Supernatural Review – “The Hunter Games” S10E10


Rowena, Crowley’s mother: She is so deliciously evil and manipulative that I truly cannot get enough of her. She has really stormed in as a predominant bad guy, or lady, and she is as fearsome as she is beautiful. I love that she is such a powerful witch that it seems her powers can’t really be rivaled by anyone, and hell hath no fury like a mother scorned – especially by her own son. A mother that will hex her own child is one bad bitch you don’t want to mess with. Also, kudos to Supernatural for creating a truly bad-ass female villain who is not just eye candy. The Mother from season six was a pathetic let down, and while Abaddon was pretty cool, her physical beauty was kind of exploited every chance they had. But, that’s McG for you.

Curtis Armstrong as Metatron: I knew in his last appearance that it would not be the last of him, and I still know that now. But each time he comes back in, its fun because he does such incredible justice to the character. Who would’ve thought that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds would be such a good evil angel. Evil angel, can that even be a thing?

Dean, or Deanmon: He’s always been kind of a wild card, but there is something so unbelievably badass about him now that he’s gone rogue. Dean has always been the tough one (except in one of my personal favorites, “Yellow Fever”) but now that he has the Mark of Cain he is downright terrifying, but in kind of a good way. Yes, Dean puts little thought into whether or not he just slaughters people who piss him, but they are never characters I feel bad for, they’re jerks who basically have it coming so I find myself just rooting for him again. Maybe we’re supposed to fear him or be uncertain of his part demon status, but in my book he can still do no wrong. In fact he’s just cooler, if that’s even possible.

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 4

Castiel: FINALLY Castiel did something that was reminiscent of how cool he used to be. It may have been short lived, but Cas going all glowing eyes and angel power first to break down doors and stop the murder of Metatron was long overdue. We need more awesome Castiel, perhaps we should launch a Twitter campaign for it. #badassangel?

Hannah stayed gone: Huuzah! Let the people dance in the streets and rejoice that Hannah, or awkward female version of Castiel love interest, seems to be gone for good. Now that is a giant sigh of relief.


Not a whole lot happened: This was a character driven episode for the most part, as in minimal action. The baseball bat versus ax fight was cool, but it only lasted for about 20 seconds. I’m not complaining, this was a really good episode, but questions I had at the beginning of the episode about where the season is going were not answered by the end of it.

Castiel: I know it’s strange to have someone on the pros and cons list but honestly that’s how I feel about him the last few years. Cas used to be so amazing, he was a guest character that got added to the cast permanently because fans loved him so much. But the angel we knew and loved is gone for the most part. Now he’s just so sad all the time. Life is hard, being an angel is hard, god is a dick who bailed and a lot of people have been hurt by Castiel’s mistakes. Can we move on now please? At least we got a little taste of the awkward humor we grew to love as he tries to fit in to human society with, “I like texting. Emoticons.”

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 2

I miss monsters: Supernatural may have jumped the gun when they conquered the apocalypse in season five and are now headed into season eleven. You can’t blame them, who knew the show would last this long? That being said, I’m growing a little tired of angels and demons and very few monsters. I always adore the stand alone episodes they do where the brothers encounter and slay a beast in a one shot because they are fun and remind me of where and why the show started. This episode was just a reminder that the angels predominance is here to stay.


The return of Cain (hooray!): I loved Cain, he was played by one of my favorite character actors (Timothy Omundson) and it was such a neat take on a biblical character in a mostly non-biblical world. I’m sure he’ll provide some answers on how to live with the Mark of Cain and some insight as to how Dean can get rid of it. It may only be for one episode, but I anxiously await his return.

A long-winded search for the first blade that will undoubtedly mean a return to Metatron for help again: Let’s face it: we haven’t seen the last of Metatron. No matter what they do they just can’t seem to shake that guy. I’m sure he will continue to play a part of the quest to remove the mark, just as I’m sure that very quest will dominate the rest of this season, much like the trials to close the gates of hell dominated last season. Where that will go from here and what trials Dean will have to face though, I have no idea.

Supernatural - The Hunter Games 3

Rowena will make a run at becoming the Queen of Hell: And who knows, she just might make it! Crowley seems a little mentally clumsy to be the King of Hell, charming though he may be and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was outwitted by his clearly better prepared mother. I can see the possibility of him killing her, but at this point with what each of them brings to the table it seems unlikely Crowley would win in any sort of battle, physical, mental, or magical.

Random Musings and Questions Best Not Asked:

Would a demon, especially one powerful enough to be the King of Hell, really succumb so easily to a hex bag?

Is it weird to anyone else that Crowley gets cellphone service in hell? And uses a cellphone in hell? To communicate with other demons, people, and angels?

Crowley’s phone number is 666. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

So Dean just let Claire walk away after the baseball bat/ax fight? Um, okay I guess.

And so Castiel also just let Claire walk away down the side of the road by herself? And he just drove away? For people who say they care about her they sure do let her walk down abandoned roads alone a lot.

Hush Comics gives “The Hunter Games” a B for a strong episode, but it could have been more developed for a mid-season opener.

All images belong to The CW.  They are credited to Diyah Pera.

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One thought on “Supernatural Review – “The Hunter Games” S10E10”

  1. just one thing, I don’t see what else Dean could have done BUT walk away from Claire.
    just shows what a powerful witch Rowena is that she can hex demons (we’ve seen her do it before). that’s two things…

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