‘The Last Starfighter’ TV Show in Development

Ther Last Starfighter Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Ther Last Starfighter
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

This may be before many of your time, but a long time ago in 1984 a movie called The Last Starfighter came out and stole the hearts of sci-fi loving children everywhere. It wasn’t quite Star Wars, although it may have wanted to be, but it was one of the only movies of it’s time that used computer graphics for environments and characters. It also stole from the day dreams of young boys all over the world as it focused on how one unsuspecting teenager was the chosen one, largely because he was so good at an arcade game called Starfighter.

These days that may sound like a straight to DVD Disney movie, but back in the day it was a force to be reckoned with. Now the story is being revived for a whole new generation. While still in early development, The StarFighter Chronicles will be coming to a TV near you very soon. It won’t continue the story from the original movie, but instead focus on the world it created and the law enforcement and moral codes within it.

The movie’s original screenwriter, Jonah Betuel, is spearheading the project and has been keeping people from remaking his film for years, possibly for this every reason. It should also be noted that the series plans to use virtual reality for some scenes, making the first TV show in history to do so.

Source: Variety

All images belong to Universal Pictures.

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