Spoiler-y Details About ‘Captain America 3’ Released

Lots of spoiler-ific details came out about Captain America 3. Honestly, there is just too much coming out about this film, especially since it’s adapted from a well-known comic. I am hoping that there will be some things left for the audience to be surprised about by the time the movie hits theaters.

If you don’t want to know about the spoilers, then I suggest you do not read past this sentence and just hit that back button!

Captain America Civil War


I also don’t want to tell you everything that JoBlo reports, so here are some bullet points:

-Black Panther sides with Tony Stark more, then he won’t.
-Black Panther’s suit is made of Vibranium. He will also be able to scratch Steve Roger’s shield.
-Hawkeye’s costume will get an upgrade with a sleeve for his right arm and some purple, too.
-Ant-Man will have a different costume from the one he will have in his upcoming movie.
-War Machine will have a tank-like suit.
-Falcon’s Redwing will be a robotic drone.
-Captain America will add chainmail to his suit.

Want more? Check out the link below!

Source: JoBlo

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