Rumor: Hawkgirl May Get Her Own CW Series


Ciara Renee
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Legends of Tomorrow already has a lot of buzz around it, and chances are that it will step in line with Arrow and The Flash and be pretty damn awesome. Rumor has it that The CW is aware of the likely success of their latest DC property and they are already preparing to give one character a spinoff. Can you guess who?

If Legends takes off the way it’s anticipated to, we can expect to see Hawkgirl get her own show. The CW is playing it smart and waiting on the launch of the LoT to make sure it is a success and to confirm that Hawkgirl will be a popular enough character to warrant her own spin-off. A Hawkgirl show is already in development, although it will likely stay in very early stages for a while, at least through the Legends of Tomorrow first season.

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Hawkgirl is a yound woman with wings who uses super technology to fly. She is similar to a phoenix (not THE Phoenix) in that when she dies, she is reborn, and suffers with past life memory and regression. Hawkgirl is a dynamic and fascinating female character and it will be great to see her brought to a whole new audience in Legends of Tomorrow and her own show. Hawkgirl will be played by Ciara Renee, a Hollywood newcomer and well-known Broadway actress.

Source: Spoiler TV

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