RUMOR MILL – Ben Affleck May Direct and Star in a DCCU Stand-Alone Batman Movie

Yaaay… how exciting…

Warner Brothers has been working hard at establishing and building a cinematic universe to rival the MCU. We all know about the upcoming Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad movies and while those films have sufficient buzz the DCCU has yet to really pop. Until now.

Rumor has it that Warner Brothers will make a lot of announcements regarding their DCCU at San Diego Comic Con, one of which will be a stand-alone Batman movie, directed by and starring Ben Affleck. Initially that may not sound that great, but when you really think about it, this could be a game changer for Warner Brothers and DC.

While Marvel is currently launching ANOTHER Peter Parker origin story, DC will likely take a more interesting route with their, shall we say already overdone character. Affleck’s Batman that will appear in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is an established character; he’s older and wiser and there will be little to no focus on his origins. Enter the solo Batman flick: it won’t be an origin story as that wouldn’t make sense in the timeline. By the time the Batman movie comes out there will be established villains for him from Suicide Squad and he will have already been introduced to audiences. There will be so much more subject matter for the film to cover, and we likely won’t have to see Bruce Wayne’s parents get murdered and him go off the deep end before embracing the bat.

For the Batfleck naysayers, I ask that you give the man a chance before you reject him. Affleck was the butt of the joke for a while, but he has absolutely proved his ability as an actor and extremely talented director. He will be working with Chris Terrio, who worked on the Dawn of Justice script, will be working on Justice League parts one and two, as well as working with Affleck on his Oscar award winning film Argo.

Source: LR (yeah, we know. Take this one with a grain of salt.)

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