SDCC 2015 – The Hall H Fox Panel Had All the Superheroes and Blew All the Minds


Even if you’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con, you’ve probably heard of Hall H. It’s the big one – it’s where all the big guys go to make all the big announcements and Saturday was no exception. Enter the FOX Studios panel, which featured stars and Q&A sessions from upcoming movies such as Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and X-Men: Apocalypse.

The panel also featured spots on the upcoming Maze Runner movie and Victor Frankenstein, but let’s face it, our bread and butter is in the comic titles, so I’ll focus on that. If you’d like to read more on The Maze Runner and Victor Frankenstein click here to go to CBR for a full-er breakdown.

Okay, first things first Fantastic Four! The Fantastic Four movie we actually want and the one we deserve.

Josh Trank (director), Simon Kinsberg (writer) and the stars Kate Mara (Sue Sorm), Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) and Toby Kebbell (Victor Domashev) all took the stage to discuss their upcoming film.

Kate Mara said she was drawn to the movie because of the familial aspect of the characters that you don’t see so often. Miles Teller said Reed Richards was easy to approach honestly, because despite being a super hero, he is a real human. Michael B. Jordan admitted that filming the movie was like living out a childhood dream, and Jamie Bell loved the idea of Ben Grimm being an outsider who ultimately becomes the best kind of hero – one who fights to protect his friends.

Toby Kebbell enjoyed the chance to play Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom because of how relate-able villains are. Josh Trank was very excited to get on board with the project because he wanted to focus on the darker stories from Jack Kirby’s age, while Simon Kinsberg was initially hesitant because of the entire super hero genre.

Their portion of the panel came to a conclusion with the final trailer for the Fantastic Four movie, which hits theaters on August 7, 2015.

Next up: Deadpool bitches!

Ryan Reynolds took the stage first, followed by Tim Miller, TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carrano, and Brianna Hildebrand.

Immediately the jokes ensued, including Ryan Reynolds assuring the audience that babies would love the movie – despite its R rating. Not to mention no one kept quiet about the last time Deadpool appeared on screen and FOX had his mouth sewn shut in the all time stupidest thing ever.

The conversation continued, with discussions of Baccarin’s character being a bad ass, Hildebrand having a crush on Reynolds growing up and him being her Joey Lawrence (I don’t have time to explain who that is, if you were born after 1990 you’ll have to Google it) and how the Merc with a Mouth is there to annoy people 24-7, even though some of the jokes written by TJ Miller were just too darn mean to make the film.

The red band trailer for Deadpool closed out the panel, after airing twice due to a fan demand for an encore. I’ve seen the trailer, and it’s great. The best moments are easily the burn on Reynold’s appearance in The Green Lantern and his stupid CG suit, the Negasonic Teenage Warhead having the coolest name ever, and Deadpool’s non-masked face looking like an avocado fucked an older avocodo and like Freddy Krueger’s face fucked a topographical map of Utah.

And finally, X-Men: Apocalypse!

The entire cast hit the stage, including Hugh Jackman who, A) acknowledged how old he’s gotten and referred to himself as Old Man Logan and B) confirmed that this will be his last time playing Wolverine/Logan.

The panel confirmed that the four horseman will indeed be famine, death, pestilence, and war, and that those roles will be embodied by Angel/Archangel (Ben Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

The first ever teaser trailer played, revealing that the film takes place ten years after Days of Future Past, and that the events of that film have thoroughly rocked the world and the mutants within it. The revelation of this has lead to an uprising of cults all around the world. Jennifer Lawrence said that this time around, her character is jaded and is Raven far more than she is Mystique. Michael Fassbender said that Eric Lensherr is trying to be on the right side of things in the beginning of the film, but eventually gets dragged back to his more morose ways, hence the whole him being a horseman of the apocalypse thing. The footage showed us our first glimpse of a bald James McAvoy as Professor X, and Nicholas Hoult admitted he was too excited after the Deadpool trailer to focus on anything.

That about wraps it up, except for one thing – an epic selfie with the most superheroes ever, taken by Chris Hardwick.

Source: CBR

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