The Kolors of Kombat: Our Favorite MK Characters

Mortal Kombat Meets Hush Comics


1.) Scorpion

The thing I like about Scorpion is how easy his most basic combos are to learn; simple, yet effective. I also enjoy Scorpion’s character as a whole. One thing about me is that I love over all look and back-story. With the proper combo, you birth a badass, and being a hell spawn with an awesome armored ninja suit is badass. Scorpion was the first player I ever played with and since day one, he has been my number one.

2.) Baraka

Part of being any good fighter is bringing a certain level of intimidation and fear to your opponent. Baraka brings that level of fear. I also find Baraka fairly simple to use with his arm blades. When in doubt, button mash and let the arm blades do the talking.

3.) Johnny Cage

I love Johnny Cage for three simple reasons; he is quick, he is cocky, and he knows how to punch a nut sack super hard. I feel if I am going to lose a fight, I’m going to do it laughing. More than anything else, I have fun when I fight as Jonny if I can land a split leg nut punch, then it was all worth it.

4.) Mileena

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Mileena, but after I saw her hop on her opponent and rip their neck apart with her mouth I thought, “beautiful” and also “gross.” Those two words together I feel properly describe what Mortal Kombat should be. Mileena may not be a crowd favorite but she is my go to gal.

5.) Rain

I feel like Rain is that guy at the part that tells really bad jokes, but they are so bad they make you laugh anyway. My reason for saying this is for the simply fighting move where Rain creates a weak water hose with his hands and makes his opponent feel they are on a Slip-N-Slide. Along those same lines, encasing your enemy in a bubble of water and dropping them from a minimal height may not be very damage inducing but it is embarrassing as hell. And if I can’t beat you, I will at least embarrass you first.

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