The Walking Dead Review – “The Distance” S5E11


Michonne gets a voice: It has been rare in the television series that Michonne has had a major part. Sure, she has her cool sword, but what does she think? Well after this week we know. She thinks that maybe Rick needs to back down, and she is right. Quickly becoming the voice of reason, Michonne let Rick, and the rest of us, know that the fight can and will turn on us.

Surviving vs. living: This season has played more with that existential concept. What is this all worth if we are just surviving? What does being alive mean? What is living? Can you really live if all you do is survive? This episode was no exception to these questions, and with the prospect of really living right in front of them, the group was split on if that was something they could really handle.

The Walking Dead - "The Distance"

Symbolism…again: Last week gave us some amazing symbolism. This week the one thing I noticed was just as good, but it was quick. No matter how reckless it was to have Judith hanging out in the back seat with nothing to buckle her in, she made a significant move… rolling over. I am certain the writers didn’t put that in for any wow factor. But rolling over is a significant step in a child’s development, signaling more growth to come. It’s a good thing! Perhaps Alexandria is as well.

Abraham and Rosita: The two haven’t been featured all that much, but they were able to talk about there past in a positive way this episode, which is a huge step for Abraham. And they finally got to Washington. Awwww.

Maggie standing up for what is right: Maggie has always been a vocal farmer’s daughter. This week, she reminded us of that. When Rick questioned Aaron, Maggie questioned Rick. When Glenn said they shoot on sight, Maggie questioned that decision. Even though Maggie had a tough time dealing last week, she still has her head on straight.

The Walking Dead - "The Distance"

Aaron is funny: The best line of the week definitely went to Aaron, when talking about joining his group he says, “Audition makes it sound like we’re some kind of a dance troupe. That’s only on Friday nights.”

Aaron and Eric: It is rare to see affection in this show, even if there are a lot of different relationships. It was nice to see two people who still love each other, even in the world they are in. Aaron’s reaction to the flare gun and Eric’s broken ankle was proof enough these two have a deep connection. Eric getting Aaron a license plate for his collection was just the cherry on top.

The Walking Dead - "The Distance"

Reminiscent of the first and second season: The RV reminded me of Dale. A lot. Even though things were bad then, the world was a little simpler. Our group wasn’t as jaded. The RV shows some hope for the future. Glenn being able to fix the RV was a lot like the first seasons, too. It will be nice to have the old Glenn back.

Rick admits things and stuff: Rick admits to Michonne that nothing will convince him Alexandria or Aaron are for real. After 40 minutes of his distrust, this is nice to hear. It also makes sense that he wants to absolutely ensure his kids will be safe there.


Rick: Ok, I get it. It’s ok to be overly cautious. If Woodbury and Terminus has taught us anything, we should be cautious. But Rick was cautious to the point he was villainous. His reactions to Aaron were only half-way warranted. Punching him in the face was not. And purposefully taking Route 23 North over Route 16 just because he still didn’t trust the guy put his whole group in danger. The additional lines of the canned food being Rick’s canned food proved he is the bad guy in this situation. The whole thing was very drawn out. It may also be because comic fans (like myself) know the truth about Alexandria, so this whole thing seemed like an hour of filler. The interesting thing will be if Rick can live with himself and the things he has done once he is in “safety.”

The Walking Dead - "The Distance"

Aaron not eating the applesauce: This scene felt like a lot of filler. I already like Aaron for his dance troupe line. I don’t need to hear about his mother’s cooking. And him not eating the sauce just made me roll my eyes.

Glenn trying to be ruthless: When Glenn said they should shoot on site, I just about ralphed. Glenn has never been cold-hearted, why make him that way now?

The Walking Dead - "The Distance"

The whole car scene: It started out great with Michonne wavering on her trust and asking the three questions. But when Glenn careened off the road and it was just a bloody mess of walkers being hit over and over again, it felt like overkill. Pun intended. It was blood for the sake of it. And Glenn wiping off the bloody windshield with his bare hand? More blood for the sake of it. And Michonne clearing the hood of walker arms? More blood for the sake of it. Lots of filler here, people.

Easter Eggs:

Survivors: The group at Alexandria refer to themselves as the “Survivors.” Aaron let’s Rick’s group know they are survivors. It seems obvious they will be integrated into the larger community at Alexandria.

Pete the surgeon: When Noah and Aaron talk about Noah’s leg, Aaron mentions a surgeon named “Pete” in Alexandria. Pete is one of the head doctors at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Aaron and Eric: Aaron and Eric are the scouts for the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the comic, too. They look for people to join them, and they gather supplies.

Aaron and Eric The Walking Dead Comic


Rick vs. Rick: The Alexandria Safe-Zone is a place where survival isn’t on your mind 24/7. Will Rick be able to handle getting to know himself well? I don’t think so. The rest of the season seems like it will be a time reflection more than anything else. And Rick has a lot of reflection to do.

Kill of the Week:

Flame on!: The walker who got shot in the eye with the flare gun, hands down, gets the Kill of the Week!

Hush Comics gives “The Distance” a C for pushing us in the direction the comics are in, asking the big picture questions, but for making the main character one I don’t want to root for.

All images belong to AMC and are credited to Gene Page.
The comic image belongs to Image Comics.

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  1. Well I definitely disagree on your final rating, but I feel that may be due to your knowledge of the comics and my lack thereof. Nice review. I enjoy reading your thoughts each week.

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