Supernatural Review – “The Executioner’s Song” S10E14

The long awaited battle between Cain and Dean is finally upon us this week in “The Executioner’s Song” and it’s everything I was hoping for and more. In all honesty, this is one of the best episodes of Supernatural I have ever seen. There wasn’t room this week for the usual comedy and quirk; this episode came straight from the heart. It was moving and gut wrenching in the best kind of way.


CAIN: Good god Cain is so freaking amazing. Not only is he an unbelievably layered and captivating character, but Timothy Omundson breathes such an incredible life into him. Cain is a logical psychopath, and that is the scariest kind of psychopath. The only way to repair the damage he’s inflicted on the planet is to wipe out his bloodline one descendent at a time. Not all killers are his descendants and not all his descendants are killers, but he likes to be thorough. That is one blood chilling and compelling argument if you ask me. Cain is basically going on a murdering spree, but in his mind, his actions are completely justified and out of mercy – he is sparing people from becoming murderers like himself. He is cold, calculating, and driven. When he knew he’d been beaten and Dean begged him to just stop killing so he could spare his life, he triumphantly declared he would never stop and met his fate. It sounds like a justified ending for a mad man, and yet it was still devastating to see him die in the end.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"

Dean Saying His Goodbyes: That was downright heart wrenching. Dean is terrified of giving in to his evil side and what he’ll become when he does. He is very possibly facing his final moments (for real this time) and while he wavers slightly with fear and sadness, he is brave as hell. He’s inspiring and heartbreaking all at once, and I’m impressed with what a well written and powerful scene that was. That is, until Crowley piped in to say he’d happily kill whatever remained of Dean at the end of the fight. Fuck you, Crowley! You’re just still butt-hurt because Dean broke your heart and broke up your demon bromance.

The Showdown: While the physical fight was a little underwhelming, the mental battle between Dean and Cain was incredibly powerful. Dean is a fighter, and he may have the biggest heart of everyone on Supernatural, and for once he really wore that on his sleeve. I can’t really think of a time I’ve heard him say he was scared before. He didn’t just face Cain in that fight, he faced himself. Cain was right, the Mark will never go away and this could easily be a long and losing battle for Dean. Cain’s ability to fight the Mark for so many years gave Sam and Dean hope, but when Dean had to kill Cain, Dean knew he was also killing any chance he had of ever getting himself back. He was strong enough to not give in to the evil within himself when he killed Cain, but now he has to live every day in fear of not if he turns, but when.


Crowley: Don’t get me wrong, I like Crowley. He’s a fun character and truthfully, I probably have a bias towards him because I love Mark Sheppard. That being said, Crowley was the ONLY con to this week’s episode. He is the King of Hell, and while that is something I’ve never really heard of outside of Supernatural I have to assume that he who wears the crown should be pretty freaking badass. This is a character who is somehow in charge of Hell over Satan, so I want him to be tough and ruthless and believably soulless and evil. Crowley is more like a jackass demon with a conscience hidden in his pocket. He is easily manipulated and kind of apathetic unless he feels he needs to put on a show for Rowena. He just seems like a sad kid who never gets picked to play on the Winchester’s team at recess. I don’t believe him as evil; he comes off as whiny and I feel like I should offer him some Midol.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"


Dean is in Trouble: Sam said it; Dean is not okay. He is struggling and his fight is long from over. After what he’s been through, he is kind of a shell. I think Dean’s lost his faith in the future and in himself which will only make it harder for him to fight the Mark. I think something will set him off and there will be a face-off between Dean and Castiel over the first blade, and I think that some of what Cain warned Dean about will come into fruition. He won’t kill Castiel, but Crowley may meet his demise by season’s end. I have a feeling that the only thing that will redeem Dean and finally fight off the Mark will be a huge fight between him and Sam. In the last moment, he will fight off killing his brother therefore resetting his own fate and proving he’s a stronger man than Cain ever was.

Supernatural - "The Executioner's Song"

Crowley May Not Be Around Much Longer…: This does not necessarily mean he’ll die, although I can see that happening. Let’s face it, Rowena may love her son, but she loves herself and power more. She will continue to spin things the way she wants them, and she will make a valiant effort to become the Queen of Hell. And frankly not only do I think she’ll win the crown, but she’ll be a lot better suited for the job. Maybe next season we’ll get to see a lot more magic and witchcraft and get a break from all the biblical stuff.

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

I don’t have any this week! The writers of Supernatural bested my smart ass and I cannot think of a single silly thing to poke fun at. Instead, I’ll just gush a little more about what a powerful episode this was. Dean was unbelievable and it was so great to see Jensen Ackles have a chance to show how talented he really is. Kudos to the entire Supernatural team. You outdid yourselves this week.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

I don’t have one of these either! Instead, I present to you…

Most Bad Ass Line of the Week:

Cain: “There is no resisting the mark; there is only remission and relapse.”

Hush Comics gives “The Executioner’s Song” an A for hitting viewers hard in the heart and reminding them why we love this show and the Winchester’s so much.

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