Comic Book Reviews 07-09-14

Review Scale:

The mythical A+: Classic comic book material. Belongs next to your copy of The Notebook and The Joy of Cooking.

A: Would definitely recommend to all comic book readers. Even more so to fans of the genre or characters

B: Enjoyable read. Fans of the genre or characters will especially like.

C: Non-essential read. Can be enjoyable for fans of the genre or characters, but likely for only one or two events in the books.

D: Unenjoyable book. Read at your own risk. Might find satisfaction if major flaws are overlooked.

F: Please don’t buy this book. Donate your money to a local comic book writer’s workshop instead to inspire future generations to write something better than this trash.


Pick of the Week:

spiderman joke

Spider-Man 2099 #1 – A-

This book is going to be awesome! Just one issue in and I’m genuinely sad that it ended at all. Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of – you guessed it – 2099 has traveled back in time to make sure that his grandfather stays safe, ensuring his own existence and the prosperity of the family business. The series opens up with a HILARIOUS Terminator-like bounty hunter come back in time to set the time-line straight. I don’t think there was a single page that I didn’t end up laughing at something that was said or drawn. This looks like it will be a very fun read, mixed in with some good action sequences. I only hope they make this series last; I’m getting really tired of following what ends up being mini-series. Miguel is O’Hara to stay… Sorry, I had to. – Sherif

This series is almost exactly what I expected from it and that makes me happy. I wasn’t sure how they were gonna handle him not going back to his own timeline after Superior Spider-Man but they pretty much answered that in the beginning. This could be a really cool opportunity for some team-ups or even some brand new enemies from the future. It seems like he is settling in to our timeline for the long haul and I am very interested to see where they take it. – Robert


Other Reviews:

Dark Horse Comics:

Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy #4 – B

This series so far has been pretty bad ass, but this is the first issue where things have started to falter slightly. This series was really only interesting while a human was going toe to toe with a Terminator. Now that they are working together it has gotten a little mundane. The conversation is interesting and has some throwbacks to the original movies, but otherwise is pretty standard fare. It looks like they will be teaming up for the foreseeable future despite their original agreement. I don’t know how I feel about it but I certainly worked for T2 so I am open to anything. – Robert

Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #7 –  A-

Well this issue was certainly unexpected and it is interesting to see things come full-circle for John Connnor. I have no idea how they are going to end things but after this issue, I have never been more excited to find out. I won’t spoil anything but I don’t think any long term fan of the series could have ever expected things to turn out like this. If you are a fan of the  series you need to check this out. This issue was sort of a turning point because we are at the point where everything about the series is fresh. Everything we have known about the war or the series has either happened or been changed, we are in uncharted territory and it is refreshing. – Robert



Detective Comics #33 – A-

This book has gotten a bad rap for its sub-par story-telling, but since issue #30, when the Icarus arc started, the series has had new life breathed into it. The series has since recaptured everything that I considered part of the “detective” lore in a Batman book. Littered throughout the book are Sherlock-ish phrases like “simple mathematics” and technical jargon that showed Batman’s superior crime-solving skill that put the “Detective” in Detective Comics. By far, the best part of the book has been the passive-aggressive confrontation with Harvey Bullock, who has been the hardest sell on the Dark Knight since I was a boy watching him on The Animated Series. The confrontation becomes more aggressive than passive, and an explosive fight breaks out. With no Gordon to mediate, things are looking to get messy soon. – Sherif

Grayson #1 – B+

Being the first issue of a new series, it was obvious  that they were going to bring the big guns, and they definitely delivered. This seems like it will be an interesting series, especially when some of the main superheros find out Grayson is still alive, which they are bound to do. I also like the fact that there is something much more nefarious going on with Spyral. I hope it has something to do with the agency that is trying to recruit Barbara Gordon. It would be pretty sweet to see them working together as secret agents. As with all new books, the next few issues will set the tone for the future of this series as a whole. Nightwing was great and this seems like more of the same with a change of scenery, definitely worth checking out.  – Robert

