POP! Funko Vinyl to Release The Walking Dead Figures

That’s right people.  The awesome toy company Funko is releasing 4 The Walking Dead vinyl figures.  If you keep up with us and/or our blog, you know how much A) The Walking Dead  means to us and B) how much POP! Funko Vinyl figures mean to us.  We have a giant collection of these toys.  We call them our minions.  We have boxes upon boxes of them.  In fact, they have taken over the shoe shelf in our closet.  These next 4 figures will definitely be the kind we get one for our collection and one to play with.  Luckily for the eager public, the figures will be ready by the October 14th premiere of season 3.  And you bet that I will have my tiny little Rick Grimes minion pointed at the TV ready to go BAMF on some walkers.  Below are some pics from the POP! Funko website.  You can pre-order them from many sites, including ToyWiz.com

Sheriff. Zombie Killer. All around bad ass.

How adorable!

Redneck. Clepto for dead ears. Ok, he’s pretty much a bad ass, too.

Who doesn’t want a tiny little crossbow to kill tiny little zombies?!

A guy walks into an RV. He meets a screwdriver. You know the rest….


She can’t ride a bicycle too well without legs.

She will eat your brains.  Don’t be fooled by her sheer cuteness.

SDCC Journal Day One by Adrian

So this is my first official post. I have been apart of Hush Comics since the beginning, but this is my first piece of writing I have contributed. And really, what a better way to start than writing about the ultimate nerdy thing: Comic-Con

Last year, about a week before Comic-Con started, I found out Sarah Michelle Gellar was going to be there. That’s right, Buffy Anne Summers herself; like in real life. I didn’t care that she wasn’t there representing Buffy. Rather, she was there talking about her show Ringer, which as it turned out, didn’t work too well for her because everyone knows she will always be Buffy, which is alright with me. Anyway, I scouted the Internet for tickets. I found a guy in San Diego who was selling them for a great price. But because we live in Denver, we couldn’t get him the money until the day Comic-Con started and apparently he had a problem with this because he sold the tickets to someone else. I have said for quite some time that if I ever met Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon, I would be alright with dying because really, life can’t get much better after that. Well, thanks to the Craigslist asshat, I’ll have to postpone my death. But fear not! Sherif was determined for us to go this year.

He spent all morning online back in March to secure us our 4-day passes. Apparently, it was very confusing as to whether we actually got the passes. Sherif went on the message boards to ask how people knew they had gotten a pass. Someone responded to “Face it, you’re not going”. Sherif had a few choice words for him. But, we had indeed gotten the passes. Whilst in San Diego, we discussed taking a picture of Sherif standing outside of the Convention Center holding a sign that said, “I’m here, motherfucker” and e-mailing it to that guy. We decided against it.

The two days prior to is leaving for San Diego, I worked two 12 hour shifts in a row. Needless to say, Tuesday night, I was exhausted. Basically, this means I didn’t pack for the trip until early Wednesday morning. The benefit of being a super procrastinator is that I really didn’t pack anything I didn’t need. Otherwise, I could have ended up like this:

I packed just a few nerd t-shirts, some shorts and one pair of jeans. I wound up wearing those same jeans all 5 days because the Convention Center is fairly chilly. On the first day, I was wearing flip-flops (bad choice), jeans and a red-striped t-shirt. This made me stick out because I looked like I did not belong in the sea of nerds. Don’t worry: pictures are to come.

