Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 1st, 2015

The first photo of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones has leaked. We love the mask, but there isn’t much to the look of the character aside from the mask and the hockey stick. Still, we’re excited about his casting and really can’t wait to see him in action. Source: Twitter

The $40 price tag on the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass is a bit excessive, but thanks to a recent Facebook post by the game, we get a better picture of just what your money will be going towards – paramount of which are playable Batgirl missions, and the biggest black hole video game world can provide, skins (costumes). Source: Facebook

Word on the street is that Josh Trank (Chronicle, upcoming Fantastic Four) was let go from his position as the director on a Star Wars spin-off movie due to “erratic” and “isolated” behavior on the set of Fantastic Four. Fox has said – and mind you that Fox’s word is gospel – that while there’s absolutely no way that his shoddy performance translated to Fantastic Four, word of his issues made their way to Disney and became the cause of their parting ways. I always say, “if it looks like a Fox, sounds like a Fox, it’s probably Bullshit.” Source: THR

The first season of Fox’s Gotham is coming to a close, and nobody could be happier than us for no longer having to review it next season. Sorry, guys. I can hear your hearts break from here (this could always change). However, the last episode was intriguing and clever. The promo clip for the season finale, “All Happy Families Are Alike,” shows us a very interesting look at Fish Mooney. Jada has hinted at Fish not returning for Season 2, but what if that was all a trick and Fish merely transforms into some other known character from the Batman lore? Just a thought. Source:

Did you guys like the Jared Leto Joker shots? Well, turns out the joke may be on us after DC Comics retweeted a Q&A response from Batman penciller Greg Capullo that suggested we all may have been trolled. I’ve learned never to say never when it comes to the Joker and plot twists. I mean, have you read Endgame??? Source: Twitter

Nerdy or not, Kurt Cobain’s new HBO documentary, Montage of Heck, has just been released. Along with it, a new Kurt Cobain album hits stores this summer. I have no idea what that means, as the only posthumous album’s I’ve really listened to are 2Pac’s… but whether they decide to rehash some old stuff and include new artists or just release some previously-recorded material is up in the air. Are you ready for a Kurt Cobain album? Do people still buy albums anymore? Source: Bedford + Bowery

AMC has found another to Fear the Walking Dead in the upcoming spin-off. Elizabeth Rodriguez, who plays Aleida Diaz in Orange is the New Black (the pregnant girl’s convinct mom for all the guys whose girls make them watch it) will be a series regular. Starting this summer, we are going to have zombie action going almost all year round. I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment. Source: EW

Get ready to be bored with more Spider-Man casting rumors. The two front-runners for the role of Peter Parker are Asa Butterfield (Ender in Ender’s Game) and Tom Holland (Billy in Billy Elliot). I’m struggling to find a reason to care about either of them, but they’re both decent enough actors that I shouldn’t take my biased frustration out on them. Source: Screen Rant

Stop freaking out everybody! With Star Wars Day just around the corner (May… the Fourth), Disney XD is having a Star Wars Rebels marathon! They’ve also announced that Season 2 will be premiering on June 20th. That gives you a month and a half to figure your life out, or read our reviews to see what you’re missing. Source: Star Wars

Ah, here’s an evil genius plan to get people to buy comic books – make them exclusive to Toys R Us, made available only after spending $25 on Marvel merchandise. The promotion starts May 9th, so get ready to buy some stuff your kid probably won’t want, and you get an issue of Armor Wars in return. Source: Marvel

The Arrow/Flash spin-off, which doesn’t even have an official name, has a release date. In an interview with Victor Garber (who plays Dr. Stein, half of Firestorm), it was revealed that the series would premiere in January. A 3-minute teaser will be revealed during CW’s TV Upfronts presentation. Source: Broadway World

Get ready for the third installment of Robot Chicken‘s DC Comics team-up, titled Friendship is Magic. This one’s gonna feature even more celebrity voice guests. If you haven’t watched the first two, I would recommend you do so before the third one comes out this fall. Source: Newsarama

Game of Thrones: Ascent is available for download now. The mobile game lets you build a house and pretty much play out the moments of the stories. If it’s anything like other freemum games out, then you’ll get a few days of enjoyment out of it, followed my either frustrated deleting or forking over money to advance. May the gods be with you. Source: Disruptor Beam Games

For all my Friends‘ fans out there, Matt LeBlanc (Joey, duh) made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show with Rebel Wilson, where he performed the ditty for Freud! The Musical and the “This Hand is Your Hand” song. It sounds even more ridiculous 20 years later coming from a nearly 50 year-old, but I’m glad I came across it. The episode also features Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) as guests. Source: YouTube

First off, I guess they’re making a Barbershop 3? And then, I guess Regina Hall (Scary Movie 2) is in it? I can’t say I care enough to want to see it… yet. I’m open to the idea that somebody else would want to go see it, though. Me? If there’s no Ice Cube or Cedric the Entertainer, then it’s a no-go for me. Source: Variety

Lady Sif from Thor, Jaimie Alexander, is going to be naked and tattooed in the upcoming NBC series, Blindspot. I’m sure you’re half-way to Googling “Jaimie Alexander naked and tattooed” by now, so I figure it was a good blurb to end the news on. Source: ComingSoon (no pun intended, ya grossy)


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