There’s a lot to like about the new Grayson series, whether or not you liked the way he got to the point he’s at. It was really sad for me to see Dick hang up the domino mask for good when his identity was compromised in Forever Evil, but I’m liking the super-spy stuff. Working for Spyral, Dick had been sent into the organization by Batman to see what kind of no-goodnik stuff they’re up to. The book feels like James Bond’s first day at spy-camp, in all the good ways. There are some entertaining moments and some awkward moments, but overall, there’s a clear purpose that the story seems to be going in, and you’re going to want to be invested in it to discover how it plays out. – Sherif

Batgirl #33 – B-

Gail Simone’s Batgirl has been consistently good throughout the New52 and flown under the radar for far too long. The last few issues have been a bit out there, and more than an issue has been dedicated to another Bat-themed story arc, but it looks like the final showdown with Knightfall is going to really pull in all the big guns. One of the best parts of the issue was the emergence of Huntress; her and Batgirl have never really gotten along in past continuities, so this introduction was a lot of fun to watch unfold. With Spyral breathing down Barbara’s neck, I’m really curious to see where the Knightfall arc leaves her. – Sherif

The Birds of Prey are together and by the end of the issue, are ready to take on Knightfall and end this particular story arc. I can honestly say that her run the last few issues have been shaky with vampires and other terrible villains, but this is a chance to start a new arc. Hopefully this new arc will distance itself from what’s going on in Gotham and will include Grayson and his super spy lifestyle. Not much to say about this issue other than it was pretty standard for what we have come to expect. I am hoping they decide to shake things up a bit after this story arc is concluded. – Robert

New Suicide Squad #1 – D+

I’m not gonna lie, when DC cancelled the first run of Suicide Squad, I was a little sad. The mish-mash of C list bad guys fit well together, and though a lot of the unknowns died by the time the series was over, it was worth a continued exploration. After the events of Forever Evil, DC beefed up the cast with some top-tier villains like Deathstroke and Black Manta, who fit right in with the spirit of “Task Force X.” However, the debut issue isn’t very impressive – story or art wise, and the inclusion of Joker’s Daughter feels incredibly forced. She has been one of the worst characters to come out of the New52. I wouldn’t say I’m totally giving up on the series, but I’m not sold on it, either. – Sherif



IDW Comics:

Star Trek #35 – B+

A brand new story arc for the new movie version of the first enterprise crew and this time they encounter one of the most iconic and my favorite The Next Generation villain, Q. In this six-issue arc Q has thrown multiple universes into chaos crossing the new Enterprise crew with what seems like will be every other generation of Star Trek crew. Of course coming from me as a huge fan of Q I can say that although I am ecstatic about this story I wish it was the next film instead. But as with the continuation of Firefly, X-Files, Samurai Jack and other great TV turned to comics, it is awesome enough to be able to read about these characters in comic form. Definitely pick this up if you are a fan of TNG or the new movies or even if you want to be introduced to Star Trek through one of its best villains. – Jacob


Image Comics:

The Walking Dead #129 – A-

Oh man! Things are finally heating back up in TWD after the lackluster event that was All Out War ended so poorly that they had to straight-up skip months just to get some traction. There are multiple crossroads here, as Carl has finally convinced Rick to let him venture from the nest and strike his own at the Hilltops. It’ll be nice to see how Carl finally does without his dad to constantly look over him, and hopefully Little Rambo will make a return. Meanwhile, Rick’s special guest is certain his escape from captivity is coming – and with Alexandria’s new group of nosy a-holes snooping around, it can only mean that everybody is completely screwed sooner or later. This is the first time in almost 30 issues that I’ve been genuinely excited for a new issue, so I hope Kirkman can keep the momentum going. – Sherif

Spread #1 – B+

This is a horror series I can really get down with. This new book from writer Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) is both weird and familiar in all the right places. The premise of the story is that a man simply known as “No” – which I’m sure we’ll find out why he’s called that soon enough – lives in a post-apocalyptic world full of “The Spread,” a grotesque infection that gives people disgusting teeth all over their orifices. It made me pretty squeamish, and reminded me a bit of The Last of Us video-game. Yuck. No is quite capable of killing things and his short name gives me the impression there will be a lot more art-driven storyline, which I absolutely love. If horror is your thing, Spread is your book. – Sherif



