Yesterday in the Nerd Verse…Mar 10th, 2015

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are coming at you with a new series called Con Man. The only thing you have to do is fund it. Oh by the way, its already fully funded. But you should go fund it more anyway so we can get more eps! Source: Indiegogo

The new Daredevil preview is proving the best reason to watch the Netflix series is Vincent D’Onofrio. You guys remember when he was Thor in Adventures in Babysitting? Yeah, that guy is long gone.

Johnny Depp hurt himself on the set of the new Pirates movie and will need surgery. All reports make it seem like the injury is minimal. Source: The Wrap

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller took the stage of Paris Fashion Week to deliver news we have been waiting with bated breath for 14 years. A new Zoolander movie is happening.

So Hafthor Bjornsson of Game of Thrones just broke ANOTHER world record. This time he threw a 56 pound kettlebell 19 feet and three inches. 56 pounds, people. Source: The Bleacher Report

A new trailer of The Flash shows Mark Hamill as Trickster. As expected, the best thing about this trailer is a Cisco one-liner.

Chris Pine is rumored to be the next Green Lantern. Of course, I would take this with a grain of salt, especially since The Latino Review first broke the news. Pot-stirrers. Source: Instagram

Vince Gilligan has a message for people visiting Albuquerque: STOP THROWING PIZZA’S ON WALT’S ROOF! But for real, a really nice semi-elderly lady lives there, and it’s not nice. True story. We met her. And she is not amused. Source: YouTube

Pictures of the Sand Sisters in season 5 of Game of Thrones have been released. Watch out, Daenerys, there’s fresh blood in town. Source: EW

Also released are all four covers for EW’s Game of Thrones issue. Yep, gonna have to get all of ’em. Source: EW


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