Countdown to Denver Comic Con

With the third annual Denver Comic Con just a month away, the Hush Comics family is still reeling over the amazing line-up of guests that will be attending the Con. From voice actors and comic book writers to novelists and editors, there’s somebody for everybody to get excited about.

Hush Comics has decided to share our love for these guests through our article, “Respect My Craft.” This biographical spotlight, referred to as “RMC” here, is more than a culmination of wiki-facts; we give you the down-low on why these all-stars deserve recognition as industry greats. Have you ever been to a convention and walked right by somebody that has changed your life through their work but not even recognized? Or maybe you wanted to get a crack at the business but the daunting title was too intimidating for you to approach them? “Respect My Craft” could show you that these are just people who get to live what they love doing – and you can, too.

“RMC” has typically been a periodical with us, but for DCC, we will be doing thirty spotlights in thirty days – starting tomorrow. this will be Hush’s largest group effort, pooling most of our writers as they pay homage to the very people who make us love being nerds in the first place. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the “RMC” experience. Oh, and we love feedback! Just click on the image and it will take you to all our Denver Comic Con spotlights.


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Click on the link to take you to all of our Denver Comic Con 2014 “Respect My Craft” articles

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