This Week’s Comics – February 25th, 2015

This Week’s Comics is the pull list of Comic Books recommended by Hush Comics, with notes and suggestions by co-owner, Sherif Elkhatib.


Spider-Gwen #1: Even since this alternate universe Gwen swung into Spider-Verse, I’ve been waiting for the day when she gets a more fleshed out story. How does her relationship with her dad change? What about the Mary Janes? I don’t really care. I just want to see more of Gwen Stacy. We’ve been robbed of her too soon in the past, so to learn that she is now a complete badass in another dimension, I want to milk this thing until it’s gone.

D4VE #1: Straight from the badasses at Monkeybrain Comics is D4VE, the story about a middle-aged robot stuck in a dead-end job, dreaming about his glory days as a defense bot. The series was released digitally a year ago, but is finally finding its way onto shelves in print form thanks to the IDW imprint.

Batman #39: You had to know this would be on the list. Endgame has been quite the thriller thus far, and Batman still really has no idea how to process all the new information he has learned about the Joker – and honestly, neither have we. The previous issue of Batman got an A+, so that alone should tell you how highly we hold this series. Throw in the Court of Owls, and it’s guaranteed to be a hoot.

Suiciders #1: Suiciders: Fight Club turned into blockbuster television program. The premise of the story seems simple enough: in a world after catastrophe strikes LA, bloodsport is made into profit. Fighters are enhanced with drugs and technology, then set loose on each other for entertainment. The idea has been around for a while, but with the legendary Lee Bermejo (JokerLuthor: Man of Steel, Batman: Noel) covering both writing and drawing duties, I have very high hopes for this book.

Mutanimals #1: The TMNT series has been hinting towards this for some time now, and it has felt like forever waiting for this mini-series to air. The Mutanimals are a group of mutagen-enhanced animals (hence the super-obvious name) led by Old Hob. Any new characters that have been introduced to the series have been winners, and any mini-series put out by IDW has been gold, as well. This looks like some good clean fun in the making.

Comic Books:

Archie Comics:
Black Hood #1

BOOM! Studios:
Curb Stomp #1
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #4
Evil Empire #11
George Perez’s Sirens #3
Munchkin #2

Dark Horse:
Captain Midnight #20
Conan the Avenger #11
Halo Escalation #15
Tomb Raider #13

Aquaman #39
Batman #39
Batman Eternal #47
Bodies #8 (final issue)
Catwoman #39
Deathstroke #5
Effigy #2
Flash #39
Gotham Academy #5
Gotham by Midnight #4
Justice League Dark #39
Mortal Kombat X #3
New 52-Futures End #43
Secret Origins #10 (Batgirl, Firestorm, Poison Ivy)
Sinestro #10
Suiciders #1

Dynamite Entertainment:
Django/Zorro #4
John Carter Warlord of Mars #4
King Prince Valiant #1
Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini #4
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #12
Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #2

IDW Publishing:
D4VE #1
G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #2
Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #2
Garbage Pail Kids: Love Stinks #1
Joe Frankenstein #1
Orphan Black #1
Star Trek #43
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #43
TMNT: Mutanimals #1
Zombies vs. Robots #1

Chew #46
Low #6
ODY-C #3
Rasputin #5
Sex #20
They’re Not Like Us #3

All-New X-Men #38
Amazing Spider-Man #15
Daredevil #13
Darth Vader #2
Deadpool #42
Inhuman #12
New Avengers #30
S.H.I.E.L.D. #3
Spider-Gwen #1
Spider-Man 2099 #9
Spider-Man and the X-Men #3
Thor Annual #1
Uncanny Avengers #2

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