New Lupe Fiasco: Bitch Bad

Lupe Fiasco just put out another song for his highly-anticipated album Food & Liquor II that will be coming out September 25th. Following the release of his first single, “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free),” his new track is already one of my favorites. He released a video for it recently that you can find below.

“Bad Bitch” is a very blatant commentary on the downward spiral that the word “bitch” causes. It’s full of complicated metaphors and entendres. In short, it’s almost safe to say that Lupe Fiasco has put the dark shadow of Lasers behind him. Enjoy the audio on this video below.

I know we can all find way to download these songs – and for lesser-known artists, I do not mind posting harder-to-find tracks to promote the music – but when it comes to actually supporting the artists, the best way to do that is fiscally. If you really like the songs, please spend the extra $1.29 to download the track or buy the album in stores.

written by Evan Lowe

Published by

Evan Lowe

Don’t make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I’m ANGRY! Just kidding, puny humans. My name is Evan. I love the Hulk. Public servant by day and a nerd by night, I enjoy comic books, searching for infinity gems, and I love Hip-Hop. And remember, we are all heroes in our own right.

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