When we arrived in San Diego, we didn’t really know how we were going to get to our hotel, The Town and Country Resort. Little did we know that this city is prepared for Comic-Con. Super shuttles, busses and taxis are a plenty, and it was a quick trip from the airport to the hotel. We went to check in, and luckily, they were allowing check-in early that day, again because they are really prepared for the overwhelming amount of people who are coming in for the convention. At the check-in desk, the clerk told us that we could check-in for Comic-Con at the hotel as well. We were confused by this because every online source we had read said that registration for the convention was at the San Diego Convention Center. We inquired the clerk about it and he told us that all registration for Comic-Con was held at this hotel because this particular hotel used to hold Comic-Con when it first started in San Diego. I since have researched this, using the ever-trusty Wikipedia, and have found that the convention was never held there. But, what we found out that day was that registration for SDCC was at various locations, and our hotel was one of the many locations to register. We went to pick up our badges. After receiving them, we were directed to a room where a lot of people were waving lanyards, guide books and finally, the swag bags in our faces. We grabbed them all and were on our way to the line for the bus to take us to the actual Con.

Our fresh badges. Taken with Instagram.

Now these swag bags we received are huge. At my 5’6 stature, if I was wearing my bag on my shoulder, the bottom of the bag would hit the floor. I could fit in the bag and be pretty comfy. These things are built for the ultimate shopping spree. And this shopping spree would turn out to be much better than any I had ever dreamed of. The ones we received were the DC Nation bags. We were pretty excited because other people got Supernatural bags, and not knocking that show, but DC Nation was a better bag to get. Upon arriving downtown, we grabbed some grub and walked the bridge to get to the Convention Center. There were so many people, it was really unbelievable. I have never been in such a large crowd of people, and I’ve been to Manhattan, so that is really saying something. We navigated our way in to the Convention Center. The word huge cannot really describe how big this place is. Ginormous might work, but I still feel it falls short. Everyone was herded (I use the term herded because often times you are forced to be a sheep in crowd of sheep) upstairs to lead everyone away from the Exhibit Hall, which was closed until later in the evening. As we were walking down a long corridor, a fellow nerd approached us and asked if we could trade bags. He had a Supernatural bag. Because we had two of the same bag, he figured one of us could part. Sherif was kind and did. This long-haired man seemed very unassuming, but I caught on to him after I figured out the game. There were more than just DC Nation and Supernatural bags. There were Hobbit bags. There were Arrow, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, and Man of Steel. But none compared to what Sherif wanted the most. It was the bag being handed out if you registered for your badge at the actual Convention Center. You guessed it: The Dark Knight Rises swag bag. After walking around the Con, we knew we had to get that bag. We realized that these bags were status symbols. The Vampire Diaries bag was the worst one to get. The best three were Man of Steel, The Hobbit and, well duh, The Dark Knight Rises. But there was no way we could trade up to that bag with a Supernatural bag. Not only that, but we were both especially shy to walk up to random strangers and ask for a trade. But thats when two random strangers walked up to us and started up a conversation. There names were Mark and John, ahem Sherif. They were there representing a comic shop in North Carolina. These two guys were so excited for the next 5 days; it was so nice to talk to them. They walked around and asked everyone in the vicinity with a TDKR bag to trade with Sherif because it was what he really wanted. In the mean time, people were constantly asking to trade with me. And then I realized the game is to ask people to trade if they look like they don’t belong. Well with my above mentioned outfit, I looked like I did not belong to this crowd, but indeed, I did. “Hell, no.” I would say to people who asked for my bag. At the same time that John, Sherif and I found a man with TDKR bag, Mark went to ask the main desk handing out the bags for a trade. The man we found accepted a trade, but only for my bag. Because I love Sherif so much, I was willing to wear a “low-class” bag so he could have his beloved Batman swag bag. Mark found out the main desk would only trade if the bag was broken. So, I took that Supernatural bag, ripped off the handle, and a minute later, I too was outfitted with the Batman bag. And then we were the coolest of the cool in the Mecca of nerds.

Sherif and I decided to walk up to the Gaslamp district and put in a reservation at The Old Spaghetti Factory. While waiting for a table, we walked around. Sherif decided that his bag was so big, it really could be a cape. And with that, he ran around the streets of San Diego like this:

Sherif AKA The Dark Knight takes over San Diego, CA. Boy, that cape can flap in the wind!

