‘Boondock Saints’ to be a Television Series

The MacManus brothers are set grace the screen again, only this time it will be on TV instead of in theaters.

Troy Duffy, who wrote and directed the two original motion pictures has teamed up with IM Global Television to bring The Boondock Saints to televisions near you. All of the films original executive producers will be returning, and Duffy has already written a first episode and source material for the series to grow from.

No news on what networks might pick up the show yet, as the project is still in early pre-production. They are currently searching for a showrunner and eying a straight to series order without having to trouble with a pilot episode.

The TV series will be a prequel to the MacManus brothers’ story told in the films, instead focusing on them as Irish immigrants in Boston before becoming vigilantes.

Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are in talks to join the project as co-executive producers, but they will not be reprising their roles.

Source: Deadline


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