid enough, and I know Supernatural has never had the best special FX, but my god the worms slithering around on the cabin floor were so bad. SO BAD.

This Whole Episode: I hate to say it, but sometimes the truth hurts. This episode pretty much sucked. I have no problem with Cole, he’s likeable enough because he reminds me of Aaron Paul and Jeremy Renner but making him a huge plot point yet again when he has really no history in the show is just a little random. “The Things They Carried” just seemed to go so far to try and ignore the main storyline for this season. It honestly just gives off the feeling that they don’t really know where to go from here so they’re wasting time with stupid god damn worms. After a month long break I really think we deserved better.

Supernatural - "The Things They Carried"
Sam is concerned about this episode.


Random Thoughts and Questions Best Not Asked:

Who recorded the failed military mission the soldiers were on when they contracted these worms? Who does that? I’m pretty sure a big part of “classified” means not taking videos on your phone.

Kit’s wife sucks. I don’t know why, but I hate her.

You’d think after all this time and as many close calls Dean has had he might know how to do CPR. But no, he just punches a dude in the chest to get his heart going. But hey it worked so what do I know.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

Cole: You save people from things they can’t even wrap their heads around … And you act like it’s just another Tuesday.

Dean: Oh buddy, it’s only Monday. (proceeds to electrocute Cole with a car battery)

Actually, that line was kind of awesome. But it was the only line with any personality, other than Dean referring to porn as erotica.


Hush Comics gives “The Things They Carried” a C- for stupid worms, disconnected writing, and for trying to make an episode out of an anecdote.

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Supernatural Review – “The Executioner’s Song” S10E14

The long awaited battle between Cain and Dean is finally upon us this week in “The Executioner’s Song” and it’s everything I was hoping for and more. In all honesty, this is one of the best episodes of Supernatural I have ever seen. There wasn’t room this week for the usual comedy and quirk; this episode came straight from the heart. It was moving and gut wrenching in the best kind of way.


CAIN: Good god Cain is so freaking amazing. Not only is he an unbelievably layered and captivating character, but Timothy Omundson breathes such an incredible life into him. Cain is a logical psychopath, and that is the scariest kind of psychopath. The only way to repair the damage he’s inflicted on the planet is to wipe out his bloodline one descendent at a time. Not all killers are his descendants and not all his descendants are killers, but he likes to be thorough. That is one blood chilling and compelling argument if you ask me. Cain is basically going on a murdering spree, but in his mind, his actions are completely justified and out of mercy – he is sparing people from becoming murderers like himself. He is cold, calculating, and driven. When he knew he’d been beaten and Dean begged him to just stop killing so he could spare his life, he triumphantly declared he would never stop and met his fate. It sounds like a justified ending for a mad man, and yet it was still devastating to see him die in the end.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"

Dean Saying His Goodbyes: That was downright heart wrenching. Dean is terrified of giving in to his evil side and what he’ll become when he does. He is very possibly facing his final moments (for real this time) and while he wavers slightly with fear and sadness, he is brave as hell. He’s inspiring and heartbreaking all at once, and I’m impressed with what a well written and powerful scene that was. That is, until Crowley piped in to say he’d happily kill whatever remained of Dean at the end of the fight. Fuck you, Crowley! You’re just still butt-hurt because Dean broke your heart and broke up your demon bromance.

The Showdown: While the physical fight was a little underwhelming, the mental battle between Dean and Cain was incredibly powerful. Dean is a fighter, and he may have the biggest heart of everyone on Supernatural, and for once he really wore that on his sleeve. I can’t really think of a time I’ve heard him say he was scared before. He didn’t just face Cain in that fight, he faced himself. Cain was right, the Mark will never go away and this could easily be a long and losing battle for Dean. Cain’s ability to fight the Mark for so many years gave Sam and Dean hope, but when Dean had to kill Cain, Dean knew he was also killing any chance he had of ever getting himself back. He was strong enough to not give in to the evil within himself when he killed Cain, but now he has to live every day in fear of not if he turns, but when.


