Tom Hardy Plays His Own Twin in Legend – and it Looks Awesome

Two's company...
Two’s company…

The first trailer for Legend was released today and, oh man, that movie looks so badass.

Legend is based on the true story of the Kray brothers, Ronnie and Reggie, who took over the underground gambling scene and wreaked havoc in 1950’s and 1960’s London. The trailer sells the movie as something like Casino and Gangster Squad mashed into one, but with an interesting twist: Tom Hardy plays both brothers.

Normally I am left scratching my head when Hollywood casts one person to play twins because there has to be twin actors out there who are talented and not just a visual novelty. This time, however, I think they made the right choice. One man playing two brothers can add in incredible depth and understanding to the sibling dynamic and if anyone is going to get that feeling across it’s Tom Hardy. He adopted two completely different personas for the film and even from just the trailer their interactions and personalities seem to steal the show.

This movie will likely be an incredible combination of drama, action and comedy and hits theaters on October 2, 2015. If you’re not sold yet check out the trailer and behold Tom Hardy getting into a slap fight – with himself.

You can watch the trailer here:


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