The Walking Dead Review – “Coda” S5E8

This was me last night:

cry a lot meme
Exact same thing, I swear to God. Except I’m a woman with long blonde hair. But otherwise.. same thing.


And then I fell asleep. No joke.

Did I expect someone to die last night? Yes. Did I expect it to be one of my favorite people in the show? Hell no. I’m mad today! There are steps to my grief. Tomorrow, there will be bargaining.

So without the major spoiler, let’s dive right in. Why did Rick kill the cop? Because he gave him 3 warnings. And after years of being in a world where people aren’t trustworthy, this guy already broke Rick’s trust. In Rick’s new world, he had no choice. But god damn it must have hurt to get hit by a car. Officer Bob may have been a decent guy; any of us would have run, too. But the difference is that the hospital cops have been beating and raping their inmates. So Team Rick is the team to be on.

The dude said "shut up" AFTER he killed the guy.
The dude said “shut up” AFTER he killed the guy.

When Gabriel goes to the grounds of the Cannibals at the school, it isn’t to escape the church, it is to go see if our group really are murderous liars like he declared they were in last week’s episode. He finds a bible, giving him some kind of validation that they were good people, only to lift the bible out of his sight and see Bob’s rotted leg still sitting on the grill….now with maggots!

Father Gabriel may not be well-liked, or well-equipped for this world, but he has his own sense of right or wrong. He knows what he did was wrong, so he will always be trying to vindicate himself from that act. But he is still human, so when the school walkers followed him back to the church, I couldn’t help but pray that Michonne and Carl would get him in the church as soon as possible.

And then we finally got the Michonne scene we have been waiting for for eight whole weeks! Sword kill after sword kill. It was freaking amazing, especially because baby Judith was on her back the whole time. That was one bad mama jama.

I also loved that Gabriel was saved by some kind of divinity that his machete was sticking up in the wood and killed a walker before it killed him. The religious undertone this season has been amazing.

Sheer terror.
Sheer terror.

There was the brief scene where Rick and Daryl reason with the two officers they still have in their custody. The female officer, Shepard, suggests that Rick let his group have her and the other officer help them. I can’t help but wonder if they had all gone in the hospital guns’ a blazing, with the officers determining the good ones from the bad ones, if the outcome for our group would have been different in the end. We will never know.

Dawn is the worst. And not just because of “what she did” (I’ll try not to spoil until the end; take note TWD Social Media manager), but because nothing she says makes sense. Case in point, the love vs. respect speech to Beth. She says you don’t have to be loved to do her job, but in the apocalypse world, that simply isn’t true. You do have love or be loved, or at least be cared about to make it, because humans are the worst and without love, it is kill or be killed.

Also, she is just dumb. Telling Beth that she saved her twice? Telling Beth she was a cop killer? Like that is worse than what her cops are doing? Seems like she should be policing a town in Missouri, if you ask me. How did a whole group of cops decide she should be in charge? Oh, maybe its because they are all terrible rapists/beaters/old people pushers, and they knew she didn’t have more than a pea for a brain, so they could continue to be terrible people.

Then there is the manipulation. Not just of Beth, but of me. For a second there, I thought she was a decent person who couldn’t control her people. Her speech to the cop about laughing while women the hospital made me (and Beth) say, “Hey maybe she ain’t so bad.” Ugh. How could I be so naïve? But Beth knew. She knew that Dawn is just a manager who makes her people do dirty work. Beth is smart and strong.

As far as Abraham coming to the rescue in the fire truck… bleh. What a neat freaking way to tidy up the group coming back together, just in the nick of zombies not coming through the church to kill Michonne, Carl and Gabriel. And then Michonne has to tell Maggie that Beth is alive. Automatic jinx right there. Anyone who is suddenly alive and we are all happy about will shortly see their demise. I felt like this was all wrapped up in a nice bow a little too much.

Tyreese and Sasha had a nice little talk about being the same like when they were kids. Tyreese admits he didn’t kill one of the cannibals, but said he did. Sasha still has stink face and says she isn’t the same. She used to be likable. I know she is reeling from her boyfriend’s death, but she isn’t adding anything to the show.