Crowley: Don’t get me wrong, I like Crowley. He’s a fun character and truthfully, I probably have a bias towards him because I love Mark Sheppard. That being said, Crowley was the ONLY con to this week’s episode. He is the King of Hell, and while that is something I’ve never really heard of outside of Supernatural I have to assume that he who wears the crown should be pretty freaking badass. This is a character who is somehow in charge of Hell over Satan, so I want him to be tough and ruthless and believably soulless and evil. Crowley is more like a jackass demon with a conscience hidden in his pocket. He is easily manipulated and kind of apathetic unless he feels he needs to put on a show for Rowena. He just seems like a sad kid who never gets picked to play on the Winchester’s team at recess. I don’t believe him as evil; he comes off as whiny and I feel like I should offer him some Midol.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"


Dean is in Trouble: Sam said it; Dean is not okay. He is struggling and his fight is long from over. After what he’s been through, he is kind of a shell. I think Dean’s lost his faith in the future and in himself which will only make it harder for him to fight the Mark. I think something will set him off and there will be a face-off between Dean and Castiel over the first blade, and I think that some of what Cain warned Dean about will come into fruition. He won’t kill Castiel, but Crowley may meet his demise by season’s end. I have a feeling that the only thing that will redeem Dean and finally fight off the Mark will be a huge fight between him and Sam. In the last moment, he will fight off killing his brother therefore resetting his own fate and proving he’s a stronger man than Cain ever was.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"

Crowley May Not Be Around Much Longer…: This does not necessarily mean he’ll die, although I can see that happening. Let’s face it, Rowena may love her son, but she loves herself and power more. She will continue to spin things the way she wants them, and she will make a valiant effort to become the Queen of Hell. And frankly not only do I think she’ll win the crown, but she’ll be a lot better suited for the job. Maybe next season we’ll get to see a lot more magic and witchcraft and get a break from all the biblical stuff.

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

I don’t have any this week! The writers of Supernatural bested my smart ass and I cannot think of a single silly thing to poke fun at. Instead, I’ll just gush a little more about what a powerful episode this was. Dean was unbelievable and it was so great to see Jensen Ackles have a chance to show how talented he really is. Kudos to the entire Supernatural team. You outdid yourselves this week.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

I don’t have one of these either! Instead, I present to you…

Most Bad Ass Line of the Week:

Cain: “There is no resisting the mark; there is only remission and relapse.”

Hush Comics gives “The Executioner’s Song” an A for hitting viewers hard in the heart and reminding them why we love this show and the Winchester’s so much.

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Supernatural Review – “Halt and Catch Fire” S10E13

This week on I Know What You Did Last Sumer, I’m sorry, I mean Supernatural we killed more time avoiding the main storyline and watched some really shitty people get killed by WiFi. Yeah. At least it was kind of entertaining.

Supernatural - "Halt and Catch Fire"


Dean vs. the College Dining Hall: Anyone who has attended or visited a university knows that one of the most awe inspiring elements of being an in dorms freshman is the dining hall. You can get grilled cheese, cereal, and ice cream at the same meal for god’s sake! The novelty of this was clearly not lost on the junk food loving Dean, and while this aspect of the episode had literally nothing to do with the plot it was one of the high points. Dean’s obsession with food, namely pie and bacon cheeseburgers, has always been a fun part of Supernatural so seeing him splooge out about all the options on the cafeteria menu was pretty hilarious. And I do feel it necessary to give a quick shout out to the croissant-cookie hybrid he was eating at the beginning. That sounds awesome. If you’re asking if I just wrote an entire paragraph about a pro of this episode being Dean eating food, I ask that you please bear with me as this was a slow week and I couldn’t find a whole lot of legitimate pros.

Andrew’s Conclusion: I normally feel really bad for the ghosts that get dealt with on Supernatural. They are usually innocent people who died tragically that become corrupted after enough time of not moving on with a reaper and then they’re dealt with like monsters. Let’s not forget the super sad ending the ghost in “Yellow Fever” had to come to, twice. However, this time around the ghost/victim got to cross over and say goodbye to his beloved wife. He returned back to the man he was when he died and abandoned his quest for revenge because she willed him to let go and forgive. It was sweet and touching.


WHO Wrote This?: I’ll tell you who. A man who hates women. I will not go off on a feminist rant but I have to say that whoever wrote this episode created female characters that were nothing but vapid, empty headed morons based on every negative stereotype of young women. The dialogue was especially unbelievable and none of the females had a single ounce of substance. There was the sorority girl taking selfies and speaking obnoxiously in hashtags, the grieving widow who was okay to have an online only relationship with her dead husband just so she could still cling to him, and the girl with at least somewhat of a moral compass but she’s too weak to stand up to her male friend when he won’t let her call the cops because he’s afraid of the prison sentence he might face for driving on a suspended license. So she basically let a man die pretty brutally because her male friend might have to face some community service and no more than three months in jail. Way to be. Basically, the female gender did not come out on top this week. Then again, they never do in McG properties.

