Comic Book Reviews 07-02-14

Review Scale:

The mythical A+: Classic comic book material. Belongs next to your copy of The Notebook and The Joy of Cooking.

A: Would definitely recommend to all comic book readers. Even more so to fans of the genre or characters

B: Enjoyable read. Fans of the genre or characters will especially like.

C: Non-essential read. Can be enjoyable for fans of the genre or characters, but likely for only one or two events in the books.

D: Unenjoyable book. Read at your own risk. Might find satisfaction if major flaws are overlooked.

F: Please don’t buy this book. Donate your money to a local comic book writer’s workshop instead to inspire future generations to write something better than this trash.


Pick of the Week:

deadpool pick of the week

Deadpool vs. X-Force #1 – A

It may be that I am a huge history buff that made this issue and the start of this series so great to me. I never fathomed that Deadpool would be part of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and that made me love this book especially knowing he goes to Gettyburg and it is the anniversary of the battle right now. Ultimately this issue was a great surprise after the dismal Deadpool vs. Carnage series and this first issue has me extremely excited for its future. The artwork here is great as well and it brings me so much joy to see Deadpool in the outfit of an American Revolutionary War soldier. Pick this up if you like Deadpool, if you like Cable or any of X-Force, and especially if you like either and American history – which, after Dead Presidents, seems to be a theme of Deadpool these days but I am all for it! – Jacob


Other Reviews:


Superman Unchained #7 – B+

Unchained took quite the hiatus between this issue and the last; issue six came out in March. It seems like the long was wait worth it though, as Jim Lee’s spreads are amazing to look at. Wraith is causing destruction in the Batcave and General Lane has become a thorn in Superman’s side. There’s a lot that goes on in the issue, and the only thing keeping it from being A-worthy was that the transition from in danger to Diablo-suit was kind of abrupt. All in all, though, #7 was a very theatrical issue. The mix of action shots and humorous one liners is what gave it the top action panel and the funniest panel of the week. This book may be better in trade format, as delays going forward are sure to continue truncating the book’s momentum. – Sherif


IDW Comics:

Dexter’s Laboratory #4 – B

Dexter is still trapped in the world of Dee Dee! Will he escape in this issue or stay trapped in his own personal hell for all eternity? And will he be able to bring Dee Dee back to help his sanity of overcoming her misdeeds? Well you must read it to find out of course. This issue continues the classic Tartakovsky style this cartoon and comic series are known for, which is great for any fan of the property in general. The story also is an entertaining ride so far with many references to characters and things from the show only fans may know about. Pick this week’s issue up if you want to finish this story arc and if you are a fan of the historic awesomeness of this certain era of Cartoon Network. – Jacob


Image Comics:

Tech Jacket #1 – A

Tech Jacket has the potential to become one of my new favorite comics – even though it is over a decade old, it is coming to print for the first time. I cannot even explain how cool this comic is. It hits all the necessities of awesomeness: space adventures, cool technology, aliens, possible villainess army, drama, suspense, action, and mystery. Zack “Tech Jacket” “Galactic Guardian of Earth” Thompson is the sole individual keeping the universe in check and by the looks of it he is doing a pretty good job. However, with this new threat(s) appearing to be more than the average alien outlaw, who knows what’s going to happen. Either way, I am there to watch it all. I can’t wait for the next issue to come out, and personally I recommend all nerds read this book. – Evan



Moon Knight #5 – A

Mr. Knight continues to lead one of the most underrated books in all of comics. Under the direction of writer Warren Ellis, penciller Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire carry the story to infinity and beyond. This entire issue is comprised of Moon Knight rescuing a kidnapped young girl by beating the living shit out of everybody involved in it. There’s not a whole lot of dialogue, and honestly, I could have gotten watching him do just that, but there are some really chilling lines of monologue that paint the picture of just how badass of a character Moon Knight is. There’s not a whole lot in terms of story development, but I’m sure it will pick up soon enough. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up for some visual stimulation of another kind. – Sherif

