Chris Pine Joining the DCCU – but as Which Character?

His new name shall be Capatin Kirk Steve Lantern.
His new name shall be Capatin Kirk Steve Lantern.

Do you like Chris Pine? Of course you do, everybody does. Well now you can prepare to see a whole lot more of him.

Not only has Pine signed on for a fourth Star Trek movie, but it seems the rumors about his place in the DCU had some truth to them. Last month there were conflicting reports, one that Pine would play Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest in her upcoming movie. The other was that he was being looked at to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern… remake? Reboot? I’m going to go with Re-do.

Either way, it came out today he has apparently been offered both roles, and once he makes his decision, DC will plan accordingly. This is a very odd choice, it is rare that a studio wants an actor regardless of which character he will play and both roles will have such great and differing impacts on the DCU. Rumor at this point is that Pine is more keen on playing Hal Jordan, but we will keep you posted with updates as more news breaks.

What do you think about Chris Pine in the DC Cinematic Universe? Who would you rather see him play?

Source: birthmoviesdeath

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