This Weekend in the Nerd Verse… Mar 14th and 15th, 2015

Looks like a remake of The Crow is happening and Jack Huston from Boardwalk Empire will be the leading role. Source: Dread Central

Was your favorite X-Men back in the 90’s? Me too! If you were a fan of the 90’s X-Men then you’ll be happy to hear that Marvel has announced its X-Men 92 Secret Wars series. Source: Comic Book

Well, Sharknado 3 is happening and David Hasselhoff will be joining the cast. Source: Variety

A Steve McQueen biopic is in the works! SourceDeadline

This live action Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh crushed Liam Nesson at the box office this weekend. Seems that everyone still really loves Cinderella. Source: Vulture



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Jené Conrad

I teach young ones creating writing and I’m an RPG Game Master. I've been known to do both at the same time. When I’m not teaching or consuming vast amounts of media I pray to pagan gods and prepare for both the apocalypse and enlightenment. I will always hope for the latter. I am also known to write Science Fiction stories and blog for a few websites. I am a Jill of all trades as it were. A behind the scenes sidekick rather than the charismatic swashbuckling hero. But, without me the superhero's couldn't do what they do.

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