Supernatural - "Halt and Catch Fire"

The Return of McG: I know I already touched on this, but aside from the female leads, this episode had an overall McG feel that kind of took away from it. It’s no secret that McG thinks women are best kept weak, with very few thoughts and even less clothes. Supernatural used to have a lot more of that going on in the earlier seasons, but since Dean kind of pulled away from his womanizing ways the show has gained more substance. And more respect in my opinion. When Dean had to leave Lisa behind in season 6 ,he kind of developed a respect for women and it stopped being about him hooking up week after week. In “Halt and Catch Fire” he was checking out underage high school girls and drooling yet again. It was an unwelcome return of a character aspect no one missed.

The Writing: As I was watching this episode I couldn’t shake the feeling that the writers were checked out. The plot was taken straight from I Know What You Did Last Summer and the only twist was a ghost traveling via WiFi and that was pretty predictable. All of the victims were horrible people and frankly none of them should have survived. When the audience is rooting for the victims to die, you’re doing it wrong. No one in this was a believable person and the acting (other than Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) was pretty damn bad. Everything felt like no one gave a shit what hit the screen this week, and while I had fun watching the episode I was fully aware the whole time that this was one the writers just kind of phoned in. Case in point, what they lacked in substance they made up for in mindless hot girls. Yay?


The Mark of Cain is Far From Over: Yeah, this one really is just getting dragged out. At the end of the episode, Dean said he was done looking for a cure and he knew that he was in control. He even said he found his inner peace to help him fight the mark. Initially I was a little put off that they would drag something out and then deflate it so quickly, but then I was a little relieved. If nothing is going to come of it, I’d rather it just go away honestly. And just when I really didn’t know what to expect the preview for next week revealed the return of CAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNN (imagine I said that like William Shatner yelling Kahn). Which can only lead to…

AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN DEAN AND CAIN: The return of the First Blade, Cain’s return to being the Knight of Hell, Dean embracing some of his demon goodness and the showdown of the century. Holy shit, this is going to be so awesome.

Supernatural - "Halt and Catch Fire"

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

Did anyone else notice that douchey guy who died via loud music was swiping through pictures of half-naked girls on an app called Sext’r? I’m assuming that’s their version of Tinder. Gross.

On that note, something tells me a douche like that probably wouldn’t be listening to metal. He seems more likely to die via Jason Mraz or Robin Thicke music.

Also, super loud music seems to have burned out his eyes. How does that work? For that matter how does death by loud music work?

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

Spoken by a truly believable version of a young woman who is old enough to be in college, drink alcohol, and has been in a sorority long enough that she lives in the house after taking a backseat selfie –

“Ugh I’m such a hag! I look like I’m 25!”

I’d like to give an honorable mention to the gratuitous use of hashtags in this week’s episode. Let’s hear it for #blessed #slut #curious #confused none of which were used on Twitter, just in dialogue and instant messaging.

Hush Comics gives “Halt and Catch Fire” a C for being okay enough that I made it to the end but for getting there with almost no substance.

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Supernatural Review – “About a Boy” S10E12


The Dean Kid: Seriously, that kid was so awesome. It was a little rough at first but it really paid off. While taking notes on the episode I originally wrote down “this is the least believable version of Dean ever”, which I later crossed out and replaced with, “this kid is awesome!” There were moments that were a little cringe worthy, certain line deliveries and facial expressions were super awkward but overall Dylan Everett (young Dean) stole the show.

