Ron Perlman Reveals a Clue that Hellboy III May Finally be on its Way


Ron Perlman has been anything but quiet on the topic of a potential Hellboy III movie. He has said how much he loves the character and the story and that fans, audiences, and the world deserve a third Hellboy film. Hellboy II: The Golden Army came out in 2008, to a favorable critical response, and since then Guillermo del Torro and Perlman have been dreaming about continuing the franchise, but sadly without the financial support of a movie studio.

Guillermo del Torro already has the story written and he knows exactly what he wants to happen in a third movie. Hellboy will inevitably have to become the beast of the apocalypse, as is his destiny, to defeat the greatest villain he’s faced so far. If this movie ever happened it would have been downright incredible.

Recently Perlman became slightly more vocal through social media trying to get fans to rally behind the idea, to either convince a movie studio that investing in a third film would not be a loss or to establish the means to start a crowd funding project. His words have never been lost on me, as Hellboy III might be the one movie I’d love to happen more than any other, but I resigned to accept that after all this time it would never happen.

And then this happened:

Obviously nothing has been confirmed, and god help him if Perlman is just teasing fans for no reason. If he is to be believed, Hellboy III may actually finally be in the works. If you’ll excuse me I have to go pinch myself and prep my calendar for a countdown to the premiere.

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