Rocket Raccoon #1 – A-

Watch out everyone, because Rocket Raccoon is about to take the nerd community by storm! Rocket starts his own personal series off with a bang as any one would expect him to. The art in this first issue is a bit strange as it is very cartoon looking as well as a bit edgy. The story was interesting and could lead into a great series that could turn Rocket from a B story character to one of the most iconic Marvel Comics characters today, blowing Howard the Duck out of the water for anthropomorphic animals within the Marvel universe. – Jacob

Magneto #6 – A-

Alright, if this issue of Magneto doesn’t get you hooked, then nothing will. Magneto has been on a rampage lately, murdering everybody in his path since the series started, but in this issue, we see a whole new side of the master of magnetism we wish we didn’t. Calling it a “genetic cleansing,” Magneto has started eliminating those mutants that don’t fit his image of what a mutant should stand for. Does that sound like somebody familiar? Comparing Magneto to Hitler, the very man responsible for Max’s awful childhood and mutant awakening, is pure genius and Cullen Bunn deserves some mad writing props. And the whollup of a punch at the end of the issue has me cringing with fanboy excitement. – Sherif

Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #1 – B+

Wait… Is this actually just another Rocket and Groot story? Yes indeed, people, we get two series starting that focus on the bad boy thugs from Guardians of the Galaxy, the oddest thing is no other Guardians appear in this book, but they all do in the Rocket Raccoon book this month. The story in this issue is rather odd as things jump and things weird happen that are not explained at all. The art of this series though is great, and it is the most realistic looking Rocket I have seen which is cool as both him and Groot look like they do in the film. I definitely think the series could be fun, but I hope more of the Guardians show up next issue. – Jacob

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #4 – B

Man, things are about to get crazy! What good is the Iron Fist, if iron can shatter? I’m intrigued by this story line, and it’s just getting started. I have so many questions that I cannot wait to know the answer to. What is happening to Iron Fist’s powers? Who is this mysterious man creature? Why is Danny so crazy? Why hasn’t he been treated for PTSD? All I know is that this book keeps drawing me back in. I love the story, I love the action, and I love the subtleties of the art and the panels. I also enjoy how this comic does different layers of flashbacks within each story. We have what is currently happening, then we have flashbacks to his adult life, and then we go deeper into his childhood. This book is building an entire person and story for us. It’s letting us see the whole picture without showing the audience everything. Piece by piece, it’s all coming together and it’s making a great story. – Evan

Legendary Star Lord #1 – B-

Marvel is hitting us full-force with the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff now. With the movie just under a month away, it’s time we meet the crew. Star Lord, or Peter Quill, is an orphan who is great at getting himself into some interstellar drama. Think of him as a Mass Effect Commander Shepard meets Disney’s Aladdin. This issue offers a solid introduction to Star Lord and his tongue-in-cheek humor getting him out of trouble. It’s a bit predictable, and there are some tidbits about his past thrown in to build up to the conclusion fall a little flat, but it’s a thoroughly entertaining read and I’ll look to learn more about Star Lord in the next issue. – Sherif

Original Sin #5 – C+

Well we finally learn who killed The Watcher and not sure anyone saw that one coming… This issue is paced rather slowly and although we learn a lot, we also don’t see much action or real significance to the story so far. Obviously more questions are being raised each issue and with the way this series is going I hope to not be disappointed in the ending outcome of it all. The art, just like past issues is great with a hint of odd and the writing for this one all together seems confusing as I am still not understanding what, who why, where and basically everything else. – Jacob


Funniest Panel

symbol ass kicked


Panel with the Most Awesomeness:

superman unchained 7 bad ass panel


That about wraps it up for our reviews this week! Look for next week’s previews coming soon. Any comic books you didn’t see reviewed that you want reviewed? Any grades you didn’t agree on? Let us know in the comments!

All images taken from ComiXology app and the credit for them goes to the respective publishers; thanks to IDW Comics, image Comics, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, DC and Marvel for putting out great books.


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