Supernatural - About a Boy 3

Hansel and Gretel (and a twist!): I really love when fairytales can be successfully incorporated into modern day things I love. The Hansel and Gretel episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (“Gingerbread”) has always been one of my absolute favorites. I love to hear different takes on the origins of fairytales or fables. This is not the best I’ve ever seen, but it was still fun. I certainly liked the twist that the witch eating kids was actually Gretel, I didn’t see that one coming, so kudos to the writers. Honestly they really did a good job in general with making the Hansel and Gretel thing work without being cheesy. Obviously witches exist in this world and while Gretel prefers to eat children, people are way too observant for kids to go missing all the time. Taking loner adults and using a spell to make them young again so they can be eaten as children really does make sense. And I’m a little disturbed that I can see the logic in that…

Dean: I’ve got to give it to him, yet again, Dean was awesome. Both versions were great to watch this week. Young Dean was a really fun Jensen Ackles impression (especially for devoted Deanites – I think I made that up) and on the verge of evil Dean was a badass, yet again. He’s always been kind of ruthless, but there was something so wicked about shoving the hex bag down Gretel’s throat then forcing her into her own oven to burn to death.

Supernatural - About a Boy 4


This was another filler episode: Okay I’m all for fun and games and the stand alone storylines, most of the time they end up being my favorite episode, but it’s starting to feel like the writers are avoiding the obvious. We have to deal with the Mark of Cain, and yes it comes up in every episode but they never make any progress. At the midseason finale Dean went all demon and brutally killed a handful of people. He had a reason, but it really wasn’t a good enough reason to justify the slaughter. At least it wasn’t good enough for Castiel and Sam. Since Supernatural came back from break, the consensus has been that the Mark of Cain needs to be dealt with and as long as Dean bears it, he’s always on the verge of demonhood. But since the series came back, they have made zero development in that direction. I’m not complaining necessarily because I’ve enjoyed every episode so far, but it’s starting make me scared of a very unsatisfying payoff for that storyline.

Supernatural - About a Boy

That dead faced girl that played Tina: It felt really mean to type that out, but the truth is she kind of took away from the episode for me. For being scared, she sure did have an expressionless face. For being terrified as she’s about to be cooked and eaten she sure did look bored. For being hopeful at having a second chance at life she sure did have dead eyes. She just wasn’t believable. In that very situation anyone would be hysterical and I’m pretty sure she was supposed to be, but instead she just sat there, talking to Dean with her dead face. Considering how lively the adult version of Tina was, this was a really bad casting job.


A Grand Coven show down: And my god I can’t wait! Gretel mentioned she was in town to take care of Rowena on orders of the Grand Coven. Obviously she failed at that when she burned to death in an oven instead so clearly more super powerful witches will be headed Rowena’s way and it will assuredly be epic. I can’t wait to see what other witches they introduce and what they have in store, and I can’t wait to see Rowena destroy every single one of them. She is so damn cool.

Cain? Maybe: I don’t even know anymore. Cain has the coolest origin story, and I love so very much the twist they put on the old bible story of why he killed his brother. I’m still hoping that Cain will appear again to help Dean, but all things considered it’s seeming like history may repeat itself. Cain sold his soul to the devil to save Abel, he just had to be the one to kill him and send him to heaven. The longer they put off really hashing out the Deanmon/Mark of Cain storyline the more likely it seems that the only way to cleanse Dean of it will be for Sam to somehow carry the burden or bargain his own soul.

Random Questions and Musings…

So…presumably these witches are kidnapping naked people and then dressing them in teenage clothes once they get them to their dungeon? That seems like a lot of work…

Wait, so clothes don’t age down but they age up? As in when the victims were turned into their younger selves their clothes were left in a pile on the ground (the reason Sam and Dean even came to investigate this case in the first place) but when Dean aged into his proper self the clothes aged with him? Seriously. This is kind of a huge plot hole.

And now for my favorite new column…

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

Hansel: You can’t kill her. You’re just humans.

Sam: We’re more than that. We’re hunters. (and pose with weapons drawn)

Hush Comics gives “About a Boy” a B- for great casting as far as Dean was concerned, but continuing with too much filler and not enough of the “main” storyline.

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Supernatural Review – “There’s No Place Like Home” S10E11

This week’s Supernatural episode, “There’s No Place Like Home”, was all about making peace with your dark side and coming to terms with the dark in all of us, and in order to do that one must take responsibility for their actions and how they’ve been impacted by others. Let’s break it down, shall we?


