Gotham Review – “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” S1E14


Edward Nygma is indeed crazy: So he put cut up body parts in the Medical Examiner’s locker. What’s the big deal? —Um, actually that is crazy! Nygma is finally showing signs of being evil, but by the same token, was M.E. was not innocent by any means. This is decent character progression for the nerdy forensics investigator, and even though he Frankensteined the locker, I can’t help but like the goofy guy.

Bullock likes redheads: Bullock was pretty funny this episode. He is still toeing the line between crooked cop and good guy, though. This week, he wanted to bang the redhead who hosts the phobia groups. And then he said this to Jim, “Unless she’s the killer, I think I’m in there.” The man has priorities.

Bruce gets bossy: Gordon comes to Bruce’s house to inquire about Selina’s admission that she did not see the Wayne’s killer. Bruce could have said, “Yeah, that’s ok Jim. You are still a nice man.” But no. Instead he took Gordon off the case, and told him that he did a crappy job of investigating in the first place. Then Alfred saw Gordon to the door like a BOSS.

Roadtrips can be full of surprises: At first, I thought it was corny that Maroni suggested a roadtrip for Oswald and himself in order to meet the guy with the thing. I thought Oswald was a nitwit for not knowing what was really going on. Turns out he did! There was the hilarious exchange about secrets (FYI, no oatmeal or coffee for Cobblepot), and we found out neither party is as dumb as they seem. Oswald took the gun, Maroni filled it with blanks, and everyone knows the truth about everything.

Gotham - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
I refuse to be canned meat!


Cobblepot uses the power of his cell phone: Maroni and Cobblepot’s struggle ends with Cobblepot in a car ready to be scrap at the junkyard. Cobblepot, for unknown reasons, still has his cell phone, and calls Maroni. This part is hilarious, because he calls their killer as they are doing the killing? But then he uses his brain and calls the junkyard guy, who ends up running because Cobblepot warns of the wrath of Falcone. He’s a liar, but at least he’s smarter than the guys who want him dead.

The menacing walk of a man with…: A baby pig! I didn’t know whether I should put this scene as a pro or a con, but because I played the scene over again three times, and laughed my ass off every time, I decided it was a pro. The second victim of Dr. Crane is a man with a phobia for pigs, or swinophobia. While that seems giggle worthy at best, the fact that Dr. Crane walks toward his victim menacingly, wearing all black, petting the cutest baby pig in television, and low “bum… bum bum bum, bum bum bum” music plays, all on a sunny day in Gotham, had me in stitches.


Captain Essen is still the worst Captain: This woman has no clue. She insinuates that Gordon is solely to blame for Arnold Flass being in jail. And that Flass and his crew are hurting people in the city because of what Gordon did. This could be foreshadowing, but couldn’t she, as someone in a position of power, put a stop to that? Also, she tells Gordon that the Medical Examiner will be the only one working on his case because that’s how it is. Actually, it’s that way because she suspended Nygma. Why didn’t she just say that instead?

Cut the ropes, then save the girl: Bullock’s lady love gets kidnapped by Dr. Crane (didn’t see that coming) and thrown in a pool because she is afraid of drowning. Bullock and Gordon show up to save the day, and Bullock dives in for the girl. But instead of taking her out of the pool immediately to do CPR, he first cuts the ropes off her, and then takes her out of the water. Apparently, she can’t breathe with ropes on her wrists.

Fish is on a boat: Fish’s scenes were pretty much useless. But what took the cake was the final scene. Whoever shot up the boat enters her doorway. She is dressed like Catwoman, he is dressed like a Black Panther (not the comic character) and they both raise their arms like cats and lunge at each other, all the roaring sound effects. This whole thing was ridiculously cheesy. But it looked fun enough that my husband and I tried to reenact the scene and carry out what could happen from there. In case you wondered, we ended up sliding because we were wearing socks on our tile floor.

Gotham - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
Come at me, bro.


Easter Eggs:

Dr. Crane and Dr. Crane: The man who was the “baddie of the week” was Dr. Jonathon Crane’s daddy-o. The young man who needed change for the meter was the future Scarecrow.

Professor Pyg: There was a slight reference (although it doesn’t seem intentional) to Professor Pyg, a character created by Grant Morrison in 2007. The man in the pig sty wearing a pig mask resembled the Gotham villain.

Adrenal Glands: Nygma and Thompkins both realized that the victims were missing their adrenal glands. Thompkins suggests that the fear chemical is going to be used for something. This is a possible nod to Scarecrow’s fear toxin to be used in the future.


Nygma’s job: Was Nygma even reinstated? It seemed kind of strange that he was the one who said it, not the Captain. It’s possible that he will just hang around without Captain Essen even knowing, considering she has no control of her department.

Flass will return: There were too many references to Flass in this episode to not include him in the near future.

Gordon and Leslie Thompkins will be known: Jim and Leslie kissed in front of everyone. We won’t be getting too many shots of Barbara’s sweet apartment for awhile, but Leslie is better looking than that apartment anyhow. On a serious note, Jim and Leslie have more in common. He can actually tell her and trust her about his job. It will be hard to defend him getting back with Barbara if that even happens.

Hush Comics gives “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” a C+ for incorporating story lines from past episodes, some character development, but still taking itself too seriously.

All images belong to FOX and DC Entertainment. They are credited to Jessica Miglio.

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