‘Star Wars’ Saga to get Little Golden Book Series

As a parent, I am often caught asking myself how to introduce my children to my favorite fandoms. Many of the things I like can seem dark and scary to young eyes, and while I was exposed to all things terrifying at a very young age and turned out fine (sure I did), I find myself afraid of warping my kids.

The Little Golden Books series has now come up with the best thing I’ve ever heard of as a mom and a Star Warsfan. The entire Star Wars saga has been transformed into Little Golden Books and is already available for pre-sale.

The series will have one book for each movie and is available as a box set. The artwork is bright and retro to play a proper homage to the original films. All of the material will be addressed, but in a way that will work best for children. Translation – no nightmares about the Rancor, which I totally had as a kid.

star-wars-movies-get-little-golden-book-adaptations9 star-wars-movies-get-little-golden-book-adaptations1 star-wars-movies-get-little-golden-book-adaptations5 star-wars-movies-get-little-golden-book-adaptations4 star-wars-movies-get-little-golden-book-adaptations

Source and Photos: Geek Tyrant

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