Yesterday in the Nerd Verse Feb 23, 2015

Yesterday in the Nerdverse….

Everyone was still talking about the Oscars. A LOT. NPH made dumb jokes about British accents, Birdman shouldn’t have won Best Picture, no Birdman absolutely should have won Best Picture, hey women wore dresses and we were able to marginalize their creative contributions in the name of fashion! There sure was a whole lot of pointless talk for a ceremony that boasted the lowest ratings in 7 years. The only Oscar talk I care about is WHERE THE FUCK WERE:JOAN RIVERS, JAN HOOKS, AND HAROLD RAMIS DURING THE IN MEMORIAM SEGMENT?

Hey, so you know how everything ever is being rebooted or remade? Well if you’ve gone anywhere near the internet recently I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that Disney, the soulless bastards, might be rebooting Indiana Jones. AND that Steven Spielberg might be in on it if the script is “to his liking” AND that Chris Pratt may be taking up the hat and whip to bring Dr. Jones to a whole new generation. MTV caught up with the handsome devil himself to try and psych him out about taking on the role, to which he responded by saying, “it’d be cool, but it’s nothing until it’s something.” Translation: Rumors are still just rumors at this point. Source: MTV

It’s not really news, but someone made a creepy cake version of Bob Odenkirk’s face from Better Call Saul. It’s terrifyingly delicious! Source: Uproxx

The trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mid-season return came out and guess what? They used the “I” word! That’s right, the Inhumans are coming… Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns March 3 and you can watch the promo, titled “Skye Quakes” here. Source: YouTube

In super sad news, Harris Wittels, who died suddenly on Thursday, will have a heart-breaking tribute to him air at the end of the Parks and Recreation series finale on Tuesday. For those of you who love Parks and Rec (like myself) you know Harris as Harris the Animal Control Guy, and he was also a writer and producer for the show. He was 30 years old. Source: Deadline

In other super sad news, Ben Woolf was pronounced dead Monday afternoon after succumbing to his injuries from being hit by a car last Thursday. American Horror Story fans will recognize him as the demonic child Thadeus from season 1 and as Meep from season 4. He was 34 years old. Source: TMZ

On a lighter note, do you guys remember Calista Flockheart? Yeah, I kind of didn’t either. But it seems someone at CBS remembered her because she has been cast as Cat Grant in the Supergirl pilot. I’m not too excited about the Supergirl show, although I loved the hell out of the movie as a kid, so the addition of Harrison Ford’s baby mama doesn’t really do anything for me. Source: Deadline

Nicholas Cage HAS JOINED…the cast of OLIVER STONE’S Edward Snowden biopic! Please forgive me, I was typing as my best Nicholas Cage impression. The movie, titled Snowden, will focus on Edward Snowden’s request for asylum in Russia and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title role. Nicholas Cage will be playing a former US intelligence agent, who most likely has odd mood swings and talks in strange rhythms and volumes… SOURCE: Variety



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