Wolverine #10 – A-

Wolverine has faced death and has come out better because of it. While he is still afraid of Death, he is ready to do what is necessary for the people of the New York City. Anything could happen in the next few issues, including the possibility of his death, but given how the last issue sort of made fun of the revolving door policy of comics, I get the feeling we are in for a surprise. If Sabretooth has his way, there are huge changes in store for the Marvel universe, but I wonder if that will be what keeps Wolverine from dying. It could also be that it is some sort of metaphor and Wolverine as we know him will die, which is terrible by the way. I don’t know what they have in store for these next two issues but it seems clear that Wolverines “death” might not be as clear cut as the subtitle would suggest. – Robert

I am really enjoying this arc of Wolverine and seeing his transformation now that he is mortal and having to come to grips with that he can and will die soon. To me this is a great story for Wolverine as it shows how despite the horrors of his life and all the troubles and enemies he has made and the friends he has hurt, he is sorry and is wanting to apologize and make up for his mistakes.  This issue of Wolverine was my favorite of this arc and mostly of it was because of the art by Pete Woods in this issue. Although Wolverine is definitely an overplayed character of Marvel, I feel his best stories lately have been ones that put him in a situation that completely changes him and in two months, he will finally get see the worst change of all when the world as he knows will slip away. – Jacob

All New X-Men #29 – B+

The arc with the future Brotherhood is finally at a close… for now. The culmination was an exciting one that genuinely had me invested in the results. Turns out that the X-Men from the future weren’t all bad guys, but rather being puppeteered by a single bad apple. There is tons of action to behold, and colorist Marte Gracia adds just the right amount of pop to the action to make readers feel the danger. If anything, I hope that this event brings current-day Cyclops’ group closer to the other group. They’ve been split for so long; it’s time for a reunion. As for Angel, it looks like he and X-23 are going rogue, making for one of the weirder X-couples in recent memory. It looks like the original X-Men are coming to terms that they are stuck in the present, and seeing them grow all over again (especially Jean Grey) is something I cherish as a reader. – Sherif

Daredevil #5 – B

If this issue doesn’t give you a case of the feels, I’m not sure what will. Foggy Nelson, who has been Matt Murdock’s best friend for fifty years of publication, is fighting the battle with cancer. Since Daredevil’s exile from New York, he has been unable to take care of his friend who needs it most – and with his identity compromised, Foggy is in danger. So what is the logical solution? Fake his death, of course! It’s a bit wacky, and it plays out with the corniness of an after-school special, but the last page was the literary equivalent of opening a box of kittens. The issue was well-worth the read and reminded me why I love reading Mark Waid’s Daredevil all over again. Sometimes it’s worth taking a break from the action to explore the more human side of our heroes. – Sherif

Nightcrawler #4 – C

I still have no idea what to make of this series. I could also do without the voodoo storyline. Luckily, I think that intro story arc is over so we can be on to bigger and better things. This has been a bit of a slow start but with so many people getting new series there was bound to be a few slow starts. I hope that they can come up with something interesting for this series to keep it from getting canceled. – Robert

Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet #1– C-

Another week and of course another new Deadpool story, which are more common these days than creatures we know that breath oxygen. This series focuses on Deadpool being hired by Dracula for a mission and of course as with everything Deadpool, things get even crazier real fast. This series seems like another odd and very much forgettable series among the endless Deadpool ones around. Although I always find Deadpool entertaining and will continue to read this despite its quality, I would recommend most people forget this and check out the Deadpool vs X-Force series that started this month as well. – Jacob


Funniest Panel

Negan is a glass half-full kinda guy in The Walking Dead #129
Negan is a glass half-full kinda guy in The Walking Dead #129


Panel with the Most Awesomeness:

Batgirl welcomes Huntress to Gotham in Batgirl #33
Batgirl welcomes Huntress to Gotham in Batgirl #33



That about wraps it up for our reviews this week! Look for next week’s previews coming soon. Any comic books you didn’t see reviewed that you want reviewed? Any grades you didn’t agree on? Let us know in the comments!

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