SDCC 2015 – ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Will Actually Be ‘Green Lantern Corps’


Warner Brothers announced at their SDCC panel that the previously announced Green Lantern remake/reboot/redo will instead be a Green Lantern Corps movie. Not sure what that means? It means that instead of having a movie that focuses solely on Hal Jordan (or Jon Stewart, but let’s face it, probably Hal Jordan) and his origin story, we will get a much more epic action adventure featuring multiple Lanterns.

Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago that Warner Brothers was toying with the idea of doing a Green Lantern movie that featured both Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart, and I am guessing today’s announcement is where those rumors originated.

There is no word on casting yet, although it has been previously leaked the studio is eying Chris Pine for the role of Hal Jordan. The Green Lantern Corps movie is due out June 19, 2020 so we still have quite a wait ahead of us.


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