The Walking Dead Review – “Remember” S5E12


The Glenn/Aiden fight: It was the best scene of this episode! After a run gone badly with Deanna’s son, Aiden, Glenn and Aiden get into a tiff about how runs should work. Aiden shows off for the rest of Alexandria, but Glenn is able to duck and punch Aiden square in the jaw. Our group comes to Glenn’s aid, proving no chance for Aiden, and Deanna is thankful that Glenn knocked Aiden on his ass. Go Glenn!

All the existentialism: Particularly in the recording that Rick makes for Deanna Munroe, we get a powerful speech about what survival is now. This season has been full of reminders of the past, before Terminus, before the prison, and before the outbreak. People are what we have to watch out for, and Rick makes it clear that people will use each other for their own benefit. This was always the way things were, it’s just more apparent now that the world has gone to shit.

The Walking Dead - "Remember"

Carol: If I wasn’t all about Carol before, I certainly am now. From acting like she was too weak to take off her gun, to saying she misses Ed and that she is a real people person, to dressing like Betty Homemaker to keep up appearances. When Carol and Carl search their second home, she admits she thinks it is strange these people would just give them mansions. She is so BAMF even when wearing khakis and a blue cardigan. She knows they need to have a back-up plan in case things go badly. Carol is the back-up plan.

Daryl: Sure he acted ornery this week, but that is Daryl. He had some great lines though. “We brought dinner” after he killed the possum was classic, and “You look ridiculous” to Carol in her cute little outfit was hilarious. Also, you know Daryl wasn’t about to shower. And he openly smokes now.

Sound Production: Comic fans know that Alexandria turns out to be sort of okay. While I am still not convinced of that in the TV series, the sound production was perfect for raising tensions and questions about what is really going on in this place.

Remember: Again, we are getting a big dose of the past in this episode. Who Rick was before the outbreak is very important to Deanna. We know being a police officer is integral to how Rick thinks. The things Rick thought he would never get back, like showers and haircuts are normal in Alexandria. But there are things in Alexandria they have that no one in our group ever had, like granite countertops for instance. But living in a place too comfortable will make them weak and forgetful of what they have learned on the road. Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Carl make it known they will not become weakened by being comfortable.

The Significance of Time: Deanna tells Rick what the time is. More than likely it is because sundown would be quickly approaching and he needed to make a decision. But Rick changes his watch, letting Deanna and himself know that he is ready to be a part of civilization again.

The other interviews: I really liked the back-and-forth of our group getting interviewed on tape. Michonne and Glenn said similar things; that they may have been out there too long and that they need this. Michonne held Crime and Punishment as she spoke (Crime and Punishment is noted for the dangers of Utilitarianism and Rationalism). Carl talks about Lori wanting a place like this and how he killed her. And Daryl is… Daryl. He clearly doesn’t want to be here, but sees why Carl and Judith might need it.

Father/Son bonding: Despite Carl not staying in the house (GET BACK IN THE HOUSE CARL!), Carl finds his father and they kill the hell out of some walkers. And they enjoyed it because it is what the know how to do together. The look of satisfaction on their faces was priceless.

The run: With the theme of “Remember”, we got a little bit of that with the run. Aiden and his friend have tied up a walker who killed their group members in the past. When they get to him, they start taunting him, nearly killing Tara in the process. This is reminiscent (and not in a good way) of what The Governor and the people of Woodbury did to walkers.

The Walking Dead - "Remember"


Where was Father Gabriel?: I didn’t see him once all episode. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s unsettling not to see one of our group members!

Easter Eggs:

Deanna Monroe: Deanna Monroe is the head of Alexandria. In the comics, it is a character named Douglas Monroe. Both characters were congress people in the 15th District in Ohio. Douglas also had a son, Spencer, but he wasn’t a total dickhead like Deanna’s is.

Aiden: Aiden isn’t in the comic books. So this isn’t really an Easter Egg, just a point of fact.

Jessie, Peter and Ron: The woman who cuts Rick’s hair is Jessie Anderson. She does exist in the comics, along with her husband Pete and their son Ron. In the show, Jessie mentioned having two sons. Pete was a surgeon, which is mentioned to Noah at the end of last week’s episode. Pete sitting on his porch in the dark was pretty ominous and telling of what could be happening in future weeks.

Mikey: Mikey is another young kid from Alexandria in the books. He and Carl have a few interactions, but nothing significant.

Wolf Fight!: In the mid-season opener, we see a sign that says “Wolves not far.” This week, we see Carl pick up a comic book. On the back it says “WOLF FIGHT!” This could be a tie-in. Especially since the book turns out to be Enid’s, the girl who isn’t actually from Alexandria.

Rick and Michonne, the Constables of Alexandria: Yup, they really were given this task very soon after they arrived in Alexandria in the comics.


Daryl is gonna be a liability: Daryl tried to play it cool, but let’s be honest, he has NEVER lived like this. Daryl was probably gutting all sorts of animals anywhere he wanted back home. He is a country bumpkin, and living high on the hog isn’t going to change that. His lifestyle may not fit in with the rest of Alexandria.

Peter vs. Rick: It’s pretty obvious that Peter doesn’t like Rick. They will have problems, especially now that Rick is the constable with the power.

Other Things and Stuffs:

Michonne and her sword: After Michonne’s shower, she comes downstairs holding her toothbrush and her sword. It’s pretty funny that she took her sword with her to shower. Also, isn’t a sword a weapon? They are asked many times to hand over their weapons, but the katana doesn’t count? Hmmm.

Deanna is a real politician: Whenever Rick asks her questions she never actually answers them. Right after he talks about people playing an angle, she plays the angle of his children now being in safety. We will see if she is honest or not, but politicians rarely are. Also, her whisper about being a poker player made me laugh really hard.

The Blender Gun: Who has the Blender Gun!? It’s gone god dammit! Was it you Enid? I’m watching you.

Owls: Jessie and her kids were building an owl sculpture. She also has one tattooed on her arm.

PTSD: Rick has a little bit of PTSD about losing his kids. He really lets this show when he can’t find Carl and Judith. Turns out, they were just with the old couple who like babies.

Sweet-Ass Biscuits: Aiden calls the six shooters he gives our group “sweet-ass biscuits.” Um? You do realize our people came in with machine guns, right?

Rick the bad guy: Rick may be remembering life before, but tells Carol and Daryl that if shit hits the fan, they will take Alexandria. It seemed pretty villainous.


Hush Comics gives “Remember” an A- because Alexandria “seems” nice (as Rick said), and the writers gave us enough to realize that things here aren’t perfect. There wasn’t too much packed in the hour, but I felt that TV fans and comic fans got what they all wanted.

All images belong to AMC and are credited to Gene Page.

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