Rick using other officers to bargain with Dawn was brilliant, considering he killed his bargaining chip at the beginning of the episode. But what was even more brilliant was when Sasha sniped a walker while Rick and the officers were talking and they ask Rick where his people are. “They’re close.” – Rick Grimes.

The meeting goes down. They meet in the narrowest hallway of the hospital because it seems like the best option (said no one). Beth puts on her golf shirt and wheels a feeble Carol down the halls. Oh, she also put that pair of nail scissors in her cast. The deal goes off without a hitch… until Dawn had to open her stupid mouth. Why did she need Noah? The deal was DONE! as Rick put it. Beth hugs Noah and then goes straight up Pheonix. Her eyes were so scary when she looked at Dawn. And then she make the teenagery mistake that she was invincible.


Beth thought it would be a good idea to stab Dawn in the shoulder with those nail scissors to prove her point. Yeah, it would have been better in the neck, but I don’t think Beth thought that far ahead. Then Dawn shot Beth in the head immediately. It was so fast I almost didn’t know that it was Dawn. I went back and watched again, and Dawn gun was not drawn before that happened. It was almost a little too quick. I don’t know maybe I’m just mad about this whole thing, so I’m getting nitpicky. Daryl then shoots Dawn in the head. The female hostage cop invites the group to stay. Rick says no, but offers a place in the group for anybody who wants to be on the road. Daryl carries Beth out because we ❤ Bethyl and just then the other half of our group shows up just in time for Maggie to see that her sister isn’t really alive. It was perfect timing. So perfect that it undercut the episode for me.

The Walking Dead - Coda 3
And of course Daryl carried her out. Which only made me cry harder.


In the grand scheme of things, the only thing that mattered are the cannibals this first part of the season. We got great end scene of Morgan finding the tree markings, the school, and the church. He prays. Then he finds the map that says Rick Grimes’ name on it. Too bad he is in Atlanta; who knows if they will ever cross paths at this point.

The hospital didn’t matter because we won’t ever go back. Dawn is dead, so that part doesn’t matter. Beth is dead, so the exchange didn’t matter, Daryl and Carol going after her doesn’t’ matter. Carol getting hit by a car doesn’t matter. None of it matters. Or is that the point? I know I am bitter because Beth really was one of my favorite characters. But the mistake that she made was that she was blonde and showed an insane amount of character development. They were the two things that killed Andrea, so I should have seen this coming.

Hush Comics gives “Coda” a B for being grand mid-season finale, but tying together the group a little too easily and always killing off the characters they spend a lot of time on.

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7 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Review – “Coda” S5E8”

    1. Another commentor suggested that Dawn dodged the neck, forcing the scissors to land in the shoulder. I don’t know about that, but I do know that no one will ever know the answer, which is disappointing to say the least.

  1. There, there. 🙂 some of your best one-liners in this review! I’m convincing myself that Dawn dodged the scissors to the neck. Otherwise I would have to believe that Beth is either that terrible of aim, or she was actually going for the shoulder which is even dumber.
    I hate to say it but I wish it were Carol that died instead of Beth. I think the show can do more with her playing off of Daryl than with her gone and Carol being Carol.
    I am a little upset that Morgan did not get worked in before now. Who knows where they are going with him. Perhaps he will be the focus of the spinoff that I keep reading about. Well, until February!

    1. Thanks for the compliments!

      Honestly, I agree with you about Beth vs. Carol dying. I didn’t want to say it in my review. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE CAROL. But I think there could have been more with Beth as well.

      Morgan is definitely the only consistent thing in the show, and yes, it is too bad they didn’t do more with him. I’ve read Morgan will NOT be in the spin-off, however.

      Until February!

  2. I still think that Bob the cop said I think my NECK is broke, not BACK. This line has caused a lot of periphery debate among fellow WD fans.
    Can you clarify? Thanks.
    And yes, I cried over Beth, but we still need Carol. She has come so far…

    1. Adrian and I heard “back,” but I’ve read an interview with Andrew Lincoln that said “neck,” so I’m not sure what to call it. Either way, Bob was pretty screwed.

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