Lucy Lane to be New “Supergirl” Character

Lois Lane’s little sister looks to be joining CBS’s “Supergirl” ranks. The 20-something character is described as strong, driven and smart and in DC lore becomes Superwoman. While her sister has also been Superwoman, it looks like they’ll be giving the title to Lucy. Of course, it also may be too soon to tell.

This character looks like an exciting new addition to the “Supergirl” show and while casting for the role hasn’t been announced yet, we’re excited to see another badass lady kicking butt this Fall. In Smallville, Lucy was played by Peyton List (now The Flash‘s Lisa Snart) but it is unclear whether she will reprise the role in CBS’s depiction. No casting choices for this portrayal of the character have been announced yet.

Source: Comic Book Resource

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