13 Facts About All Things Friday the 13th

In all honesty Friday the 13th is a date most people either dislike or don’t even notice. I am the exact opposite. Thirteen is my lucky number and I love Friday the 13th! For me it’s a really fun day when I really hope spooky things happen. They rarely do, but I still haven’t given up hope. Just for kicks, here is a list of fun facts and things you never knew about Friday the 13th, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Scream Queen.

It’s a real fear:

Fear of Friday the 13th is considered a legitimate psychological phobia, and even has a name: paraskevidekatriaphobia, or friggatriskaidekaphobia.

Say What Elvira
Wat you say?

A lot of it is based on Christianity:

People have been afraid of Fridays and thirteens for hundreds of years, and much of that comes from Christian superstition. It was believed that Jesus was crucified on a Friday and that Eve offered Adam the apple on a Friday as well, although I have no idea how anyone came to that conclusion. It’s been AWHILE since I’ve read a bible but I sure don’t remember the part about calendars in the Garden of Eden… People also say that the number thirteen is unlucky because at the last supper Judas was the thirteenth and final member to be seated and then he was a dick and a betrayer.

Dammit, Judas!
Dammit, Judas!

And Norse Mythology:

A similar story appears in Norse mythology, only this time the gods were having a dinner party for twelve and a thirteenth guest showed up uninvited. The unwelcome guest turned out to be Loki and he shot Baldur, the god of joy and happiness.

Yep. He dead.
Yep. He dead.

And Roman, too:

In Roman mythology thirteen is considered unlucky because witches were said to gather in groups of twelve and the thirteenth member was the devil.

Die, Witches! Die!
Die, Witches! Die!

Today’s Friday the 13th smells like Pi:

Today is 3/13/15 which means that tomorrow will be 3/14/15, also known as 3.1415, also known as Pi. That is pretty cool. I bet like a million people get married so that’s their anniversary.

Who ever made this Pi pie is a NEERRRRDDDD!
Who ever made this Pi pie is a NEERRRRDDDD!

It’s pretty rare:

Every year has at least one Friday the thirteenth. If it happens to fall in May, June, or August it will be the only appearance for that year. The last time there were back to back Friday the thirteenths was in February and March was in 2009, and it will not happen again until 2026.

Flying Car
By 2026, we should have flying cars, right?!


There’s a book about it:

The marriage of unlucky Fridays and unlucky thirteens came together in 1907 when Thomas William Lawson wrote the book Friday the 13th about a banker taking advantage of people’s superstitions on ”Wall Street Hoodoo-Day”, whatever the hell that is.

Friday, The Thirteenth

Today is bad for business:

The superstition around Friday the 13th is still so prevalent that there is an estimated $800 to $900 loss in business that day, from people who stay home and avoid their regular routine.

Because of you, no one is at this sad, sad restaurant.
Because of you, no one is at this sad, sad restaurant.

Crystal Lake, Colorado

For all of my local readers, Colorado has its very own Crystal Lake (ya know, like the one in the movie?). There are resorts and hiking trails there and honestly it’s pretty freaking beautiful. Fun fact: Two campers were mysteriously murdered there thirteen years ago. Just kidding, they were only eaten by a bear. Just kidding, none of that ever happened. But there is a Crystal Lake, that part I didn’t make up.

Hey, I didn't attack those guys!
Hey, I didn’t attack those guys!

13th Floor, anyone?:

Since the number thirteen is considered unlucky, there are still a surprising amount of buildings without thirteenth floors, especially in America. It is estimated that 85% of all large buildings with elevators do not have thirteenth floors.

Apparently -1 is better than 13 in this building.
Apparently -1 is better than 13 in this building.

The movies made a hell of a lot of money:

There are twelve movies under the Friday the 13th title, or at least with Jason Voorhees, with an average rating of rating of 5.3 out of 10 stars, and total earnings of $465,239,523.00 worldwide.

Killing you will get me MILLIONS!
Killing you will get me MILLIONS!


But they leave one thing out of the movies:

The movie franchise taking place on Friday the 13th is more coincidence than curse. Excuse me, “death curse”. No one even mentions that it is Friday the 13th; the only acknowledgment comes in the very beginning when the present day date comes up on the bottom of the screen. However, all the onscreen action is supposed to take place in the 24 hour period of June 13, 1980.

Is today Friday or Saturday? I lost my calendar.
Is today Friday or Saturday? I lost my calendar, and no one is talking about it.

Friday the 13th is the Inception of the number 13:

In the 12 movies, Jason has been portrayed by 11 different actors and killed at least 158 people. If you add all those numbers together and divide by 13 you get 13! Seriously! Well, 13.923 but still that is pretty damn cool and I just discovered it on my own. People should know about this! This is a big deal! Spread the word.

So many thirteens it is scary!
So many thirteens it is scary!


Most images used are in the WikiCommons. All images from the movie Friday the 13th belong to Paramount Pictures.


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