Charlie, x2: Okay, I know I am about to commit a huge faux pas of girl geekdom, but Felicia Day gives me an overwhelming case of the “mehs”. It’s not that I don’t like her; I just don’t understand why she was elected Queen of the Geeks. That being said, I freaking love Charlie. I just want to high five and hug her. She’s compelling, she’s cute, she’s awkward and I’m surprised at how well she’s fit in as a repeat character. Having her split in two, the good and the dark (or as I shall refer to her as “darkest timeline Charlie”) was better than I expected upon finding out that’s where the story was going. She really struggled to come to terms with her grief and both sides of herself, and when she became one with darkest timeline Charlie it was really kind of sweet. Basically, this story had so much more dimension than I thought it would and what I thought would be goofy filler was a full-bodied episode thanks to Charlie.

Charlie’s Vengeance: I am so glad darkest timeline Charlie killed Russell, the man who killed her parents. I know that I was not supposed to root for her to do the wrong thing, but I’m not sure killing him was the wrong thing. Yes, it hurts her to carry the grief of taking someone’s life now that she’s whole again, but killing him was a powerful move for good Charlie too. It gave her power, it gave her closure, it let her take something back and stand up for herself. “There’s No Place Like Home” toyed with the theme that right and wrong having very blurred lines at times and the single act of taking Russell’s life was the epitome of that. If taking vengeance on the person who took your parents from you is wrong then I don’t want to be right, I guess.

Supernatural - There's No Place Like Home

Dean’s Evil Withdrawals: Dean continued to struggle with his imbalance this week, and it showed. He seemed to be physically going through withdrawals from evil that with his hands shaking and all. He fought his dark side in some of the most fruitless ways, i.e. eating kale and drinking wheatgrass, but it was obvious he knew deep down it wouldn’t help. If anything he was doing it to convince Sam he was trying.


Oz: Okay, I do not get the whole Oz thing. Why on Earth did making that a real realm ever seem like a good idea? It was bad enough when they first introduced it, but I am honestly kind of dumbfounded at how big a part of this episode it was. Supernatural typically does a pretty good job of keeping lore and monsters pretty cool; I thought the UFO/fairy thing from season six was bad but this is a new low. For frick’s sake there’s a Dorothy, and a Wizard, and an Emerald City, the whole god damn nine yards. The gateway is even announced via green emerald shards, and the handcuffs the Wizard put Sam in were even green. I cannot, and will not, take that seriously. I don’t care if they tried to ground the story with real people and tie it to the Men of Letters, it is so freaking stupid and I hate it.

Supernatural - There's No Place Like Home

The teleplay: Good god this had some of the cheesiest dialogue I’ve ever heard. Darkest timeline Charlie actually said, “The magic was in you the whole time.” Seriously? No one would ever say that. Ever. To anyone. Sadly that was the only gem I was able to jot down, but this episode was more riddled with cringe worthy lines than usual.


Still waiting on that Cain appearance: He’ got to show up at some point right? I mean, Dean is battling the Mark of Cain. I just wonder how drawn out this will be and how many obvious dead ends they’ll pursue to kill time. I have a feeling they may exhaust a lot of crap shoot ideas before they get to the real meat of it.

Most likely the return of Charlie: She seems to pop in at least one or twice a season these days and once again they left her exit open to a return. As long as Felicia Day is willing to come back, I’m sure the writers will keep adding her in.

I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea. I am no closer to answers this week than I was last week. And judging by the preview for next week’s episode I will be no closer then either. Hmph.

Random Musings and…

I want to know what Dean’s dream home was.

I have to assume that the name Dean wrote on the sign in sheet was Elvis Presley. And no one questioned that?

OZ? SERIOUSLY? OZ. The Wizard of Oz is a real story. You exist in a world where both bible stories and The Wizard of Oz are real things? What?!?!?!


Hush Comics gives “There’s No Place Like Home” a B, because while it was an enjoyable watch, the Oz storyline was damn absurd.

Arrivederci, bitches!

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Supernatural Review – “The Hunter Games” S10E10


Rowena, Crowley’s mother: She is so deliciously evil and manipulative that I truly cannot get enough of her. She has really stormed in as a predominant bad guy, or lady, and she is as fearsome as she is beautiful. I love that she is such a powerful witch that it seems her powers can’t really be rivaled by anyone, and hell hath no fury like a mother scorned – especially by her own son. A mother that will hex her own child is one bad bitch you don’t want to mess with. Also, kudos to Supernatural for creating a truly bad-ass female villain who is not just eye candy. The Mother from season six was a pathetic let down, and while Abaddon was pretty cool, her physical beauty was kind of exploited every chance they had. But, that’s McG for you.

