Gotham Review – “Lovecraft” S1E10


Alfred “James Bond” Pennyworth: Holy Crap! He looks old, but the man can fight. He whipped bad guys with a cane and got shot. He also went in guns-a-blazin’ to get Bruce back from the kidnappers and assassins (and he had unlimited ammo). Not too shabby.

The Alfred/Harvey Bullock Team-up: Harvey Bullock has been getting better and better. With Gordon on a one-man manhunt for Lovecraft, the Alfred/ Harvey team-up worked perfectly. Mysterious Brit paired with the slightly silly American? Yeah, that’s a plotline I can get down with.

Copperhead: She’s like Zoë Saldana’s sexy assassin sister! A new take on the character (who has been a male in the past), her acrobatic moves and no nonsense attitude was welcome this week. I’m hoping she’ll not be forgotten in the future.

Setting up Gordon: I don’t know why, but I really liked this. Perhaps it’s because I feel the cops could use a few brains, and setting one of them up is a quick way to do it. Sorry Gordon, but getting played was good for the show, even if it led to your demotion.

Selina Kyle, girl who can get out of a bind: Bruce and Selina get trapped in a warehouse with a skylight (how convenient), but the street kid figures out how to get to the skylight, and uses her surroundings to help them out. It was one of the best scenes of the series thus far.


Selina Kyle, girl with major Daddy issues:  Ok, so she tells Bruce to get over his dead parents, then immediately follows up that uncouth statement with something even worse: “Do you want to kiss me?” Um, let’s think… no. Also saying she’s nice and following up that with, “Screw you, Orphan!” isn’t making her anymore likeable. Is she supposed to be?

Penguin/Maroni/Falcone/Fish: This was interesting, but with bad guys of the week, it seems inconsequential. All of it is convoluted. And honestly, none of them are that scary (ok, maybe Falcone). They are mostly talk, and it’s boring at that.

Other ridiculous things:  – Bruce being able to jump the buildings. – A street kids mall. –Selina having to give her stolen items to a “stuff pimp” (patent pending on that phrase). – Falcone killing the guy at the dinner party… “It was Falcone in the dining room with a gun!” – Selena and Bruce walk to Gotham. – Fish being convinced with flirtation from a man with an accent. –Lovecraft literally dropping the gun when told to. He was lucky it didn’t go off. – Bruce and Selina actually kiss. Ugh.

Easter Eggs:

Copperhead: Copperhead made his debut in the comics in 1968 as a theif who wore a snake costume. Over time, he became an assassin and contortionist. In the New52, instead of a snake costume, he is actually part snake. While the Gotham version seems to be based on the reboot in the Arkham Origins video game, it is nice know the bad guys beginnings.

“Take him with you.”: When Gordon is given the transfer to Arkham, Edward E. Nygma has a hard time coping. Harvey suggests he go with Gordon, a hint at Nygma’s future home.


Arkham Asylum: The show does a great job of ambiance as far as Gotham is concerned. It will work particularly well with the feel Arkham Asylum should have. Gordon’s transfer there (assuming he is still the main character) should give us an avenue to meet more “rogues.”

Hush Comics gives “Lovecraft” a B+ for creating more interesting scenes, proving there are consequences, but still carrying on some story lines that seem to be going nowhere.

All pictures belong to FOX and DC Entertainment.  They are credited to Jessica Miglio.

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