Supernatural Review – “Angel Heart” S10E20

Last night’s episode of Supernatural took a break from the madness of Rowena, Crowley and curing The Mark and instead focused on the emotional turmoil, guilt and responsibility Castiel struggles with. “Angel Heart” was all about the feels, and oh my god, the feels! It may not have been action packed but it was full of heart.


Dean and Claire’s Relationship: Not only did this dynamic allow for a lot of comedy on Dean’s part, but as it grew, it was really sweet. Dean doesn’t understand teenage girls (who does – amiright?) and Claire blames him for her dad giving his vessel over to Castiel. They started as enemies, but because they are both very alike they end up with a special bond. Dean is the only one willing to treat Claire like an adult, and acknowledging that gave them a great respect for one another. Also, the mini golfing scene was just great.

Jimmy and Amelia’s Heaven: This is part that made me need tissues. My god, the two of them together again in heaven basically ripped my heart out. It was so bittersweet and romantic. Jimmy has been waiting for her alone in his heaven all this time and she finally comes, but that means that their little girl is all alone now.

Claire’s Journey: When she first came back into the story I thought it felt like a random way to kill time for a few episodes. This is the first episode where I really felt for her and really grew to like her. Claire’s had a tough life. She went from picture perfect family to her father disappearing and giving his body over to angel, and then dying in the process. Her mom abandoned her trying to find her dead husband and was then kidnapped by a soul eating angle for two years. The icing on this sad cake? As of “Angel Heart” Claire has now seen both of her parents die. Supernatural rarely acknowledges what happens to these vessels that get taken over by angels and demons, but they created a truly tragic character in Claire just to show how great the sacrifice really is.



So there is Another Type of Angel: My issue here is not that there is another type of angel, it’s that apparently no one knew about this. Seriously? You guys are besties with an angel. Sam and Dean have been toiling with angels since season four. They’ve been to heaven. And remember that time when Metatron cast ALL the angels out of heaven? Did no one notice or mention that “oh yeah there is this super old and kind of psycho breed of us that eats souls”? On the plus side their swords are way cooler than the angel blades.

Castiel’s Fighting: Cas got punked. What the hell? He just got his grace back, I kind of expected him to be all badass in the ring again but instead he just got thrown around and just laid there looking sad. I know he couldn’t dominate the brawl because Claire killing Tamiel was a rite of passage and it showed that she does care about Castiel, Sam, and Dean but that doesn’t mean he had to be so weak. I’d say it was out of character but it isn’t entirely. Castiel hasn’t been the same since he became human, but now that he has his own grace back I just figured he might go all crazy papa bear rage to protect Claire and avenge Amelia. But I guess not.



We Will See Claire Again: She’s headed off to live with Sheriff Jody for now, but chances are she’ll turn to hunting. She was so intrigued by Sam and Dean’s reasoning for being hunters, just so they can help people. She’s been angry for so long but in this episode she finally started to open up. Chances are she’ll turn to hunting and be a little reckless because I think she really took Dean saying that he’ll “keep fighting and swinging until he’s got nothing left in him” to heart. It’s not a long life, but it’s a noble one and Claire doesn’t strike me as someone who wants to grow old on a porch sipping lemonade.


Final Ramblings and Musings:

Did anyone notice that the time of day changed like four times while Sam, Castiel, Dean and Claire were moving in on Tamiel? Sam and Cas left at night, Castiel rescued Amelia in the dark but when Sam was waking up handcuffed it was light outside. Cut back to Cas and Amelia and it’s still dark. Cut to Dean and Claire arriving at Tamiel’s farm and it’s a misty pre-dawn outside. But then during the actual fight and Amelia’s death it’s not time again. WTF?

Why are the arch angel swords, or angel blades, so lame when there is clearly way cooler weaponry in heaven’s arsenal? This has always bothered me, but since seeing Tamiel’s sword I really think the two factions should have switched.

What happened to all the other people that Tamiel had trapped in that barn? I’ll assume they called in an anonymous tip to the cops once they left, but that doesn’t change the fact that they found all those people and left them there strapped to cots.


Hush Comics gives “Angel Heart” an A for being full of heart and taking the viewers on an emotional ride while still being entertaining and making us laugh.

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