Curtis Armstrong as Metatron: I knew in his last appearance that it would not be the last of him, and I still know that now. But each time he comes back in, its fun because he does such incredible justice to the character. Who would’ve thought that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds would be such a good evil angel. Evil angel, can that even be a thing?

Dean, or Deanmon: He’s always been kind of a wild card, but there is something so unbelievably badass about him now that he’s gone rogue. Dean has always been the tough one (except in one of my personal favorites, “Yellow Fever”) but now that he has the Mark of Cain he is downright terrifying, but in kind of a good way. Yes, Dean puts little thought into whether or not he just slaughters people who piss him, but they are never characters I feel bad for, they’re jerks who basically have it coming so I find myself just rooting for him again. Maybe we’re supposed to fear him or be uncertain of his part demon status, but in my book he can still do no wrong. In fact he’s just cooler, if that’s even possible.

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 4

Castiel: FINALLY Castiel did something that was reminiscent of how cool he used to be. It may have been short lived, but Cas going all glowing eyes and angel power first to break down doors and stop the murder of Metatron was long overdue. We need more awesome Castiel, perhaps we should launch a Twitter campaign for it. #badassangel?

Hannah stayed gone: Huuzah! Let the people dance in the streets and rejoice that Hannah, or awkward female version of Castiel love interest, seems to be gone for good. Now that is a giant sigh of relief.


Not a whole lot happened: This was a character driven episode for the most part, as in minimal action. The baseball bat versus ax fight was cool, but it only lasted for about 20 seconds. I’m not complaining, this was a really good episode, but questions I had at the beginning of the episode about where the season is going were not answered by the end of it.

Castiel: I know it’s strange to have someone on the pros and cons list but honestly that’s how I feel about him the last few years. Cas used to be so amazing, he was a guest character that got added to the cast permanently because fans loved him so much. But the angel we knew and loved is gone for the most part. Now he’s just so sad all the time. Life is hard, being an angel is hard, god is a dick who bailed and a lot of people have been hurt by Castiel’s mistakes. Can we move on now please? At least we got a little taste of the awkward humor we grew to love as he tries to fit in to human society with, “I like texting. Emoticons.”

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 2

I miss monsters: Supernatural may have jumped the gun when they conquered the apocalypse in season five and are now headed into season eleven. You can’t blame them, who knew the show would last this long? That being said, I’m growing a little tired of angels and demons and very few monsters. I always adore the stand alone episodes they do where the brothers encounter and slay a beast in a one shot because they are fun and remind me of where and why the show started. This episode was just a reminder that the angels predominance is here to stay.


The return of Cain (hooray!): I loved Cain, he was played by one of my favorite character actors (Timothy Omundson) and it was such a neat take on a biblical character in a mostly non-biblical world. I’m sure he’ll provide some answers on how to live with the Mark of Cain and some insight as to how Dean can get rid of it. It may only be for one episode, but I anxiously await his return.

A long-winded search for the first blade that will undoubtedly mean a return to Metatron for help again: Let’s face it: we haven’t seen the last of Metatron. No matter what they do they just can’t seem to shake that guy. I’m sure he will continue to play a part of the quest to remove the mark, just as I’m sure that very quest will dominate the rest of this season, much like the trials to close the gates of hell dominated last season. Where that will go from here and what trials Dean will have to face though, I have no idea.

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 3

Rowena will make a run at becoming the Queen of Hell: And who knows, she just might make it! Crowley seems a little mentally clumsy to be the King of Hell, charming though he may be and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was outwitted by his clearly better prepared mother. I can see the possibility of him killing her, but at this point with what each of them brings to the table it seems unlikely Crowley would win in any sort of battle, physical, mental, or magical.

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

Would a demon, especially one powerful enough to be the King of Hell, really succumb so easily to a hex bag?

Is it weird to anyone else that Crowley gets cellphone service in hell? And uses a cellphone in hell? To communicate with other demons, people, and angels?

Crowley’s phone number is 666. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

So Dean just let Claire walk away after the baseball bat/ax fight? Um, okay I guess.

And so Castiel also just let Claire walk away down the side of the road by herself? And he just drove away? For people who say they care about her they sure do let her walk down abandoned roads alone a lot.

Hush Comics gives “The Hunter Games” a B for a strong episode, but it could have been more developed for a mid-season opener.

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