Supernatural Review- “Paint it Black” S10E16

Supernatural - "Paint it Black"



Rowena: Maybe I’m crazy, but I love Rowena. She is so deliciously evil and manipulative. She’s a true high caliber bad guy which to me is such a welcomed change of pace from angels, angels, angels… I was a little disappointed that there was no big showdown between Rowena and the Grand Coven, but I’m really excited to see what she continues to offer the rest of the season.

Dean: Dean is carrying the show this season. Sam is great, but he basically just ricochets between sad, stern and bitchy. He’s just not bringing much to the table, which is not a slight on him in any way because he has carried the show on more than one occasion. Now that Sam has stepped aside Dean is really shining. He has so many layers and there is at least one, “aww poor Dean moment” per episode in which my heart goes out to him because he’s sad, scared, or just super vulnerable. He still has his cheeky charm, but all the new layers are a welcome change.

The storyline finally picked back up. Kind of: It wasn’t much, but at least we got a little progression towards what this season will ultimately boil down to. Rowena is on a course to take down The Men of Letters aka The Winchesters and become the most powerful witch EVER! And Sam refuses to stop trying to cure the mark, and Dean is worried enough that he’s going along without a fight. It’s not much, but it’s something. At least it’s not god damn worms, right?

Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


The Ballad of the Sad Nuns: Not only did this paint nuns in a bad light, but it kind of painted all women in a bad light. Painted, you see what I did there? I think I’m so funny. Anyhow, it’s really shitty to imply that the main reason women devote themselves to the church is because some dude broke their heart. That is so archaic. Women become nuns for themselves, because of their beliefs, not because of bad break ups. And the idea that a women could be so shaken to the core that she kind of gives up on living her own life because a man left her is such bullshit. Oh boo hoo hoo, a dude broke up with me so now I just give up on my own independence, because I’m nothing without a man blah blah bullshit. I understand how it worked for the ghost nun, but I was pretty annoyed with the living nun who kept alluding to her commitment being due to a “rough love life.” Women are a hell of a lot stronger than that.

The Ghost Nun: She was the worst. And not just because she was killing people.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


Rowena will try (and fail) to take down Sam and Dean: I’m thinking she might stick around through next season, but I think she’ll at least make one big play at Sam and Dean before the finale. But chances are she’ll fail because Crowley (or Fergus, as I will refer to him from now on) will stop her. Hell, he might even die doing it. What a sweet ending to his love affair with Dean it would be if he gave his life to save him.

Rowena Knows Something: I just have a feeling that she will somehow be a key to the hidden knowledge of the Mark of Cain. She’s been around for a long time and is extremely powerful and knowledgeable. Whether they like it or not, she’ll need Winchester’s to find her hidden magic items, and they’ll need her help with the Mark.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

The flashbacks to Isabella’s life in Italy are a lot like a bad romance novel. And that guy she was in love with was kind of gross.

I wonder where Piero the painter guy found his mistress because I don’t think there were a whole lot of bleach blonde haired blue eyed girls running around Florence, Italy in 1520.

Awww look at the little hamster wearing a necklace! Too cute to be evil.

I miss Castiel.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

This week I have a cheesiest character of the week, and the honor goes to the ghost nun, Isabella. Everything she said sounded like it was written by a pre-menopausal romance writer who never got a book deal. Her descriptions of her love affair with Piero were like nails on a chalkboard, and it was just so pathetic and gross.

 Supernatural - "Paint it Black"


Hush Comics gives “Paint it Black” a B because the Winchesters were great and the story was a nice change of pace, but the interpretation of nuns may have set back the women’s movement a few years.

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