Here is an interesting point of fact: I didn’t know that the first day was preview night.  How could I not know this?  I don’t really know.  I thought preview night was just a showing of new shows to premiere in the fall, which I didn’t have too much interest in.  I did not know the Exhibit Hall opened that night and that vendors were ready to sell their goods.  Had I known that, I would have worn Nike’s instead of flip-flops.  I also didn’t know this was the evening that if you were able to be the first to buy a special item, you could get a special item.  The main items I am referring to are: if you are the first of fifty to pre-order The Walking Dead video game at the Activision booth, you receive a necklace of Daryl’s zombie ears.  This was Sherif’s goal.  Sherif, of course, knew this was preview night and seemingly had the Exhibit Hall layout memorized. So did thousands of other people.  This hall is 525,701 square feet.  This is 12 acres.  Twelve.  As he said, you cannot even see to the other end of the hall.   We were at a set of doors to enter the hall about 10 minutes before it opened.  Sherif told me the booths which were our goal.  First was to get those zombie ears.  I got a pen and wrote the booth number on my hand.  As soon as those doors opened, pandemonium ensued.  My word of the week was pandemonium because people were everywhere fighting their way to get some prized item or waiting to see some prized celebrity.  Thousands of people at a time were doing this.  All. The. Time.  As we walked in, Sherif began walking faster than I knew was humanly possible without running.  There was a voice on the overhead speaker saying, “No running.”  I feared that if there was a Comic-Con Big Brother, they would spot all the people who were running.  I thought it would be like the security system of Wall-E and instead of saying, “Caution: Rogue Robots,” the overhead would say, “Caution: Rogue Nerds.”  In the crowds of people, I quickly lost Sherif.  He kept stopping to find me, but I simply could not keep up wearing those kind of shoes.  I finally told him dramatically, “It’s O.K.!  Leave me behind!  Get those zombie ears and I’ll find you!”  I met up with him a few minutes later.  I asked if he got them and he had.  Here is the proof of the puddin’.

Zombie Hunter. Pretty freaked out by his own necklace. That’s O.K. Anything goes in the apocalypse.

From there we went to a small booth selling an action figure of Anya from Buffy.  It featured her wearing her bunny suit.  Then we were off to the Image Comics booth where watches from The Walking Dead signed by Robert Kirkman were being sold.  On the way there, I still could not keep up with Sherif’s pace.  I later joked with him that it was a good thing I wore a red striped shirt, because I’m sure he had plenty of practice finding Waldo in a crowd.  Here is the Image booth.

Woah, that’s a big booth. And a big Rick Grimes.

We walked around the entire hall checking out everything from the small seller booths to the big name booths.  From a smaller seller, we snagged  a really awesome Katniss action figure.  We passed by the ComiXology booth where Sherif was interviewed about his use of the site.  It was pretty awesome to see him look all famous with a camera guy and everything.  Passer bys were looking at him like he might be famous.  He got a t-shirt out of it, so that was pretty much worth it.  We took a picture at the TMNT booth and then moved on to the Dark Horse booth.  In the following pictures, you can see my poor choice of footwear.

Giant Ninja Turtles. Kid dreams come true. Taken with Instagram.

And Dark Horse:

Me amongst all my childhood heroes. Total geek out moment. It was such geekery, that thumb had to stay in the corner of the picture just to contain the excitement.

We decided to go back to the hotel.  Walking at this point was quite painful for me.  The parking lot next to the bus stop had a lot of stuff that wasn’t there before.  Lots of trucks.  But what ended up haunting my dreams was the car set up to promote The Walking Dead Escape.  It was bloody and had the words “Sophia wait here” painted in “blood” on the back window.  Knowing the next night, Sherif and I would be running for our lives from those flesh-eating fiends, I was stuck in the apocalypse during all my dreams that night.  It was awesome.

Stay tuned for Day 2 and then a special blog in which Sherif and I re-create The Walking Dead Escape for all of you to relive with us!