HPA Launches Positive Fandom Project

HPA Positive Fandom

The internet can be a wonderful place to reside. The communities are engaging, the content inspiring and the weather is always perfect. However, it can also be a terrible pit of despair and nasty comments. We don’t always treat our fellow internet citizens with the respect they deserve and when it comes to fandom, this can be especially heartbreaking. The Harry Potter Alliance wants to do its best to change this.

Earlier this week, the HPA launched “Positive Fandom,” a project aimed at creating a safer, kinder internet. A few months ago, the organization sent out a survey asking subscribers about their experiences with fandom and what they believe could be done to make the internet a safer space. One of the overwhelming responses they got expressed the need for a list of community guidelines. After much deliberation, the team emailed its fans back with a link to a Google Document with a draft of what they had come up with. But they weren’t done yet.

Because we believe that everyone in the community should have a say in how it’s led, we want to open up the editing process to you, too,” The HPA said in a recent email. Those interested in contributing to the guidelines can visit the link and collaboratively help with the list until June 25. After reviewing the community’s comments and edits to the guidelines, the HPA will release a finalized version sometime in early July. “From there, you can sign on to agree to, follow and uphold these guidelines as well as participate in activities throughout the summer that revolve around celebrating and improving our fandom community.”

While there will always be trolls out there, this initiative marks a great first step in fandom positivity, something the HPA feels very strongly about. If you want to make the internet a more positive place, visit the link above and submit your ideas. It’s only together that we can make the web a better place.

Graphic by The Harry Potter Alliance.

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