‘Night on Bald Mountain’ Scene from ‘Fantasia’ to be a Live-Action Film

One of the most famous scenes from the 1941 Disney film Fantasia, “Night on Bald Mountain”, is going to be a live-action film, the studio announced.

The 11 minute scene was undoubtedly one of the scariest, particularly from the earliest Disney films. The skeletons, goblins, and winged creatures who whirl around the screen certainly terrified me, and I know I wasn’t alone.

The film will surely be terrifying. It is hard to imagine it becoming live-action; my guess is that there will still be quite a bit of CG incorporated.

Disney has tapped Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless to co-write the project. The two writers also worked on Dracula Untold and The Last Witch Hunter together. It makes me a bit nervous, but I think under the direction of Disney, the movie will be worth the watch.

You can see the whole “Night on Bad Mountain” scene below.

Source: THR

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