Shut Up and Take My Money: Tactical BBQ Kit

The money in our bank account is limited, so how unfair is it that there are endless gadgets, collectibles and toys out there that demand to be purchased? Let us help you sift through the crap, so you don’t can save that hard-earned cash for the things that deserve it. In other words, we give you the power to go to the counter and say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”



Tactical BBQ Gift Pack

What it is:

The last of the snow has hopefully fallen and the time has come to put away the winter clothes and break out the summer gear. With that also comes time to break out the grill and have some friends over for hotdogs and hamburgers. Nobody likes their clothes to be stained with grease from cooking and everyone needs the proper equipment to make sure everything comes out perfect. This tactical gear kills two birds with one stone. You not only get protection from the dangers of cooking but you also get the proper ordinance such as a laser guided pizza cutter and laser guided BBQ fork to make sure your brats or pizza doesn’t try to pull any shit. The tactical vest itself looks like a bomb disposal vest and has four pouches to store everything from seasoning and barbecue sauce to extra magazines.

How Much it Costs:

$70 is the original asking price on ThinkGeek, but it is currently on sale for $50. I also found it cheaper on Amazon for around $40 so there are options all over the place.

Is It Worth It?:

For fifty bones this seems like a no-brainer. If you are anything like me and enjoy grilling/cooking but hate the idea of having to wear some fruity apron to keep your clothes clean, then this should be right up your alley. This does however seem a little tedious to take on and off since it does require you to wear it like an actual vest but if you keep it on the whole time I can’t see there being any big issues. The best part isn’t even the vest so much as the laser-guided utensils.

Tactical Apron

Bottom Line:

For the price, you can’t go wrong as a goofy impulse purchase. Even if you don’t end up liking it that much for the apron, you still get the really cool utensils. This is a little pricey to be purchased as a gag gift unless you can find it pretty cheap on Amazon, but I couldn’t see any man not enjoying something like this.


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