Supernatural Review – “Book of the Damned” S10E18

This week’s episode of Supernatural was a little slower, but yay for us it at least stayed on point.


Metatron and Castiel: Up until Metatron did his usual thing and became a treacherous dick (ugh, again. I’ll get to that later) the back and forth between these two was awesome. Treacherous dick though he may be, Metatron is hilarious. Castiel punching him in the face while he drove was hysterical, as well as his viewpoint on music, especially “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette and “Sussudio” by Phil Collins. Metatron marveling at the wonders of the mundane was kind of endearing, and for a minute it almost seemed like he might actually stick around as a not so bad guy. But alas, no, he’s still just a dick.

Supernatural - "Book of the Damned"

Castiel: Cas is back bitches, grace and wings in all. The shot of his angel wings casting a torn and tattered shadow was so freaking cool and I’m so glad he didn’t let Metatron get the best of him. Now maybe he can stop being so damn sad all the time.

Sam and Rowena Team Up: YES. I predicted this, I’ve been waiting for this and now it may all be coming to fruition. This could go in so many directions (again, I’ll get to that later) but what I’m mostly excited about is that this will go somewhere, and it’s bound to be exciting.

Supernatural - "Book of the Damned"

And also Charlie was There: She’s charming, she’s cute, and now that she’s merged with darkest timeline Charlie, she’s kind of badass too. She went through some shit to get the Book of the Damned back to Sam and Dean and she sewed up her own gunshot with mint dental floss – she’s really earned her stripes. Sometimes the geek pop culture references she makes kind of grind my gears, but that’s more unnatural writing than anything else.

Supernatural - "Book of the Damned"


WHY IS METATRON STILL ALIVE?: Talk about beating a dead horse. This guy just will not go away, and now he has the freaking demon tablet again. All he brings to the show is humor, and while he’s great at that, he’s a piss poor villain. He’s not fearsome, he’s a weak ass and he’s annoying as hell. I refuse to believe that he could honestly keep getting the best of Castiel and the Winchester’s again and again. He either needs to die, or stay in prison or become something way more bad ass because right now I am so freaking sick of him.

The Mark of Cain Circle (Jerk): It seems that each and every week Sam and Dean either change their mind about how to handle the Mark, or they forget how the other one feels about it. Week after week it’s the same damn discussion in the car and the same damn fight at the end. Earth to Sam: Dean does not think this thing can be cured and he’s determined to go down fighting himself. Earth to Dean: Sam refuses to give up on finding a cure. Can we please stop arguing about it now? Both of them should know by now that their brother will never let them go without a fight, and even if they lose that fight they will most likely try to find a way to change the fates. I understand that Sam and Dean are not a united front on this, but the same damn “realizations” are getting really old. And does Sam really think he’s being sneaky with the clandestine phone calls and always looking uneasy?


The Rowena Sam Team Up, Cont.: This is going to be good. Obviously Dean will be PISSED and there will be some nasty repercussions, but the drama that is about to unfold will be devastatingly delicious. Of course Rowena is up to no good and she’ll try to double cross Sam, but he’s a smart egg and will most likely have his own double cross up his sleeve. What I’m really waiting for in all of this is will Crowley die or will Rowena die? Crowley may have run his course as a villain what with him being such a softie, and Rowena is kind of wicked evil, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we bid a fond farewell to the King of Hell in the finale. I think that Dean will be free of the Mark by season’s end, although I’m still pretty sure that in order for that to happen he’ll have to have an epic near death fight with Sam. But who knows? The only way to break the curse might be to undo what Cain did in the first place and not kill your brother.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

This one was downright hysterical and so damn goofy I can’t believe it made air.

Dean pulls a gun on the Jacob Styne, posing as the gas station cashier:

Jacob: Don’t you want your…CHANGE? (proceeds to throw coins and dollar bills in Dean’s face to distract him)


Hush Comics gives “Book of the Damned” a B for bringing back the Castiel we all love, but for keeping Metatron around for way too long.

All images belong to The CW and are credited to Diyah Pera.

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